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2004 AFC Divisional: Patriots vs Colts

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The brothers are back talking about old football games, and this one is a good one. The white hot Colts look to avenge their past losses in Foxborough, Massachusetts on the back of their record setting QB and offense. Will Indianapolis finally be able to solve the Belichick defense, or will New England fans get to revel in Peyton Manning's misery by chanting "cut that meat" at him in yet another post season loss?

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Game Info

New England Patriots

Indianapolis Colts

1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 0 6 7 7 20
Indianapolis Colts 0 3 0 0 3


This is Christine Brown, and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to. My sons sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really,
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they're just being stupid. You still want to listen? Go right ahead. I am not your mother. Welcome back to the Pages Diosy Podcast, the podcast where we're going back and rewatching every game of the Diosy era.
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We haven't actually done that in a while. But we are back at it today. And with me are the Trustee Brothers Brown, Stephen Gregg, boys, how you doing? Doing great and full pissing vinegar for this playoff.
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All right. It's always. At this point, you know, I'll beat Nicole again. I'm not admitting. Wake me up in the Super Bowl. Well, all right. So yeah, if you weren't aware, if you've forgotten, because it's been so long,
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super done one of these, we are starting the 2004 playoffs. with the AFC division around where the Colts would come to Foxboro Stadium. Now, Foxboro, Massachusetts, Gillette Stadium, no longer Foxboro Stadium.
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To play the New England Patriots who came into the game at 14 and 2, no big deal. Colts would finish their season 12 and 4. One of those losses was to this New England Patriots. The first week of the season.
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And after that game, they mentioned in this, the announcer just saying that Tony Dungy said, because we lost that, we'll be playing them in January at their place. That's right. E4, shout out to this.
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He sure did. Mm hmm. He was correct, but this was something about it. That game was at Indianapolis too, right? No, it was Bader night Stevie. Come on. What? It was Bader night, baby. You think of the goal line stock game that was last year? Yeah, that's 2003. Yeah, this year was
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peak Peyton Manning. This was what all the kids have forgotten when they say that it's the whoever their favorite current quarterback is is the best quarterback ever, the scariest quarterback ever player. Can I get that off my chest? Go that whole acronym is the
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most overused thing. in not even just forts, but in everything. I feel like it wasn't really a thing before Brady though. It wasn't. Maybe Jordan. It wasn't. Maybe Jordan started it? And then I think it came around like at the same time, people started going Brady to go
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and then they're like, well, Jordan's the go. And then next thing you know, everybody under the sun is the goddamn go. It's true. Yeah. Look at this little goat I have from Chewy still. Remember this thing guy, Craig?
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What? Maybe you have that. Whoops. Because you know me, I like keeping old shit for way too long. What significance to that? That was before this is the Tom Brady goat that we had in the minivan.
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I would have thought the minivan outdated that. Oh, no, this thing is definitely chewy. Prime. Well, I don't know. We used to have a Plymouth Grand Voyager that was originally purple until we rattled candid
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four or five, six times and to different things. I think the one that died, was it still the green monster? Yeah, we redid the green monster one time. Yeah, we did that one twice, I think. Um, why do we never do a Patriots, a goat version, you know?
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Yeah, since you don't go. We're going to change the license plate to go. We could have. We could have done it like the dumb and dumber. You just say it's too one. Go Shandy. Yeah. Jesus Christ.
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Actually, you know what? You know why is because I could only do straight lines with the tape. So I could, I could do the boxes for family park. But I couldn't do like I wasn't able to freehand the Patriots logo and spray paint.
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How do we do those silver flames then? Because those things are tits. Those were awful. Badly. They were. We just spray paint. We just got spray paint from the store. Well, that was when Pimp My Ride was hot in the streets.
