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2003 Week 1: Patriots at Bills

( 1:21:11 )

We're back talking about Patriots games! Starting with the offseason drama before the 2003 season that leaked into this week 1 matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

Since we're trying to do some charity work (probably court-ordered in Greg's case), we thought we'd invite a Bills fan on to relive one of their biggest victories over the Patriots. Join the brothers and guest Brian Greer as we recap the inauspicious start to the 2003 season.

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Game Info

New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills

1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 0 0 0 0 0
Buffalo Bills 7 14 0 10 31


Momma Brown  0:01  
This is Christine Brown. And while we have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to my son's sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny. But really, they're just being stupid. You still want to listen, go right ahead. I am not your mother. All right, welcome

Andy  0:24  
back to the page. dicey podcast season three. We've actually done two full fucking seasons of this. We're now on the 2003 season, we've suffered through the 2002 season, we managed to finish that off with interviewing mama Brown. I was great. But now we're back. We're doing a season where the Patriots spoiler alert will win the Super Bowl. Not that anybody realize that going into this game. But Steven, I think you've you've brought a friend along to kind of help us through this this start rough start to the beginning of the 2003 season. Well,

Steve  1:00  
let's be clear.

I I've always had a soft spot for bills fans I truly have. And say I'm part of that is is our guests here today. Brian Greer known him for a long time one of my first friends that I moved to Virginia. So we've been friends for 1213 years. Maybe more like we're acquaintances. But no one's been more of a bills fan than this guy. So this is the ultimate This is the pinnacle of Bill's fandom. I feel really

Greer  1:31  
different but this is just how it is, you know? Yeah.

Steve  1:34  
So I figured you know, let's give him his chance to shine. And yeah, I

Andy  1:38  
mean, I think for a bills fan to come on a pages podcast, this is exactly the game you want to do it for. Yeah, there's

Greer  1:47  
a reason why didn't come on last time and I don't blame the Drew Bledsoe revenge game as I like to call it.

Andy  1:59  
Alright, yeah, cuz we've been calling all the other games the Drew Bledsoe revenge game, he just hasn't gotten revenge until now.

Steve  2:04  

And let's be clear, let's be very clear about this. This is only one of two bills games where they actually won. Right? Because one was like a week 17 or Brady obeyed and a half. One was like the game where, you know Brady was suspended and we were on our fourth quarterback and when he had torn ligament in his hand. So this game and I think we watched that game together. I think we will succeed enough and Jacoby came together. We did we had that bar in DC and as I was leaving, I encourage everybody to enjoy their Super Bowl.

Andy  2:44  

Steve  2:47  
this week for

you guys.

Andy  2:50  
There was another game to where Ryan Fitzpatrick went off and he threw like four interceptions in the first half and then four touchdowns in the second half or something that's

Steve  2:57  
that Welker game we talked about earlier Andy where he had like 218 yards. Oh, right. Yeah,

Andy  3:03  
that was the last game was it was your typical Ryan Fitzpatrick just ship fuckery game

Steve  3:09  
those are the two games this game and that game or that that two bills peaks official Anything else? It's been a deep deep valley. Well, so

Andy  3:17  
I was actually wondering, cuz I knew what happened Brian on in terms of like, like, top bills games over the past 20 years. Does this one rank pretty high?

Greer  3:31  
It's good question. Yeah, I mean, it's got to it really has to you know, it's funny that like some of the losses stick out harvest some of the wins. Like Dallas on Monday night when they came back and they're like the last minute of the game that was brutal. But I'd say for wins this has to be really at the top 30 to nothing. Doesn't get any better than that. Well, well, well.

Steve  3:54  
Anyone here buddy has not

Andy  3:58  
given yourself points.

Greer  3:59  
Yeah, right. I was drunk. I was drunk for like 23 years here so give me a break.

Andy  4:07  
Spoken like a true bill spin. So

Steve  4:12  
yeah, I think I'm gonna tell one story about Greg just say illustrate his whole bills fandom video to a bar we watched a lot of Patriots bills games together for for better or worse. He's He's in and he always wants to watch together. So we go to this crazy bar near my house and the bills go up big in the first half as they make want to do and then below it, which they want to do. So. He's making heavy because they're up and then he's drinking heavier because they're down and blow on it. I mean, so that people have figured out and then I have to go back to my house, collect them out of the house, bundle them into a cab send him to his friend's house, and apparently, it is blacked out state convinced Academy to stop and get McDonald's so he shows up with like 50 bucks.

Greer  5:00  
Oh, that was rough man. It was the last second syllable if I remember correctly.

Steve  5:09  
But tell you, when we get to that game, we'll have you back on how about that we can rewatch together and re experience it. Alright, Jeremy,

Greer  5:17  
tell the whole story that are now. That's good. We're good.

Andy  5:22  
We'll tease it. Yeah, whenever 10 years from now. So we've we've had some other fans of opponents on last year, the one that stuck out to me was the the lions fan we had on. And I'm curious if being a bills fan is similar to being a lions fan in terms of he would every year at the beginning of season, he would get his hopes, like super high. Like this is the year we're gonna make the playoffs Matt Stafford is going to be MVP. Everything's gonna click. And then he will go through like the phases of denial as the season wore on. Is that similar? Being a bills fan?

Greer  6:04  
Yeah. 100% I feel I feel for those types of teams, you know, the browns, the line, you know, the blue collar teams struggle. It's really heartbreaking for their fan base. So I kind of relate to that. But uh, yeah, I don't know we had a few years ago, like four straight years, we went to the Super Bowl, they've not had anything even remotely close. So well,

Andy  6:29  
I believe we we asked the lions fan if you would rather have like just being bad all the time, or getting to four Super Bowls in a row and losing all of them. I don't remember what his answer was. But I remember he had to think really hard about it.

Greer  6:48  
Yeah, I think I'd rather make it to fourth straight. I think that's a lot of wins we have in those four years. So I feel

Steve  6:54  
that Trevor's desperate for winning. And let's be real no one's I mean bills fans love them. They are downtrodden but you know they've had flashes including the 31 to nothing game. Yeah, but you know, they're they're not nearly as drown downtrodden as those poor Detroiters

Greer  7:10  
Didn't you guys be as 31 nothing to end the season as well? Yes, yes,

Steve  7:16  
we'll get there we have a nice little bonus ago but he will say you can come on to that game too if you want career.

Greer  7:23  
I think that's only fair that I come on for the 31 nothing when and 31

Steve  7:27  
Did you watch this game in its entirety? Absolutely.

Greer  7:32  
I was like the first quarter of it. For me to get back to work I just snuck off to the bathroom

Steve  7:40  
well, thank god whatever whatever video you had nd it cut off before the final field goal. Yeah, and in the second half they stopped like doing all the in between plays and just started going snap the snap snap like NFL ready one like the condensed Yeah,

Andy  7:55  
that was not a purpose. I just found the first YouTube search result for this game and it looked like it was two hours long I'm like yeah, that's gotta be it. But yeah, like halfway through even whoever was recording is like no fuck this like this has nothing else happened and it ended when the bills kicked their last field goal in the fourth quarter go up 31 nothing that that was the end of the video

Steve  8:17  
that's what I guess let's get into it a little bit.

Andy  8:20  
Which is fine cuz that my notes had ended shortly before that anyway, I think I just wrote Yeah, fuck this actually, I wrote Who the fuck cares in my little drive chart that I do because

Greer  8:31  
you guys got to get pretty upset that you don't have some of these players like still on your team you know it's like a trip down memory lane for me. I don't like follow the you know every game like this. So you guys like step by step going through it. So

Steve  8:45  
it's a good point because like, the turnover. Oh 203 was pretty massive.

Andy  8:52  
Right? for both teams. It seemed like it seemed like this bill's defense was completely revamped. Yeah,

Steve  8:57  
like the bills made all the right calls and the Patriots made all the wrong calls, at least in this game. Yeah, the chaos fights was like their big linebacker signing and he played out of his goddamn mind.

Andy  9:08  
Yeah, so here like they showed a like an infographic on the screen. of the key buffalo defensive additions. It was Laura Malloy, who had five tackles a sack and a tipped pass that got intercepted in the end zone. Takeo spikes who had at this point six tackles a one interception you would end with two interceptions on the day. Sam Adams who had at least one sack I think it was two sacks plus a pick six, which is probably one of the slowest pick sixes I've ever seen in my life the defining play this game. Yeah, that Yeah. And his dance on the way into the Enzo, which looked a bit to me like the tightwad dance, which is fantastic. Yeah. And linebacker Jeff Posey who you compared to the rest of them didn't actually do much, but I like that core.