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That's true. So we bought those spinning hubcaps that would helicopter off the side of the van if you were on highway speeds. And if you remember the first iteration, we just literally wrote Pimp My Ride in spray
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paint. And it was like, you will not be driving car this as Pimp My Ride. To be fair, that's kind of legit. That's the Pimp. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was a wise decision by her. But speaking of pimping, pimping rides, this
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cold offense was it was big pimping in the end of the NFL at that point. 100% Yeah. Because if you like a thousand year receivers, they'll give you not one, not two, but three 1000 year receivers in the same season. Can you name them?
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Yeah. Harrison Wayne Stowgley. You're reading my notes. Are you? No, I'm reading my own notes. Look who came prepared for the playoffs. Holy shit. You got it. You didn't get an order. But let's go to the
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head rookie Dallas Clark to the tight end. I don't know if he was rookie, but it was early Dallas clock. Yeah. It was definitely. Yeah. And he went for, I don't know, like, close with a thousand yards.
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And then the only real players they had on defense was Dwight Frini and Robert Mathis, who were sack specialists, especially in the dome on that turf. I think Frini actually led the league with 16 sacks.
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Mathis had 10 and a half himself. And then they also had rookie Bob Sanders, their first pick of the 2004 draft, which came around two. I don't know why I'm in the first draft. So with this offense, you, you know, you think they would go pretty heavy in the draft.
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So two other problems going to give you the positions that they drafted. Safety tied in linebacker linebacker, cornerback guard, cornerback, quarterback kicker. All of those players except a kicker actually made the roster and this, this defense was
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garbage. Like there's no names on here that are actually worth like middle of the road though, right then. Uh, 17, there's some endpoints. It was one of those things. Yeah. It was one of those things where the other teams, the powerhouses in the AFC were like the first and second
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scoring defenses. And then it was a call to just decided we're not doing defense this year. Uh, and they just, they just won games on, on offense alone. But I mean, their offense is historically good. Like we talked about it last year about how hot they were coming
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into that. Yeah. It's a championship game, but this team was arguably a better offense than the Colts team last year. This was on record. This was a historic one. Yeah. Because this was the year that Peyton Manning broke
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Marino's touchdown record where they threw 49 touchdowns in the season. And man, it was named MVP, of course. And they actually the Colts themselves threw 51 total touchdown passes because Jim Sorji played, he didn't actually start the last game this season, but he played, you
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know, most of it with the starters and threw a couple touchdown passes. And actually the Colts were, you know, again, one of the hottest teams in league. The pages haven't lost since week eight to the Steelers still.
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No, that's not right. They lost the last like that was. Warring games Miami. Yeah. The night courage were orange. Exactly. Right. Colts also nine and one in their last 10 games. The only game they lost was they played Denver last week of the season in Denver.
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And then I think Denver like had to win to get in the playoffs and if Denver won they would play the Colts in Indianapolis. So the Colts just like try out the second team and lost. Yeah. But then they smoked the Broncos next week at home.
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Like I scored five touchdowns in the first half. Yeah. It was 49 49 24 35 to one at halftime. Yeah. Manning threw for his twenty five, twenty seven to thirty three for four fifty seven four touchdowns, which was the second highest passing total in a
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playoff game up to that point. Yeah. Yeah. Redger Wayne had 10 catches, 221 yards and two touchdowns in that game. Ooh, because they were picking on actually found for some reason, there's no video
🎙 00:08:47.120
of that game. Like I even found the, uh, the primetime, like, uh, like post game highlights clip of like all the games. And for some reason that game had been cut out. So I don't know why, but I, you know, I have nerd connections as I do.
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Um, and I found the extended highlights and, uh, it was basically, do you remember rock Alexander? No, no, I remember for the name. He was defensive back on the Broncos and he had a bad day covering Reggie Wayne.
🎙 00:09:12.090
So he's got torch. I don't think you needed to watch the highlights to gather that Andy. 10, no, it was, it was just painting, manning, picking on this one defensive back for five touched and four touched thousand four hundred yards.
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Ridiculous. Well, well, and then the Patriots don't have tie law or tire on pool. The Patriots are starting, uh, you know, Brandon Sokley, a thousand yard receiver in the slot is going up against Troy Brown as the defensive back.
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Yeah. It's crazy. What was the line on this game? Who's favored? Patriots by one. So secondly, the Colts, because you get three points at home. Yeah. Wait, what am I going to do? Vegas, Jenny, the spot.
🎙 00:09:53.410
Patriots by four. Are you me? Or playing by home? No, it was Patriots by one. Yeah, so Patriots by four. I'm going to have this on a neutral field to be Colts by two. Right, exactly. So here, I'm going to play the intro to this though, because it was pretty legit.
🎙 00:10:08.918
Intro to the game right now? Yeah, yeah, to the game. How long is it? A year ago, stifling, Peyton Manning, and in the Annapolis's attempt to go to the Super Bowl. This season they met again with the same results.
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A win today would advance the Patriots' place in history and add to the talk of their modern-day dynasty. They haven't lost at home in over two years, and the same question applies. The Colts are on a roll and focused on finally winning in Foxborough.
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New England, in the Annapolis. Two teams with the same question. Which team will have the answer today? This game time, baby. How hard are your nipples, Andy? Oh, yeah. Yes, we need to fucking stop the podcast.
🎙 00:11:45.894
Yeah, if I can't be on it. No, it's my thing. I'm going to stop recording Satan Manning over here. That's, I, you're right. How the fuck did we not think of that? Yeah. Hey, man, that's pretty clever.
🎙 00:12:13.291
It's perfect. Yeah, that's fantastic. Even though he's kind of a lovable guy at this point, but well, that's how say you know, that's how Satan, you know, gets you to drop your guard. That's true.
🎙 00:12:30.291
Tell us more about that, Steve. Sometimes he looks friendly, but then He gets in there and he's a real piece of shit and he makes his wife buy his HGH. Is that why sins feel so good? Yes. Okay. That's a guy who sins Greg.
🎙 00:12:42.291
Since you were doing on your little hiatus there Andy. I don't know what they're having there. You've been covetous Sandy? Been a day. Yes. Covetous of not being on the podcast. I believe it. We'll let you back in I guess.
🎙 00:12:56.411
Speaking of covetous, uh, patrons haven't lost at home in two years. Did you hear that part? I did. Did you hear that part? Yeah. That's pretty awesome. It's actually a ... But I think if we're talking covetous, we should talk about the Boston Globe.
🎙 00:13:12.651
Because we have, we actually have a new intern who will join us at some point. Our buddy Tim who is helping out. And so we cut up some of the Boston Globe articles. And my favorite are the staff picks.
🎙 00:13:27.421
Because all of them have scores in the 30s. Except for on board just where he only gave the calls to 28 points to beat in the Patriots. And Bob Ryan was probably the your typical Bob Ryan Boston sports media
🎙 00:13:44.421
negativity pick Colts 31 pages 28 a game I've been dreading for two months. Oh, fuck. Sounds that negative. It's a real fun. Thank you. So Bob Ryan, what did? How can you get mad about that, Andy?
🎙 00:14:05.212
You watch me. Is that a real question? Or every day you press me with how like cynical you can actually be. I have all this dance. Honestly, Patre's 35, Colt's 34. Patre's get break when Vannerjack misses extra point as Walt Coleman erroneously rules
🎙 00:14:18.112
wide right. I like that. Wait, wait, wait to take that seriously, Dan Shaughnessy. Like we take this seriously. I get why they're picking high scores though. I mean, I think it was supposed to the there's in the weather is supposed to miss.
🎙 00:14:38.181
Yeah, it wasn't supposed to come to later. Yeah, which would have made a lot more sense. I mean, even having said that though, the Colts just came out like running the ball. which kind of made sense because they had a lot of success in week one with running the
🎙 00:14:53.561
ball against the Patriots. They ran for like almost 200 yards, I think. Is that right? Their scoring drives were mostly run based, but still, they just came out trying to run the ball and it wasn't working early and they didn't really get away from it very quickly.
🎙 00:15:10.286
They went three and out the first few drives and then back to it. The only real drive they had was. Uh, when they, they scored their only points in the game field goal right before half. They got the ball back with a minute 52 left.