Greer  9:58  
Solid Yeah, yeah. I think I don't know watching this game it's weird to me how much the game has kind of changed. This is kind of like the stereotypical like 90s like 80s like you know quarterback tall like big arm and then like the the defensive linemen are massive human beings like they're like not as athletic as they are now. They're just like meatballs in the center do they just don't move?

Steve  10:24  
One of them catch up pick six was like again like the one moment anybody has those game bills fan pages fan, casual fan, is that Sam Adams pick 600%

Greer  10:35  
highlight 1000 times. Yeah.

Steve  10:39  
Which was honestly a great play for him. He like I thought it was a screenplay that busts it, but it wasn't when you look at it, it was like Brady is trying to throw the slant. And for some reason the nose tackle dropped into the slam zone and just

Andy  10:52  
grabbed off. I think it was still supposed to be your screen. But it was just that bad. Yeah, that might be execution because there was a screen to come fold out of the backfield. Yeah. And the line up. I don't know if it's a screen because the the offensive line or the Patriots in this game didn't block regardless. So every play looked like it was supposed to be a screenplay. Brady got absolutely lit up. And the times he didn't he just was completely off target. So he threw this is one of his worst games.

Greer  11:22  
Ever, right? It's got to be up there. Sure.

Andy  11:24  
It's Yeah. He threw four interceptions on the day. sack twice, and had 123 passing yards total.

Steve  11:33  
Where's that checkpoint? We need to figure out how many how many four IMT games is Brady ever had?

Andy  11:39  
I believe this is one of who? Maybe three? I'll look it up.

Greer  11:44  
Well, while you're looking it up,

Steve  11:46  
I have a hot take based on Greer's point earlier of like it's a different game. I think those NFL single season rushing record will never ever even come close to being broken. Because I looked up cmcs last year, when he was running roughshod over the NFL tied 147.

Andy  12:06  
Wow. Yeah, I

mean, these I mean, back in those day, like the running game was the focus and you're looking Oh, yeah, and your guy enough

Steve  12:15  
work to even get to like 2150 yards, whatever it is, like it's 21 something.

Andy  12:21  
Yeah. 2135 and you have trying to cross that 2000 barrier was like, the goal. So I mean, last year, we saw Ricky Williams lead the league, and he had what, like 1800 rushing yards. You don't see that at all anymore. Just because people don't even rush it. They just want to be able to do

Greer  12:36  
it. Yeah. I mean, how many times was he touching the ball again, though, Ricky last year?

Steve  12:41  
Oh, yeah. I'm saying like, Oh, yeah, I

Andy  12:43  
was still like, four or five yards a carry. I think was like high fours yards per carry. Getting at least 2025 30 touches a game you know?

Steve  12:52  
Oh, I'm sure. Christian McCaffrey last year type 147 his average is probably blowing people out of the water higher on the list right? bra because you're just not handing the ball off that much because everyone Yeah, the short pass and the screen game and that's why

Andy  13:09  
there's no Armijo is kind of taken over Yeah,

Steve  13:11  
no more Ted Washington's Who? Big fan of Ted Washington.

Greer  13:17  
I was a big fan of those big

Andy  13:18  
boys in the middle was all of them.

Greer  13:21  
What was the guy that said the Redskins got from Tennessee. names were anything anything after he went to the Redskins just got paid and then just sat down?

Steve  13:33  
Yeah, yeah, he

saw him his rookie year was last year. He talks about him in the Titans game.

Andy  13:39  
Yeah. his rookie year 2002 but then he Yeah, like right at the end of his career he did one of those like stops at all like disgrace veterans do with the Patriots and last like three weeks before did he like get into a fight with pepper Johnson during a game on the sideline? Oh yeah, that was young to him.

Steve  14:00  
Oh, all right. To set this game up I had this I did watch this in through the whatever through the YouTube video was and the commentators were talking about listening to Buffalo sports talk radio driving in and buffalo sports talk radio called this a must win game.

I mean, I love that we candy you

complain about Boston sports talk radio and grid you have like a good sense of like what buffalo sports soccer do is like if because like Boston hates everybody in Boston and they're always talking shit and like, That's such a Boston sports talk radio week one is a must win game.

Greer  14:43  
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I've you know, I've never lived in Buffalo. My dad's from Orchard Park. So I've never like really got into sports talk radio, but I do know for a fact that all bill fans are completely delusional. Oh, that makes complete sense. We would think it was a must win game against the Patriots. I feel

Steve  15:04  
like the guys go every single Patriots game at home is a must win all right. Every single game at Orchard Park is a must win.

Greer  15:13  
Those are always the games we pay attention to most of the beginning of the seasons like you know when we play the Patriots like we wanted so bad but it just never happened. Like never happened.

Andy  15:25  
Yeah, to that point. It really especially in the past 20 years never happens to the level that for most wins by quarterback in in Buffalo in Orchard Park. You have obviously Jim Kelly. top of that list. 66 wins in Buffalo. Joe Ferguson number two, Frank Reich strangely, number four is Drew Bledsoe with 18 number five Tom Brady. 16 wins in Buffalo.

Greer  15:58  
I have I've been posting that stat for years and I just think it's absolutely incredible.

Andy  16:06  
I yeah, he's he's fifth on the list of quarterback wins in Buffalo having never actually played for the Buffalo Bills.

Greer  16:16  
There's never been a stat like that for any other quarterback. I feel like to have like such control on one particular team.

Steve  16:24  
I think Dan Marino might have dominated someone else in the East maybe the Patsy the Patriots problem.

Greer  16:31  
I think like 20 straight times in the 80s so it might have been

Steve  16:37  
Marino's number six.

Andy  16:42  
Not in Buffalo I don't think

Greer  16:44  

Andy  16:46  
is done farewell in Buffalo. All right,

Steve  16:48  
Andy, let's uh, let's get into a little bit knowledge changes in the Pats. Oh, 2203.

Andy  16:53  
Yeah. Because that kind of segues into this game too. Because the the big change was the pages bringing in Rodney Harrison at safety. And because of that they ended up two days before or actually I think was a few more days in that on the Tuesday before I want to say the the star of the season they released Laurie Malloy,

Steve  17:20  
which is crazy.

Andy  17:21  
Yeah, because it wouldn't take a pickup basically.

Steve  17:24  
I mean, honestly, that that move is the reason this game turned out the way it was just shocked the whole team. Like it was it was best friends with Tom Brady, two days before the season opener to release. And like there's nobody else they're fucking starting Anton Harris's fucking safety. You kidding me?

Andy  17:42  
Yeah, because they also got rid of

Greer  17:46  
let him go.

Andy  17:47  
Yeah, basically just a contract dispute where they needed him to restructure his contract, and they couldn't meet on the middle of

Steve  17:58  
the year, right. Like, well, they

Andy  18:00  
all I mean, I think that was the initial idea. But talks broke down. And so I mean, who knows what was actually said, I mean, Lauren Malloy hasn't actually come out and said it, but he's, well, I was pissed at the time. Oh, but basically, I think there was like an ultimatum of either, like you We need you to sign a pay, take a pay cut, or we're gonna cut you and he's like, Well, I'm not taking a pay cut. probably thinking they weren't actually gonna cut him. Right? But this is Bill Belichick. So fucking do his best with team come and sign with the bills literally the next day. On Thursday, signed off.

Greer  18:39  
I don't think it was as clear back then. Like who Belichick like really was like

Steve  18:43  
it's a great point. Same thing because everyone can do whatever he wants and get away with everything because he's so established but like even watching these games and watching the moves he's been doing that the entire time and what are fucking risk to cut your starting safety sold the team and then immediately come out week one and ship the absolute bed and learn Malloy plays out of his goddamn mind. Right? And like, has the interception gets a sack and like you just look like absolute dogshit. Yeah. And then you go on the fucking biggest win streak in NFL history.

Andy  19:24  
And part of that was because bringing guys like Ronnie Harrison, who basically started the whole, nobody believes in us against the world.

Steve  19:35  
could not have water and Rodney back there.

Andy  19:39  
I think that's what they wanted. Yeah, I would have been sick. But it didn't happen.

Steve  19:46  
We can also move into rookies that showed up in this game. Eugene Wilson, who had his first interception of his career in his first game, which was off the tip ball by Asante Samuel who was also a rookie in this. Yeah,

Andy  20:01  
yeah. And that was literally the only highlight in this game for the was the

Steve  20:06  
winner the Sunday get drafted. He wasn't like a high draft pick right.

Greer  20:11  

Andy  20:11  
I don't know.

Steve  20:15  
Stat check, Greg. I would

Andy  20:17  
say like middle of the brown some somewhere like that.

Steve  20:21  
stat check Greg.

Andy  20:23  
Fuck. You can use this.

So grant fourth rounds. Sorry there's no

Steve  20:30  
other out. Right with the with a hard poke to the brown eye.

Andy  20:35  
Oh yeah, he's pulling up his his own Terry Glenn where he's he's not joining us for a podcast due to an eye injury. Because those are very useful in podcast that you use. I mean, it's

Steve  20:47  
it is it is a good talk to the brown eye. So

Greer  20:52  
for Jim and that's actually why he's not here.

Andy  20:55  
Yeah, apparently.

Steve  20:58  
You went to the eye doctor today.

Greer  21:01  
Yeah. Okay. How convenient that he misses this game with a bill fan coming on. Hmm.

Andy  21:06  
Well see, I I'm coming up with a theory here. Every time we do a game like this, where the Patriots play like dogshit and loose, Greg mysteriously disappears. If you think about everything back to the game that he hasn't been to. It hasn't been on here. They usually shitty games.

Steve  21:28  
That's a good point, Andy.

Oh, to be fair, he

doesn't watch any of the games anyways, except like the best ones. He's only watched like four games his entire fucking two seasons.

Andy  21:38  
That's true. But he but even then, like he won't show up and watch the highlights of games like this. Yeah, pretty fucked up. So

Steve  21:45  
we'll jump on. We're about to wrap it up and extend it for like an extra hour by talking about some stupid shit.

Andy  21:50  
And what he does what we'll ask him. Like, which fancy is of other teams in other sports? Like, want to know his thoughts on his Lakers and how he thinks the Yankees are gonna do this year too.

Steve  22:03  
Yeah, let's get

Greer  22:06  
the Yankees Lakers Patriots fan.

Andy  22:11  
It feels that way. Sometimes. Yes.

Greer  22:14  
I do. That would make me sick.

Steve  22:17  
Like me, but worse.

Andy  22:21  
That's tough to do.

Steve  22:23  
I know. But Danny, you know, that's right.

Greer  22:26  
We're the one that pours that beer on the bill fans head every time you beat them up in Buffalo. That's Greg.

Andy  22:32  
That's Yeah. He's also the one that was made semi internet famous by standing on the roof of his RV with a large inflatable penis and a tom Brady jersey on?

Steve  22:45  
Yeah, probably because of Bill's fan. Yeah, anatomically correct. Tom Brady.

Question. You've

seen that greater? I've dealt with some.

Greer  22:52  
I don't think I've seen that. But can you make that the picture for this podcast? Like, I don't know. If you click on the picture to podcast. We'll put it in the show notes. Yeah,

Andy  23:01  
I'll find a way.

Steve  23:01  
I think we should make this picture.

Andy  23:04  
I think we should make Greg's picture a T shirt.

Steve  23:08  
Yes, actually you not that we could sell it any here. Right? Well, I

Andy  23:12  
don't think anybody would buy it, but we could try to sell it as they go. really tough to giveaway. Yeah, so Asante, Samuels draft in the fourth round Eugene Wilson in the second. also notable names in this draft in the sixth round, the pages drafted a quarterback out of Texas Tech one Kliff Kingsbury. Oh, it was now the coach of your Arizona Cardinals.

Steve  23:34  
How about on the Pats?

Andy  23:38  
Um, here's a backup because I remember we went to training camp, me and Greg. And Greg was like, Oh, he's the next Tom Brady. Cuz. Right Greg thought he had that

Steve  23:51  
said a million times over in New England.

Greer  23:54  

Andy  23:56  
He only ever played a one game. In 2005 for the Jets. He went one for two for 17 yards. But like he was with us for what?

Steve  24:06  
Three years then? I'm just wondering how long because like everyone's like oh, Kliff, Kingsbury and Leo Patriots quarterback and I don't know if that was like one year we drafted him and comer on he sat behind us

Andy  24:16  
It doesn't really say he didn't he didn't do anything he didn't do enough to put up any stats.

Greer  24:24  
The other quarterback from Arkansas that you guys had like Matt Jones or something but tall guy.


Andy  24:35  
god damn I know exactly. Talking about right actions smell Yes.

fucking guy.

Greer  24:42  
I think Matt Jones was like an athlete and he like went to the Jaguars and like was doing a bunch of blow. career ended but yeah, that's it right now. It's not really developed into what they thought he would.

Steve  24:56  
He was as good as assigning as Rodney Harris. And was which, let's be real was one of the all time great signings adult checks career, right?

Andy  25:06  
underrated one I think yeah.

Steve  25:07  
I don't know what his contract was and I have that question. And while you're stat checking that Andy slash Greg, we also had like the word, maybe the most universally panned, Belichick signings of all time, the same season and Rosie Colvin?

Andy  25:25  
I didn't think he was bad.

Steve  25:27  
I remember being so hyped for him though. And the commentators made note of this in this game he had back to back 10 and a half sec seasons from the linebacker position. This is back in 2000 2001. RTS 1000

Andy  25:42  
when he was on the bears, right?

Steve  25:45  
Yeah, I remember I remember. Like, my expectations to him were gonna be like an absolute. So I, and then he has that sweet sack in this game to where you just ABS like ragdolls a tight end and it's a sweet sack of blood. So in the first half, yep. And then as his best play of his career, I mean, then now he got hurt. And he had a hip issue if I remember correct. But man, I remember we paid him he's like he was like the Steph Gilmore contract of the early 2000s.

Andy  26:18  
Yeah, cuz he did it again with another linebacker from the Ravens A few years later in Oh, seven they did it. Oh, yeah.

Steve  26:29  
This is named I struggle with names.

Andy  26:32  
Yeah, people are screaming at their podcast right now.

Steve  26:36  
But either way, at least we figured out with the third time around and stuff Gilmore because that's

Andy  26:42  
that's true. So answer your question, Steve. Ronnie Harrison signed a six year $15 million contract with the Patriots six for 15.

Steve  26:52  
Yeah. What was Rosie's and a daily is Thomas is the other guy

Andy  26:59  
daily is Tom.

Steve  27:00  
Thomas. Actually, maybe I'm confusing Thomas and Rosie Colvin? I think that's probably To my mind, because they're both like super hyped linebackers that were great on teams. He played that Kansa the pads and just did not. Well, I think

Andy  27:15  
I think part of that is the Patriots defensive system to the right, right. Right.

Steve  27:20  
Doesn't prioritize sacks or anything. Yeah.

Greer  27:22  
I have such a hatred for Stephon Gilmore. Like for just talking shit and then leaving before like we draw it let's

Steve  27:29  
let's really get into this because I'm in your

Greer  27:32  
eyes. Like if you want to leave buffalo like go ahead, pick up your stuff and go but we're talking shit about like a city that loves his team. You know? What did he say? He said something like finally I'll get to play like on primetime TV like it's there. It's

Steve  27:50  
not his fault.

That's not the fans fault. That's just the dean sucking in general. Okay, yeah. Greg Williams fault. Let's blame Greg 2g.

Greer  27:59  
I think we just were like a few years ago. We went like eight years between Monday night games, like yeah, I think it was like, it was like 13 before we hit a home game home Monday night game in Buffalo. Oh my God. That was that was the Dallas game.

Steve  28:14  
Do you also hate Travis Henry? is called like Why? Hey, Travis. Why do you have so many kids? Is that a heavier because one of them yeah.

Greer  28:29  
seven kids three seven different baby mamas or something like that. And then the sky rocket somebody it wasn't as bad as Rogers commodity but it was pretty bad.

Steve  28:40  
But they asked what wherever it was why? And he said all there is to do in Buffalo is fuck.

Greer  28:49  
I know. marshawn Lynch said the only thing the coolest place in Buffalo was an Applebee's.

Steve  28:57  
You're up here in hating them, Stefan. Just be like, hey, I'd like to play in primetime. That'd be cool. Yeah. You're just jealous. He came the Patriots number when he first came in. He sucked a bit. You're so hype on that. As far as the past he was not good.

Greer  29:15  
Yeah, it was. There was a game earlier this year. I think it was maybe the Seahawks game or he got torched.

Andy  29:23  
He had a bad game.

Greer  29:25  
Yeah. But yeah, I just I don't know. I think Trey white had a better season last year and he got overlooked

Steve  29:34  
it's weird because Stefan won Defensive Player of the Year but whatever.

Greer  29:38  
Yes. No more primetime game. Yeah.

Steve  29:42  
I guess more national

Greer  29:48  
touchdown last year so I mean, you know,

Steve  29:50  
yeah. Cool. I think Trey wise thinking torches here too. But whatever we'll get. Well, let's keep moving to 2000 to three. Yeah.