🎙 00:15:26.246
11 plays, minute 52 and kicked the field goal. Your gun. Yeah. Mm. The gun shy. They don't know what to do. They're only six in New England with many. So they're like, we got to try something different because what we've been doing does not work.
🎙 00:15:41.023
Yeah. Got in their own. Yes. We got our name. And we talked to Herman last week. He was saying the other, he was saying the same thing. Like we asked him about Miami. He's like, we just get in our own heads.
🎙 00:15:55.423
That's all it is. That's the reason we lose Miami all the time. Cause we're just getting our own heads. That being said, taking the ball out of the MVP who just set the touchdown record is a bold strategy.
🎙 00:16:05.023
It is. I guess Andrew and James is pretty good too though. You know, you can argue that. Here's a thousand yard rusher. But Manning was 27 to 42, 238. No touchdowns, one interception. Sacked once for 18 yards, but I mean 42 attempts. How many attempts did you have the week before?
🎙 00:16:15.112
Greg? 33. 33. Less attempts technically the week before. And at 4 and 58 yards. And this one he had for it for to do it as a lot of those like at the end of the game They just like trying to chuck it around
🎙 00:16:36.072
But it was too late at that point. I mean you build your team to play on paraff you can't really You can't really bitch him own when you when you lose on grass Just true and there was some there's in controversy about that too about how
🎙 00:16:51.477
the The Patriots were letting the field get sloppy like they didn't cover it or something in time Let's see it's I think that was in the globe too. It was uh, yeah, basically the field was was Because of the weather like oh yeah, they let it
🎙 00:17:05.837
They didn't cover it overnight and so it was supposed to be bad But it turns out that that wasn't the case. They covered it when they were supposed to be covered and you know, it's all just garbage,
🎙 00:17:24.277
but it was, I remember that being brought up after the game by a lot of, you know, cults fans and cults media and stuff like that about, you know, a patience cheating again and all of that jazz, which Greg thoughts.
🎙 00:17:41.370
Have you seen the VIC documentary on ESPN? No. Dude, first of all, visual. watch it. Michael Vick is the fucking man. Like he's exactly what you would want a like, how like putting someone in jail should work of like,
🎙 00:17:55.250
yeah, he got caught up with his childhood friends. He really wasn't like a terrible person. They put him in jail and he was like, came out a changed man and has been great ever since. But at the point being he was talking about
🎙 00:18:15.374
when he gets on the turf and he's like, boy, you put me on that turf? Hey, nobody stopped me, which I think is fair. You get like these crazy athletes. That is like a really big factor in game. like this. We saw a free knee on the turf like how much faster he looks. You build your
🎙 00:18:27.774
team. I mean, greatest show on turf is another good example. You have a team that's built around speed and quickness and athleticism. Yeah. I think that is worth like 10 points. Yeah. Okay. More just generally per game. Jesus. Okay. Yeah. I mean.
🎙 00:18:45.916
So if you think maybe the move from natural grass to synthetic turf. has increased the speed of the NFL, right? I would say it slows it down. It's, turf is, I think the synthetic stuff is closer to grass than turf.
🎙 00:19:04.396
But they've gone away from both, right? There's no more like the old school turf, the greatest show on turf turf. That's you, right. Yeah. They should bring more like sloppy. No, they should. It was literally carpet on concrete.
🎙 00:19:21.891
Did. That just destroyed people. So was the opposite of the spectrum of the just absolute slop, grass, mud. And in, in its place is pretty much this shit everywhere. But this game, like the, the field wasn't really that bad because I think it was so cold.
🎙 00:19:33.651
It is kind of frozen. So there wasn't a lot of, you had to maybe watch earlier in the season, the, the Ravens game, which they referenced in this. And that was, remember, there was like mud up to their ankles and stuff and.
🎙 00:19:48.403
Wherever the commentator was, Randy Cross, where I was like, they had the morning man measuring stick in the, in the mud to show how deep it was. And like, yeah, that was a slot fest. Oh, yeah. And that was two teams just like.