Andy  29:59  
1003 speaking of top end quarterbacks having bad games, Ty law did not play well in this opening drive Bill's touchdown was because of a tie law and zone defensive pass interference with more than one Travis Henry scored the touchdown plunge and patience Mila go three and out and the bills like this first quarter was literally three drives it was actually I've been called Patriots three and out a drive really so it's just two bills drives and that was the entire first quarter there's other bills has something like like halfway through second had like 10 minutes of possession to like the Patriots three or something ridiculous like that.

Steve  30:48  
So I have a theory on this all right. This is the point where the Patriots switch from four three to three four correct this season right here?

Andy  31:01  
Yep, this is the first day what else well

Steve  31:02  
yeah let's play in a four three and this is where they they buck trend and go back to the old school play three four.

Andy  31:07  
Yep, they picked out

Steve  31:10  
fucking run last year there have enough big fat boys. They started. Boy they can get in touch with Washington and say we got pretty good linebackers because we think rabl is pretty good. Yep. Willie, and this is where Willie and as I land back, we got brewski Ted Johnson. And like they just they could not figure it out. They couldn't stop the bills at all.

Andy  31:32  
Well, I don't even think he was there because the bills didn't rush for many yards in this gear there.

Steve  31:38  
I mean, also we're starting Tyrone pool across from Thai law who then gets hurt and is out for like a series or two. Right? And like they're just throwing out a Santi Samuel is a rookie and Eugene Wilson rookies and say I get out there and cover Eric molds and Josh Reed Good luck.

Andy  31:58  
And I mean, I think they did like the bills didn't put up massive offensive numbers. They had 107 rushing yards on 33 carries so that's not great. And bloods only through for 230 passing yards.

Greer  32:14  
Yeah, I feel like sorry, like pathetic. I couldn't believe that what I was looking at. Yeah, Eric Morgan we had like 700 yards and a touchdown all season.

Andy  32:26  
And he led the team 700 years nine years

Greer  32:30  
I don't even know that second guy is and I feel bad about it. But

Andy  32:33  
Bobby Shaw hopped on a team with seven or 32 yards and four touchdowns.

Steve  32:40  
I think Josh Reed is good eventually right? Yeah, but yeah, the Brady pick six to open the second quarter just seal the to go there down 14 nothing. And like you said Andy, there's two drives in the first quarter which are both bills touchdowns and we went through now in between them maybe two three nights I don't remember but

Andy  32:59  
no one

Steve  33:01  
he just throws a pick six start that open quarter whatever was in assists that Sam admins on his 21 nothing is just up on his ass on like the return to the Brady like smashes his

Andy  33:14  
head on the curve. And Damien woody goes down and like his dad for a long pause brutal and this is the part of the podcast where I bring up my hatred for these commentators because it was Dan fucking deardorff my as you can see here, my note is fuck me. It's Dan dierdorf. He, and he was with Verne Lundquist who I vaguely remember. I recognize the name of your brain, right? Yeah. Yeah. And when Verne Lundquist wasn't telling

Steve  33:53  
before we get this ad, I'm just gonna read your note to the crowds. He is Dan dierdorf bullet underneath that. Holy

shit. He's

annoying already. It's only three plays in might have to watch this game on mute.

Andy  34:05  
Yeah. And so I I don't know who did didn't do too if used to be a player in the NFL. Right. And I don't know who he used to play for. But I don't think he was

Steve  34:16  
Dan Fouts

Andy  34:18  
No Do you know I think he was like a lineman.

Greer  34:22  
Hilarious hasn't had a joke land yet.

Andy  34:25  
Yeah. So and he was he was getting in this game because a patient's getting their their shit kicked in shake. And so even for Lundqvist, like, when he wasn't telling awful stories that were getting interrupted by like, the rest trying to make a call or go into commercial break. He like halfway through the second quarter stopped laughing at Dan dierdorf jokes. Because they weren't funny you could tell is a force left to begin with. And he just like, just stopped so but the pick six was like, this was peak, Dan dierdorf. So I'll play the audio here

Dan Deidorff  34:58  
Pat Williams. But how total has this domination been? Take a look at the statistical update. rushing yards is 10 minutes left second quarter massing minus three

total yards even verse. I'm sure Bill Belichick can hardly believe it. Right now this New England offense has got to get off its butt and do something there defensively the three and out. Bright Side here guys.

Andy  35:41  
So that to me, it sounds like

Steve  35:45  
you hate that so much.

Andy  35:46  
I just hate Dan dierdorf and this is like Pete Dan dierdorf just giggling with glee sound like he's fucking commentating the WWF


Steve  35:59  
Okay, I can see that. But I don't know. It's better than fucking Pat Summerall being emotionless.

Andy  36:05  
I take Pat Summerall over this garbage any day.

Steve  36:08  
And wait, wait, let's rewind this again. Because at that point, the bills at 153 passing yards, the peaches, negative three, and he said they ended up with 200 and something

Andy  36:18  
they end up with 230 total passing yards.

Steve  36:21  
They only added like 70 yards after that.

Andy  36:24  
They're up 21 nothing at that point. They're like, they don't need to do anything.

Steve  36:29  
Yeah, but even he didn't get above 100 Yeah,

Andy  36:32  
they had 100 guys rushing. That's great. Well, the thing is like, then Brady gets picked off on the deep shot and the next draft

Steve  36:40  
Yeah. Had a good draft going then that was on less. I'm gonna be real real right here. And that was a great play by lawyer Malloy, cuz he got fooled by that flea flicker or whatever, whatever the action was in the backfield. He definitely took a step in and he was B. He busted his ass back and got into Deion branch and Tom Brady on third a little bit and he just kind of got his shoulder on it and it bounced up and Nate Clements intercepted it Yep. That's like I mean, goes right back to the whole point of like, I bet Boston media is absolutely Wrestling Belichick the next day like you got Lauren Malloy in yeah that streak great covery in the sack yeah later and like

Andy  37:20  
yeah, oh yeah. Boy, yeah, like this guy work bird. I was like very

Greer  37:29  
sad again. I was like burn I have no problem with burn but this is all his work. Dude. I have not dude sucks. Yeah, well, I'm

Andy  37:41  
not a fan of most candidates

Steve  37:43  
every calm that's not let's not open this can of worms and he's going to be talking to the next two hours. Every commentator eats why and

Greer  37:50  
we're on we're just

Steve  37:53  
two hours past it. And you just need to just

Andy  37:55  
ride it in two hours on Dan dierdorf. alone. fucking guy. Holy shit.

Steve  38:03  
But at that point, Tom Brady has 2474 yards. two interceptions? Yeah.

Andy  38:10  
Yeah, not great.

Steve  38:13  
And then the bills go three and out. I'm pretty sure do shit with the interception. And Brian Mormon who I know another bills fan that I work with. This is this is his favorite player of all time. He has his jersey Brian Mormon jersey.

Andy  38:29  
As you do

Steve  38:31  

that's a punter

you know? A lot of work.

Andy  38:34  
He you don't have Zoltan mesko Jersey.

He likes to

Steve  38:38  
flush he hits the pump the punter from there 21 we took the ball in our nine yard line.

Greer  38:44  
Yeah Yeah,

Steve  38:46  
he was pretty solid penalty on that as well but like still

Andy  38:50  
fresh on it like

Steve  38:52  
at around Cadell facing his own end zone had to like catch an oversold like a pass and turn around try and run it back.

Andy  38:58  
And that was my one highlight of the game actually was was that returned from Troy brown the punt return that got him like he caught it over his shoulder running back towards zone ends on on like the nine yard line and got it back out to the 30 but it was called back for holding so it didn't even count

Greer  39:12  
Did you did you guys catch the bills had a guy named Antonio brown

Steve  39:18  
Yes, I said this

Greer  39:21  
wrong Antonio brown just a few years to sued we had the right name just the wrong player.

Andy  39:26  
I wrote down that it would have sucked to draft that Antonio brown and fantasy guarantee somebody did

Steve  39:34  
and weirdly the commentators were just like all over him

or he's so fast. Oh my god has

his speed. They had a big clock them and then they like this can't be right. We the clock them again. And then it's just like,

Andy  39:47  
Oh, I wrote down the numbers because they build the bills coaches clocked in at 4.18 and be like, oh, there's no way that can be right. So so they ran them again and they got between a 4.23 and a 4.25. What's the

Steve  40:00  
combine record

Andy  40:03  
for point chris

Steve  40:04  
johnson now it's been beaten recently by one of those super fast no

Andy  40:11  
4.22 john Ross

Steve  40:15  
yeah so they're clocking in at below the combine the day this day and age combine record Get the fuck

Andy  40:20  
out before that it

was chris johnson four to four.

Steve  40:23  

so they're clocking 24141

Andy  40:28  
it none of that cool

Steve  40:30  
nothing in the arena league and had like zero return yards

Andy  40:33  
this whole game is cool I run a four for just I'm not going to do it on camera because I don't need to prove it because he didn't even look that fast either. Look out Here he goes. Every time you got to kick return and he would just like get run down from behind by like Patrick pass or someone.

Steve  40:52  
Alright, let's talk about the one pages drive actually worth watching. Wait, there was one the all Kevin fold drive? Oh, yes. Yep. So Ron plays draw plays screen

Andy  41:04  
remember, remember when I

last year you guys tried to roast me looking good, Greg. about saying that Kevin Faulk was a team MVP of 2002 I can't I can't do this. We have a new a new guests on the show. Hello. Hey, guys. It's it's Captain Crunch has joined us

Greg  41:31  
playing through injury. All right. For my teammates right now. Yep. This is like the Jordan flu game. like can you walk us through the wire right now? Yeah.

Greer  41:49  
Well, what do I patch Greg? Yeah,

Greg  41:52  
so I was poked severely poked in the eye last night by what sort of and it was I actually poked myself in the eye my finger Yeah, it was playing soccer and like I just like got caught up with someone myself and yeah, yeah. scratched cornea.

Greer  42:18  
Last week a guy who's a guy for Villanova that has I like popped out of the satellite Rudy Gay or something like that. Yes, shit. Yes. wasn't that bad?

Greg  42:29  
I mean, it's not as bad I'm probably milking it but you know what I got an eyepatch on it looks kick ass

Andy  42:38  
if you say so.

Greg  42:40  
I couldn't miss this game though. I had to come on because this is an amazing game.

Andy  42:48  
Oh, give us your thoughts.

Greg  42:49  
I watched it Andy.

Andy  42:52  
I don't believe you But okay, I

Greg  42:53  
did. I watched the entire first half and I'll tell you why. But okay. What a game man. What a game.

Andy  43:03  
Yeah, who is your MVP of this game? Give it actually give us a watchability score. No,

Greg  43:09  
I given it four out would you give it any?

Andy  43:18  
I didn't know Well, first of all we forgot. Just to explain Brian we we tend to because we're we have to watch all these games but our listeners don't we tend to give a readability score so we do it out of six Lombardi's

Greer  43:38  
I give this one Yeah, get out of your own apple.

Andy  43:45  
Yeah, that's the reaction we're looking for.

Greer  43:48  
That's zero out of zero. Well,

Greg  43:52  
like zero to four Superbowl losses in a row Yeah.

Greer  43:58  
Which is our Super Bowl so this is a this is

Andy  44:04  
one of those zeros for me I think.

Greg  44:06  
But you have to admit that like from an entertainment standpoint, this game was super watchable right it might if from Patriots standpoint it's suck but just from like a storylines coming out of this going into the game and then both and coming out of the game. It was unbelievable.

Andy  44:22  
Right? Yeah, but

you're talking about everything except the game.

Greg  44:28  
I don't know the game was incredible, too. There was some we had a fat man touchdown Andy. How is not rake at least some points that thing was ridiculous.

Greer  44:39  
It was discussed how much better than players were then they are now they're like

Greg  44:46  
Washington in the same game. That's like a fucking quarter ton of human

Andy  44:53  
literal heifers. But

Greg  44:55  
I like that must have been the best game ever to be at for a bills fan like week. One when your expectations are the highest you come in you have like all these new signs they got spikes. They got lawyer mm avoid

Steve  45:09  
signs I wrote them down actually. One was you can't have the law without a lawyer. Good one

Greg  45:19  
doesn't really stand up because they still have law but

Steve  45:27  
I'm trying to find my notes on

Greg  45:30  
Well, before this was like rockin to when he went

Greer  45:36  
Yeah, when Adam scored that touchdown dude, it gives me the

Greg  45:40  
The place was when they like panned out and like the whole place is just gone bonkers.

Greer  45:46  
And it feels like it feels like the stadium is like, like a super good like d3 School stadium. Like I don't know, like when it's just popping off like yeah, party and it's Yeah, it's a good time.

Greg  45:58  
Yeah, knowing the atmosphere like when the bills are like losing and it's still an amazing atmosphere. I can't imagine what it feels like when they're blown a team out It must be just so awesome to be it.

Steve  46:10  
I found the other sign I saw ABS which are you know, everyone does those like network names like me is a championship bill season.

Oh, you missed this guy cuz we were talking about the announcer talking about when they're driving into the stadium. Buffalo sports talk radio said this is a must win game.

Greer  46:37  
One must win a championship

Steve  46:39  
bill season because law without lawyer. Yeah,

Greg  46:43  
you know, and they were 31 fitting good steaks on 10.

Greer  46:49  
Last year, just that room was about four years before I ever met us. And about 15 years ago, we ever made the playoffs again. I don't know if I would have stuck around if I knew it was gonna be 15 years. Until we made it.

Andy  47:03  
That's fair. So the bills also the week after this put up 38 points in 3817 went over the Jags too. So they start off to no averaging 34 and a half points a game. they've finished the season. Six and 10. Ranked 30th and offense.

Fifth in

defense. The top five defense 13th ranked offense.

Greer  47:34  
That's top that's been the story for the past 20 years is just been awful, awful offensive and defensive. Yeah. Yeah,

Andy  47:43  
that's fair. It's It's so painfully Bill's, like Drew Bledsoe for some reason would finish the season with only 2800 passing yards, which is low even for 2003 touchdowns. Uh, it was hard to tell, but I didn't see like any other like anybody else starting games like he started all 16 games.

Greer  48:13  
What year did you guys draft Rob? gronkowski?

Steve  48:18  

Greg  48:19  
Yeah, would have been before us seven, right, because he was part of that team. So yeah.

Greer  48:24  
Yeah. Because we drafted a player right before him even though he's from Buffalo buffalo.

Andy  48:31  
In 2010.

Greer  48:33  
We drafted a lineman that ended up playing one game for us and then had a career ending injury when we could have had wrong Grand caskey.

Greg  48:41  
A local kid too. That's a nightmare. Yep. And he fits. Oh, yeah, he

Steve  48:47  
definitely fits the buck bills mafia.

Can we talk about the bills mafia for a sec, as well, because the commentators touched on this. Right once the chaos bikes had a second IMT Yeah. And like the cast was pretty good.

Greg  49:01  
He was amazing.

Steve  49:02  
Yeah, even on the Bengal still. Yeah, it's good for the bills for a while. And he had an absolute monster game this game with two imts and a couple sacks, whatever it was. Yeah. And the comments are telling a story about when he was playing Cincinnati at Buffalo the year before and everyone knew he was going to be a free agent. Some schlub from the bills mafia bought at the kale spikes 51 bills jersey, sat right behind the bench. Yes, entire, like chant of like the the section to chant and kayo come to bills or whatever it was, right? Yeah. A potential free agent bill jersey.

And sitting front row and good luck. Look,

Andy  49:50  
you should come here next year. And it fucking worked. Good. Yeah,

Steve  49:54  
it worked. And so buffalo dividends week one, he was playing out of his mind.

Greer  50:00  
Bill's love the bangles to play after Andy Dalton got it. Yeah, this is we don't we don't even like a half a million dollars who is charity and that's right. I'm shocked we didn't pick them up in the offseason I'm shocked. Yeah,

Greg  50:18  
yeah, I think there's no there's like buffalo is the easiest team to root for as an on bills. Like fan, right? Yeah. Like some of these losses we've watched are like brutal watch. You're like I fucking hate some of these people like, but you just can't hate buffalo I was like rooting for the bills in this game because you just like see the atmosphere? You know? They're like, how it turns out for them to see that might be part of it. But like just watch it. He was like, this looks like they needed this. They are in this one show.

Greer  50:52  
So we have you ever had a beer poured on your head at the stadium? So I got the the O j logo. Very nice.

Greg  50:59  
Very nice. So

Steve  51:00  
you guys have experience with bills mafia, maybe on opposite ends of the spectrum? Right? Because you've been how many games you've been doing which are Parker?

Greer  51:11  
Oh, oh, me or him? Both? I probably been to like, probably 10 I'd say.

Greg  51:20  
Yeah, I mean, like six or seven times.

Steve  51:22  
How many paths games have been take? We're at Orchard Park. Any? Never. Oh.

I see a live remote. Episode our future.

Greer  51:35  
If they ever lead if ever let fans back. I will fly there to go. I went to the Houston game in Houston last year. Thank God I was blacked out for the second half because I was just miserable to playoff game. Yeah, the playoff game.

Greg  51:55  
He missed the Josh Allen. fandom fumble. That was hilarious.

Greer  52:02  
But I just remember being carried up the stadium stairs afterwards.

Greg  52:08  
That's why it's called being consistent with the narrative.

Steve  52:14  
Like the mafia narrative, everything I've known about here for fucking 12 years. Yeah, it's very consistent.