🎙 00:19:59.203
Heavyweights just slugging it out. But this wasn't that. This like every, there was no like lost footing. There was no people sipping around. It was just like. It was a little cold and snow in a bit, but it wasn't like outrageous weather.
🎙 00:20:10.603
No. In fact, I think it was almost shades of the week one because the pages came out five wide in the first half. Like they did remember they had all this hollaballoo about getting Corey Dillon, right?
🎙 00:20:24.969
And then they started the game five wide, no huddle. And he wasn't even on the field for the first like drive, drive and a half. I remember that. So it was kind of similar to this. Um, Bray's slinging around.
🎙 00:20:42.369
He hit nine different receivers on the day. 18, 12, and 7, 144. So you have a big numbers, but he completed what he needed to. And it wasn't like, I think I think the biggest issue in this game was this is a running game,
🎙 00:20:53.089
right? Let's, this was not a throw the ball around the park game from the Patriots. 27 pass attempts. Right. So what? 30. Eight rushes, but this wasn't like pass attempts that we saw in the snowball or anything
🎙 00:21:09.785
where people like slipping around like the balls all over the place. And you know, it wasn't like it wasn't a hot mess. It was every, they were still playing their passing game. They just didn't need it as much because Corey Dilling ran for 100 something yards.
🎙 00:21:23.785
And 144. Yeah. And Kevin Falk ran for other 56. So I mean, Dylan had his money rushing yards as Brady had passing yards. I think that kind of tells the story, right? Yeah. But I'm saying it wasn't really had a longer run than Brady had a longest completion
🎙 00:21:36.918
by that's true. Yeah. 17 yard log versus Corey Dilling a 42 yard run. Yeah. I think Corey had a couple of them too. Didn't you think they're getting a longest pass of 18 yards? Corey Dylan had the biggest play of the day. I mean, yeah, I think the biggest
🎙 00:21:57.798
detriment in the passing game was wide receivers dropping balls. My guess is because their hands were cold. Because you know, I think I can remember it was Dallas Clark or Brandon Stolke out there with no gloves. Maybe the balls were deflated. Maybe they
🎙 00:22:14.031
were over inflated. Maybe they deflated up and they would have well, the Patriots balls are deflated, but the calls were not. I've heard. Rumors out there that that could be a thing. What deflated balls?
🎙 00:22:27.951
Andy, what's the ideal gas law? Off top of your head, don't look it up. Um, I don't know. I actually used to know it. So I'm disappointed in myself. Yeah, I figured you would be in a fucking what is a card on nerd?
🎙 00:22:41.360
What is it equals NRT? Oh, whoa, whoa, who's the nerd now? Well, I spent like however many dollars going to college for it. So I probably should know that outside of the Patriots. It's. deflaking big dicks. Right. Exactly. We got that tiny dick energy right now. Yeah. Tiny
🎙 00:22:54.920
dick energy. Dude. That's equal to our key squared. Yeah. I think that's a buddy dirty dad. I'm like a Roman statue over here. Just fucking tiny dick swinging. Dude, just using all my brainpower in my head. You can get past the balls. Yeah. Jesus.
🎙 00:23:17.288
So I mean, I, I guess it didn't feel to me. I don't know how it felt to you guys, but like it didn't feel to me like this was like Corey Dylan running wild. Well, Steve, I didn't watch the game. Let's put that up up front.
🎙 00:23:38.324
It's not sure I watched the first half. He said, very busy week. Cool. Well, let's get something on the air while we're on the fucking wall. We're alive here. I got some grievances to Eric and to Steve. Oh boy.