Greer  52:20  
We went to a strip club after and I like apparently got like 45 minutes of lap dances and refuse to pay.

Greg  52:32  
Yeah. Then there. You're just wearing sweat pants in there to everyone in bills.

Steve  52:38  
mafias nodding along. Yes.

Greer  52:40  
Did you try and

Steve  52:45  
pay you're in ketchup and mustard now?

Greer  52:49  
I got to meet Pinto rod at the Houston game. So that was exciting. But I didn't know he only does that at home games. He doesn't do the ketchup and mustard thing in a wagon. Oh, that's

Greg  52:59  
the old guy that does the master bath. Yeah.

Greer  53:05  
So this is like the first year that we've been doing all the bills, games and like 31 years and because of

Greg  53:13  
Heart breaking

Steve  53:14  
back to 2003 and talk about

Greer  53:16  
God, it's so hard when the board was so hard to go backwards.

Andy  53:21  
We know how this ends? Yeah.

Steve  53:25  
Me the absolute

most frustrating drive of the entire game because like there's a 31 to 131 nothing bookends, right this season, right getting in the last game. And I remember the very end of last game where they threw a pick in the end zone. And I'm like, Yeah, they didn't have a chance. And then they're driving garbage time. I don't remember this game specifically. And like, did we have a chance to make it not a shutout? Yes. And we did because Travis Henry fumbled it on his own 20 just on a handoff and just just didn't is like oh, I'm just gonna put this on the ground instead and really jumped on it. So we have the ball on a 20 and I have in my in my how do we not score? Yeah, and having my caps. We have it on the two in all caps. Like how do we not score?

Andy  54:14  
Right? First and goal from the two?

Steve  54:16  
Yeah. And we end up 31 nothing. Yeah.

Greer  54:22  
So I did that was good. But I don't remember I didn't want to highlight.

Steve  54:26  
I haven't my next note is give it to Kevin please because he's been the only one. One of the other earlier stats is Kevin Faulk. 53 yards, the rest of the team negative two.

Andy  54:37  
That's what I was gonna bring up before Greg showed up is that y'all fuckin were shitting on me last season for saying that. My hot take was Kevin falck was the team MVP of 2002. I fucking was team every year this game two we kept it going. literally the only guy doing anything in this game.

Steve  54:54  
And then right after that we had the fourth one where we got a fucking fall start method. Who are we the goddamn bill? And then the buffalo we pumped it into buffalo turns it over. And we have the bog with 20. We get it all the way down to the to give it to Kevin. And they are on Anton Smith in the line twice for nothing.

Andy  55:13  
Yeah. And then it must be held because they're back on the eight yard line and yeah, we'll get it out.

Steve  55:19  
Yeah, the video cuts the penalty out for some reason we go from the three to the eight. Yeah, go chop.

Greer  55:30  
That should like that. Do you think Belichick want it to be scoped just so he could build 31 I think at the end of the season, is that no Belichick?

Andy  55:39  
I think, the fact it was 31 nothing to the I vaguely remember what it

Steve  55:45  
was. It was only 21 nothing and the announcer saying we score here is 21. Seven. Like No,

Andy  55:49  
I'm talking about the end of the season when the pages are up. 31 nothing and the driving at the end the Patriots have put in there. Yes, their second team defense, but as soon as they started driving, they put all the first team guys back into make sure it stayed 31 nothing.

Greer  56:02  
Yeah, and

Greg  56:04  
I think Belichick has proved that he is willing to do the fuck you. Fourth quarter place like he did that every week. And it was seven with the fourth quarter. fucky touchdown. Oh, yeah. He's not above that for sure.

Greer  56:18  
And I think we can all appreciate more than one the fourth and one or the fourth and three or whatever that he would always go for even he was up 30 points is like Yeah,

Andy  56:26  
yeah, well for usually like a fullback dive. Like Yeah, I do to stop this

Greg  56:32  
is like he Oh, it's so it goes. So against, like the persona he gives to the media to have like, Oh, I just do what we need to win the games. And I don't play these like, you know, other games within the game. But that is so clearly like contradictory to what he does when he's trying to spite people and like play with emotion. So it's like, Alright, dollar check. Like, there's definitely something there that he doesn't show us like publicly facing, you know? Oh, definitely. Yep.

Steve  57:02  
So it's eight minutes left in the third quarter of this down. Fourth and goal from the eight yard line. Kick the field goal. Made it 20 123 and we go for it.

Greg  57:13  
Got him

Steve  57:15  
and his and Brady his branch right in the hands he drops in the end way

Andy  57:18  
before the play before that on third down. Yeah, he hit patent on a perfect play. Patent couldn't tap both feet a second

Steve  57:25  
foot Tanya and that was easy. Get the second foot down to

Andy  57:28  
it look like it should have been Yeah, yeah.

Steve  57:31  
I mean, did I look at the Chicago but easier.

Greg  57:33  
In the first half though. It felt like it wasn't so much the Patriots plan terrible, but the bills were just on fire. Yes. Well, TKO spikes was flying Ryan fucking knockin helmets off. Like it. I just thought the bills came out with more Oh, quite honestly, my boy,

Steve  57:53  
that's having a fair amount though in the Patriots over the years like, and they've always been able to, like let that pass by the storm and like make it a fucking full game. And

Greer  58:01  
yeah, at that point, they

Steve  58:02  
would end like in any other year, after this, they score there, be a 21 seven and make a 1421. Now the fucking bills are shitting their pants and they kicked it off. Get two touchdowns in the minute.

Andy  58:16  
And I think

like you guys are talking about how you were, like, able to roof the business and how fun it was. I think the reason? I couldn't because I was I was almost there. But then I realized that Greg Williams was a coach. And they did a halftime interview with him. And I was like trash talking. But I found

Steve  58:37  
Fuck Gregg Williams 

Gregg Williams  58:38  
up we got 30 minutes left to go 

Bonnie Bernstein  58:39  
defensively speaking under domination of New England. Why so?

Gregg Williams  58:43  
Well, right now we're a little bit faster on defense, maybe a little bit smarter. We had those two penalties and we're off the field they get nothing so we got a strong second half.

Andy  58:54  
Defense smarter than Bill Belichick well

Steve  59:00  
I know why he says that because he's telling all of his defensive players hit the other guys in the head. Therefore they're smarter

Greg  59:10  
less concussions? Yes.

Greer  59:13  
I think we can look now in the future and 2020 with him with the jets and just kind of laugh at that. Yeah.

Steve  59:18  
still around. That's the most fun part. He still sucks to the Jets are

god awful like

Greg  59:26  
dumpster fire. So

Steve  59:27  
bronchitis is just not a good coach. But also,

Andy  59:31  
I believe, let me double check before and ever

Steve  59:33  
and ever since that episode we did Greg on the bounty gate thing. Yeah. My whole feelings about Greg lands have changed significantly in the fog.

Greg  59:43  
Yeah, yeah. scumbag through and through.

Andy  59:46  
Also, this was his only when it gets a Patriots. This is only one.

Steve  59:52  
Yeah, as a coordinator work coach or what?

Andy  59:55  
as a head coach. He had six shots at him and

Greer  59:59  
was Hey, can Gailey more. I think that was the worst hire in the history of Buffalo Bills. Like it was more than half a good he didn't even have a good authentic Georgia Tech. Like I don't know what the fuck we were thinking when we had it. Greg still sits above can galley in my book.

Greg  1:00:20  
Wow, can Kaylee came from Georgia Tech, something run the wishbone offense there, but

Greer  1:00:27  
they didn't even throw the ball they just had like they run the same offense for 30 years.

Greg  1:00:32  
Yeah. Like the least relatable to the NFL game offense that you could possibly imagine.

Greer  1:00:39  
I think that was towards the end of Ralph Wilson's life. So I just I don't think he was making the right decisions at that point. So unfortunately, for me, that means that when my whole team's and my whole 20s that I'm making the playoffs.

Andy  1:00:55  
So yeah, coached at Georgia Tech from Oh 207 first five years Georgia Tech, he compiled a 3727 record not too bad, went to ballgames each year. He compiled six winning seasons. But however, he never defeated Tech's biggest rival University of Georgia and never won the ACC never went to a BCS bowl never won more than nine games and never finished the top 25

Greg  1:01:20  
never finished top 25 good go

Greer  1:01:23  
with that higher

Andy  1:01:26  
so that he was hired by the bills in 2010. The bills went four and 12 in his first season, with the 25th ranked offense and 24th ranked defense in the league. No shock there. The following year, the bills ranked 14th offense 26 in defense, and improved slightly to finish with six and 10 record for six and 10th the year after that. And they were 19th an offensive 22nd in defense. Alright, let's

Steve  1:01:55  
not get all let's not get all bills depressed here. 2003 we got let's let's put some words out here and put a bow on this shit.

Andy  1:02:06  
All right. Yeah. So So Bri we do best and worse. Like we used to do growing up at the dinner table for our day. But in this case, we'll do it for the game. So as the resident bills fan who probably has some best in this, would you like to go first?

Greer  1:02:21  
I mean, it's got to be the same. Pick six. And that was your worst moment in the crowd. Just the worst of this whole game. Is there one beautiful lie you're

Steve  1:02:39  
about to hear all our best. So I guess all of our best count as your worst. Well, I'll go I'll get I'll give my best. Give me your best. Uh, Rodney Harrison looked right back there. Yeah, it did made well, he tackled really surely. And like he looked like Rodney.

Greg  1:02:59  
He was he was starting

Andy  1:03:01  
shit down like 28 nothing in the fourth quarter. He's like out there starting shit with with Ronnie like,

Steve  1:03:07  

Greg  1:03:09  
And I could see why people call him like where he was voted like the dirtiest player in the league though.

Greer  1:03:14  
He was always in the first line.

Greg  1:03:17  

Andy  1:03:18  
yeah. Super play.

Greg  1:03:20  
I mean he definitely set a tone you like that's not something you really see in modern NFL anymore is someone that like stands out and jumps off the page is like this guy's physical. Yeah, he doesn't give a fuck

Steve  1:03:33  
and then the worst is maybe all four it is but the worst the last one was such as like oh my god the last time to chaos bikes it's just there's there's a couple that like MLA tip did and like there was a couple that weren't really very small but that last one is just tall enough for it

Greer  1:03:56  
was a five in one half like Nathan Peterman

Steve  1:04:02  
is all there is that out there about that?

Andy  1:04:07  
Hi, Greg. You got you got some best and worse.

Greg  1:04:10  
I mean, I try not to do the same as someone else's but I think it's hard to argue against the Sam Adams touchdown not being the best from this game like watching a 350 pound man. Run like 30 yards as fast as he can. And then on Bledsoe like put his arm

Andy  1:04:31  
carry them off. Yeah,

Greg  1:04:32  
like you know,

the whole crowds going crazy. The commentators are laughing their ass off like it's just everybody loves a fat man, touchdown. You know, it's it's never not fun to watch, even if it happens to your own team. So I think that was my favorite play the game. And you know what, that's what made this game memorable. Like, looking back and be like, Oh yeah, 31 nothing game. I remember that fat man, touchdown. So it's like that. That was certainly a memorable play in page It's more right.

Steve  1:05:01  
Definitely is

Greg  1:05:03  
my worst. I mean, I guess you have to say Brady's four picks. He looked like trash.

Andy  1:05:12  
He did. Yeah. And the fact that could have been more line looked like they were considering every play a screenplay. Hmm, yeah, that block on the lawyer Malloy sack.

Greg  1:05:24  
Oh, that was four years for ages like I did just yeah. You got turnstile? It gave him the yo lay. Yeah,

Greer  1:05:31  
you did. Yeah. I think even though Brady has like the, whatever the fourth or fifth most wins in bills, you know, history at Buffalo. He's like, I don't know. He struggled against buffalo at times. And that's true. Just as a Bill's office has been so bad for so many years, and he still came out with a victory.

Andy  1:05:52  
Yeah, he always seems to be able to put like, just enough together to beat the bills in Buffalo. That's just like the feeling I get watching him play in Buffalo. Like they always give him trouble. But he's find some way to just like, stumble his way through those games and pull out the victory. Yeah, cuz it was like, the one that sticks out to me is like Danny Amendola, his first game as a patriot and he was like, playing on one leg, but he was really the only person that Brady was looking at that he went for like almost 200 receiving yards with like a broken for some ridiculous like that. And they managed to like kick a last minute field goal to win it when they probably didn't even deserve to be in it in the first place.

Greer  1:06:36  
Unlike this game, that's the Patriot way.

Steve  1:06:39  
Yeah. That's one of the bills wages,

Greer  1:06:41  
choke it away at the end.

Andy  1:06:42  
It's both

symbiotic relationship.

Greer  1:06:50  
Uh, Greg, did

Andy  1:06:51  
you have a worst? Oh, it was a yes.

Greg  1:06:55  
I mean, I guess. I don't know. I wanted to bring it up. I don't know if it's the worst. But what do you guys think about them? Cutting Malloy, looking back. I remember the time.

Andy  1:07:06  

Steve  1:07:08  
that was a trade and I don't get that as a cotton and we talked about this earlier before you jumped on Greg. And it's like, I guess was a money thing. And, like a fucking brinkmanship take a pay cut rocket. You don't give a shit. And then they cut him?

Greg  1:07:21  
Yeah, that's what it sounds like. Yeah, basically,

Steve  1:07:24  
that's crazy.

Greg  1:07:24  
I mean, I

Steve  1:07:26  
just haven't play out the rest of this contract. probably wasn't like that much money. Right.

Greg  1:07:31  
That's cleared 5.8 6 million in cap space with his release. Yeah. And what do they do with it though? Like it's not they signed Rodney Harrison the next day either, right? Yeah. Like the week of week one doesn't really make sense. Right? Right. The

Steve  1:07:45  
timing is crazy. So offseason,

Greg  1:07:50  
yeah, it feels like a power play more than like, actual like, financial move.

Andy  1:07:57  
Yeah, it almost felt like the Patriots knew like what he was worth to them like they always do nowadays. Like are this is what you're worth to us take it or leave it. And this was the first player who left it you know, like like,

Steve  1:08:12  
it wasn't even like it wasn't like as a free agent. Like they cut him they still had a contract and they always like if you're not taking it well, I'll play your contract and then go fucking somewhere else. Yeah, cut you we're not the goddamn jets you know, we're like levy on bell. Oh, well see later we'll eat the fuckin guaranteed salary which is crazy to me.

Greer  1:08:32  
Yeah, but he was gonna be like quite the dynasty that it was you know at that point?

Andy  1:08:38  
Well, yeah, nobody did.

Steve  1:08:39  
I mean, the way that we played the offensive line couldn't block shit. Defense look like absolute garbage. Nobody on offense flashes ever Kevin Fogg Tom Brady three four identies. Nothing about this game says this team in six games is going to start the most the longest winning streak in NFL history.

Greer  1:08:59  
How important you think Malloy was to this game like do you think he just kind of like told him what they'd like to do and not even that I

Steve  1:09:05  
think it's more emotional than anything.

Andy  1:09:07  
Yeah, cuz they even said that guy looked at the Boston Globe from that like week and Laura Malloy, I think they were talking to Drew Bledsoe and he's like, like lawyer told us some stuff but it wasn't really anything we didn't know already. Like there's a few things like yeah, this is definitely gonna happen but like we had already assumed that anyway, so it was more like he said the emotional side of things.

Steve  1:09:31  
And I haven't I haven't IV a quote attributed to lawyer Malloy from the commentators that Greg with two G's loved apparently no giggling on Fridays I guess they're like the big on giggling in Buffalo now level like came in and and and he said no gig on Friday is a Greg Williams like oh

Greg  1:09:55  
yeah, next thing you know 31 nothing. Just cuz we cut out that fun. giggling goddamnit you want to hear a quote from Ty law about the login cut? He said it is. It's scary in the timing. There's such a thing as good business and bad, bad business. I don't know what category this one falls under, but to my eyes and being selfish at this late in the game, and in regard to him and his family. I'm quite sure this is something that could have been done a long time ago. So that sounds like he's like pretty openly criticizing the Patriots organization. And that's not

Steve  1:10:32  
that's not unfair, though. I feel

Greg  1:10:34  
and that's the all pro cornerback that's doing that too.

Andy  1:10:38  
Yeah. Yeah. I

Steve  1:10:39  
think all the timing of the normal like cut caused a 31 nothing game.

Greg  1:10:44  
Right? It didn't.

Isn't this one, they said that was a Jackson from primetime. It said like, it was Patriots hate their coach.

Andy  1:10:54  
Yes. This was in NFL primetime that. Really? Yeah, I put that in the show notes, I think but I don't know if it's actually and we all know, we don't read those.

It won't do for you.

Greg  1:11:09  
I think they probably did. To a degree though. Maybe my belly check. But like, they're pretty like pissed off at the organization.

Steve  1:11:16  
And then at that point, How

long had lawyer been there? 810 years. So like that,

Greg  1:11:21  
right? And it's different if you have like, if, if you've won Super Bowls, you have this culture, and they've made it like clear that there's no one above the team blah, blah, blah. It's almost expected but when it's like the first one, you don't have that like history rely on then it's it's a kind of a different ballgame, because I just have one point that I don't think he's the first one cruiser first one.