🎙 00:23:56.324
I suppose the record last night. And Steve texted last minute. I'm gonna be late. You guys do it alone and I didn't want to do it alone because I love you so much Steve, but I had cooked Peaches in the oven and I was shoveling them down my gullet to get ready for seven
🎙 00:24:10.324
I'm going to living hell out of the top of my mouth Dude, I can't be able to taste anything for fucking 24 hours, and then you just go. I'll push it to tomorrow And every time I think about it Steve I'm like that son of a bitch Steve Brown
🎙 00:24:28.224
Do you don't I mean I think this wasn't planned you don't as part of my master plane You know that you're having pizza for dinner. Thank you. I phone Greg Yeah, well jokes on you even if I didn't have it deadlines admit I still would have cranded down my gullet
🎙 00:24:44.424
Oh Jesus Christ I'm not even going to go there because Greg, I don't think you're blameless in this at all. Why? That's all. Because you're the one that made us change the date of the week to do this because you
🎙 00:24:59.944
had soccer on Thursdays when we normally record. I'm sorry. I leave my mouth failed to mention that you're not actually playing because you're hurt. You're injured. I am injured. I was also cramming food down my gilless.
🎙 00:25:23.396
Do you guys eat? I'm a cage. I can't even eat. You know, Speaking too busy, how about that Tony Dungy? You seemed like a busy guy on this day. The he seemed pretty excited that For the first time in I think the last four games
🎙 00:25:38.069
He won the coin toss against Patriots. So he was able to put his High octane offense on the field because last I think last four games last three games The pagers won the toss and gone down and scored the opening points
🎙 00:26:01.549
So you would think that this was like the perfect start for the Colts to get the ball first that you had a decent kick return to Start at like the 35 almost 40 And then three and out immediately running the ball.
🎙 00:26:14.909
That's garbage. Can't do that. Let's read out Edge's stat line for the game. Give it to me. He has like 14 carries 39 yards. Along with seven. Long of seven. Did we say the score? Did we already mention the score?
🎙 00:26:31.550
We have not mentioned the score. The highest score is Patriots 20, Colts three. Yeah. So not great from the offensive standpoint for the Colts. Generally, yeah, let's see. But we didn't completely shut them down.
🎙 00:26:52.470
It was kind of like odds and ends and how they got stopped. I mean, they had 230 passing yards. They didn't run the ball well, but they had a bunch of drops. There's only one interception. Should have been two though, but there's only one, right?
🎙 00:27:06.557
There's three turnovers, I guess. You may hit Eugene Wilson between the two and the nine in the end zone on their field. Only points they scored in the field. Yeah, the play before. Should have been a shutout.
🎙 00:27:22.057
I should have shut out that. But I mean, yeah, I mean, holding this team of three points, you know what it is. It's time of possession that to me, that's the takeaway from this entire game is complete
🎙 00:27:31.957
domination in time of possession. Well, this is where you get the nickname clock killing Corey Dylan, right? That was a nickname. Yeah. Oh, I like it. I didn't make that clever. I didn't know that either.
🎙 00:27:44.692
Really? Clock killing Corey Dylan? Man, I thought it was even a podcast with Pat's fans. What the fuck happened? But yeah, I think it basically came from this game where because Greg says the Patriots
🎙 00:28:04.052
had almost 38 minutes of possession of the Colts 22, which is 21 plus minutes in the second half. Cool. It was 638. The second half was you got super quiet all of a sudden, Greg. But their second half drives were.
🎙 00:28:15.026
Let's see. Third quarter. They got the ball 946 left 15 plays eight minutes, 16 seconds, 87 yards ended in a touchdown. The next drive they got the ball in the fourth quarter Just started 14 minutes 34 seconds left in fourth quarter
🎙 00:28:36.706
14 play start on their own six 14 plays seven and a half minutes 94 yards another touchdown That's basically a quarter right there in two drives game right there, right? You just Ground out between your cells one quarter two touchdowns
🎙 00:28:52.922
Well, and they had a 16 play 78 Yard drive in the first half to that in a field goal that ending in a field goal is bullshit Yeah Well, so there's even season averages less than six plays 25 yards drive and two and a half minutes
🎙 00:29:06.922
So you get drives of 16, 15 and 14, eight over eight minutes, twice and over seven minutes another time. That's, it's pretty dominant. Guess the Colts longest drive. Well, I actually wrote this down. This is funny, because it's,
🎙 00:29:26.585
it's funny in both terms of plays and time. Give it to me. If for plays, it's 12 plays, 59 yards, two and a half minutes and it ended at interception. And for time, it's eight plays 30 yards, four and a half minutes and it ends
🎙 00:29:43.985
in a fumble. Jesus. Yeah. And their one scoring drive was 11 plays in it, 52, 67 yards in a field goal. His garbage time, right? It's starting ended again. Well, that was the end of the half. Yeah.