Hmm, but that

one I think everyone would agree is different. But have

Andy  1:11:49  
Brady, you know, that was the that was the timing of it wasn't bad, either. I think it's the driving time. Anything that was the issue.

Steve  1:11:56  
I mean, there's never been anything like that since though, right.

Greg  1:11:59  
When's the last time we've cut a starter? I mean, a week before the first game of the season. They've made some pretty aggressive moves, though. They never get harder right before more. See more. Yeah. Collins, Jamie Collins, they just got rid of him for a bag of balls middle in the middle of the season looking really strange.

Andy  1:12:20  
And then brought him back and he was amazing.

Greer  1:12:23  
But never liked it. I was reading in the Yahoo article this year, like you guys had a running back that led the team and then the next year he was like tardy to a meeting or something like that. And Bella check. Jonas

Andy  1:12:35  

Steve  1:12:38  
The timeframe?

Andy  1:12:40  
He ran for 200 yards against the Colts and then missed him, like overslept because his phone didn't charge or some shit like that. And then showed up late to a meeting and never played again. Right.

Greg  1:12:53  
That was the first time he like started again. Yes, 200 yards and four touchdowns and then bench the very next week in

Steve  1:13:04  
the Honors like what was it? Good?

Greer  1:13:12  
to see everybody still figuring it out back then. Yeah.

Steve  1:13:16  
It wasn't that long ago. I feel.

Greg  1:13:18  
Yes. That's a fancy commercials in this game. It was interesting.

Steve  1:13:21  
Yeah. The fantasy has been around longer than I thought.

Andy  1:13:24  
Yeah, this is what I feel like it starts to take off online too.

Steve  1:13:27  
Was this this timeframe? You mean NFL? I mean, AOL key word. That's right.

Andy  1:13:37  
All right. Alright, uh, my best and worst? Yeah, let me see if I can find a best

Greg  1:13:48  
you know, you can say something nice about the other team Andy. It's okay. Oh, no.

Steve  1:13:53  
Other commentators and you get a nice combo.

Andy  1:13:57  
There my worse.

Greg  1:13:59  
Come on.

They were. They were adorable. was dead fucking dude. If

Andy  1:14:03  
you go, you go choke on a bag of dicks. Fucking.

Greg  1:14:07  
I thought they were funny. Because they're you kind of dopey. Oh, you would hate him. Oh,

Steve  1:14:14  
it's awful.

Greer  1:14:15  
Come on, take it take a page out of Dave Portnoy's book and say something nice about the bill.

Greg  1:14:20  
Let's hear it, Andy.

Andy  1:14:22  
I don't know. I can do that.

Greg  1:14:23  
Come on.

Steve  1:14:25  
The Jets. Okay, I'm

on. I'm on.

Andy  1:14:27  
I will say that. Greg Williams. Bounce again. did not affect anybody in this game. So that was nice.

Steve  1:14:36  
That's your best no one got.

Andy  1:14:38  
No. Oh, here we go. Uh, my best in this game was Sammy Morris sighting. I fucking love Sammy Morris.

Greer  1:14:45  
Yeah, yeah,

Andy  1:14:46  
I have a hot shake. Right. If Sammy Moore's didn't get hurt in oh seven, the pages would have gone undefeated and won that Super Bowl. putting that out there, but we'll get there. We will but Sammy Morris i think is an underrated player in general. He there was one play in here where Bruce he came on the Blitz and Sammy Morris lit him so badly. Yeah, like just straight up, stonewalled him and knocked his ass over backwards.

Steve  1:15:18  
Yeah, what you don't see from running backs picking up a blitz from somebody like tedy Bruschi he's one of those like, back half back nine career guys that Bella checks always admired. And we talked about this earlier about why did Wayne crobat never play for the Patriots sort of guy. Yeah. But Sam Morris did, and you're right. And he got her but I don't think that's gonna make him win the Super Bowl. But okay, Andy, we'll get you variable label and brewski Does he still hear those names that I still get irritated? Like I actually I wrote this down. seventh year was his seventh year which is

Greer  1:15:55  
way old.

Greg  1:15:55  
Yeah, he was a special teams guy in Pittsburgh. Yeah. Yeah.

Andy  1:15:59  
I said I never saw

Steve  1:16:00  
like one or two seasons there. But he must have been there for five years. toiling on Pittsburgh special teams, because last year, right? Doesn't 2001 maybe. Yeah, he

Andy  1:16:11  
was there in 2002.

Steve  1:16:12  
This is the seventh year.

Andy  1:16:15  
It's crazy. It's nuts. Maybe it was there in 2001. It wasn't he the one that got pressure on? Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl. On the tie logic six.

Yes. Yep.

So it came over 2001

Greer  1:16:29  
Yep. You're talking about real quick knock and bolt but again to build cheeks on Tuesday night.

Love that. Oh,

Greg  1:16:43  
should we share Steve?

Steve  1:16:46  
I don't I'm glad they got brought down a little bit there. Ryan there if I can fly in.

Greg  1:16:50  
Think they still look like pretty good, though.

Greer  1:16:54  
I think Josh Oh, we're good on Tuesday night, but I think we were just a little cocky today and practice because of COVID. And we cannot say

Greg  1:17:01  
who's kind of fluky, though. I mean, I think Alan still looked good. I mean, he did one pick. That was brutal. But the other one wasn't his fault. And then he was that touchdown throw to yeldon Whoa, baby. That was a fucking time.

Steve  1:17:14  
You talked about this Greg earlier and I thought you're gonna bring them every week.

Yeah, that Greg. My

Josh Allen and Ryan tannehill. Not good.

Greer  1:17:29  
He said the shutdown is not that smart. He's not the smartest cat in the world. I'll give you that. roller coaster.

Steve  1:17:36  
That's not one word. He's either wicked good. Or wicked bad.

Greer  1:17:42  
Yeah, if you look at his career stats, like even in high school, he never has had over like, a 55% completion percentage. So like, it's kind of crazy to hear that he's like, was over 70% before this game, so I knew it was going to tank at some point, but he's been playing great. And I can't take that away from him. So hopefully, he just doesn't. Sometimes he's a gunslinger, like Patrick, and just makes dumb plays.

Steve  1:18:10  
Well, now we have to ask you what you think about Cam Newton on the Patriots.

Greer  1:18:16  
scum scumbag? I mean, I Wow, that motherfucker hated him. And I dropped it in his second year. And fantasy sophomore slump was a real thing. I've never liked Cam Newton. I thought when he was starting should at the end of the game, the first game of the season. That Bella check was gonna put him in his place, but that just never happened that just like kind of went by the wayside. Or the Yankees chain? Yeah, the guy is the other guy was fucking coming out and try to yank his chain so but a very anti Bella check to let anything slide and he doesn't want ship flies. So it was shocking to me that he didn't get gronkowski on his team for 10 years chip. Sam Randy moss. As always, you're playing good you can do whatever the fuck you want. Huh?

Greg  1:19:02  
You are absolutely correct. Yeah, that's what's best for the team. And

Greer  1:19:06  
I think as long as I put in the work yes like Dennis Rodman did the feedback here fart like to play you know, it's mind blowing. You know, he's

Andy  1:19:18  
gonna handle this shit. All right. Anybody got anything else on this? This game? All I have is negatives. So yeah,

Greg  1:19:31  
surprise, surprise, and Dave cargas

Steve  1:19:32  
gave way too much for how much this game deserves to be covered.

Greg  1:19:36  
What do you mean this? This is like a pivotal moment. In this season. This is an amazing game. You guys are just butthurt because you pats fans.

Steve  1:19:45  
How do you feel about two hours late?

Greg  1:19:48  
I have an eye injury. Steve Can you see that?

gutsy performance by me. Okay.

Greer  1:20:00  
So the next 30 paths, bills, podcasts that you got to do and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be busy. Call me when Jacoby percent plays for you guys. We're already talking about this

Steve  1:20:16  
gear. We're doing the one where we went to a town and you fucking blacked out at the beginning in the end of the game

Greer  1:20:23  
and tried to hook up with your roommate.

Greg  1:20:27  
Double bought me

Steve  1:20:27  
a picture of him sleeping in our bed and said, Can you come get your friend?

I'll send it to you. How about that? Yeah.

Andy  1:20:42  
We'll let everybody see it.

Greg  1:20:45  
Great. Awesome.

Andy  1:20:48  
All right. 

Greer  1:20:48  
Well, appreciate you having me on?

Andy  1:20:50  
Yeah, absolutely. It's been a hell of a start to the 2003 season. Thanks for coming on, Brian. And we'll see everybody next week on the pages. dicey podcast. See you later. Oh, go Go fuck yourself. Greg.

Greg  1:21:06  
Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

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