🎙 00:30:01.545
So, yeah, definitely, definitely a rough one. But also, I don't know if you guys caught this, but they're talking about Rodney Harrison, and obviously, in typical Rodney fashion, he was irritated to hear all the talk about the Colts offense,
🎙 00:30:15.453
so he obviously got a chip on his shoulder, which, you know, sharp for the course. But he was also saying that even with like missing tie-lawn, everybody, he was more confident in the defense this year
🎙 00:30:31.413
compared to last year's playoffs against the Colts, because he said they had found some new wrinkles this time, and also they mentioned something about how he was saying that they found some tells on Manning's play action,
🎙 00:30:46.573
which I felt like they could use to their advantage, I think probably worked because I don't remember any play action play working. But I was kind of shocked that like there was no more talk about that because
🎙 00:30:58.093
I feel like finding a tell on Peyton Manning is especially in a year that he's from 49 touchdowns is kind of a big deal. No. Yeah, I don't know. I feel like Harrison kind of talks out of his ass sometimes.
🎙 00:31:09.890
And that's like feeling more confident this year than last year. Like I don't know about that. Just in their pro. Well, they held him to three points, which is better than it last year, right? I feel like there's a more dominant or less
🎙 00:31:24.290
defensive play, you think? Yeah. I felt like they were hanging on at the end of the last year's game. that because the offense was horrendous. If you remember, was it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I remember Brady had that chance like kill the game and he threw in an
🎙 00:31:36.650
interception. That's right. There was like, Tai Law and Harrison were like pissed on the sidelines. That's right. Yeah. I'd hear the results though. Yeah. I suppose. Yeah, but still, um, I mean, that team is you lose Tai Law and Richard
🎙 00:31:50.188
Seymour. I don't care how good your scheme is. Yeah. That's true, but you also gain Vince Wilfork in the middle, which probably single handedly helps slow down that rushing game. Oh, yeah. I mean, Vince Wilfork is not as good as Richard Seam where though that's a step down at run
🎙 00:32:07.088
defense. I don't know. Awesome. I don't really know. I'll probably give the slight edge to Wilfork. I mean, also it's rookie Wilfork. So maybe not at this point, but yeah, I understand we're coming from.
🎙 00:32:26.236
Let's see. Yeah. Oh, did you catch that Peyton Manning had the fourth longest run against the Patriots defense this year? Well, a 19 yard scramble in week one. No, the fourth long is run against the defense, which I wouldn't mind seeing again come back
🎙 00:32:40.516
because I feel like the pages run defense as of late has been suspect. Would you agree? Yeah, that's what all starts to right. You stop the run then everything else you can kind of scheme around. You should be a cop.
🎙 00:33:00.588
The runner cooked. I mean less so nowadays because nobody's run first team. Are they like they were back in the early 2000s. Dude, I want to see Mac Jones run. He had the same 40 time as Patrick Holmes.
🎙 00:33:12.268
Really? I don't believe that. Yeah, so you've stat check that stat check it Steve. Stat check it. I'm not the stat check guy. I am. You weren't how you just cut off a work. You're still in work mode.
🎙 00:33:22.668
Stat check it. And I'm so not. Steve useless. Why would the internet lie to me? I saw it unless I'm an idiot and I read it correctly. Craig, have you never been on the internet before? Yeah, but why would you lie about something stupid like that?
🎙 00:33:33.517
You know? Have you never been on the internet before? I do. Have you not been following the account of, I believe, is balsack sports on Twitter who just post made up quotes about basketball players and they got covered by ESPN as if
🎙 00:33:53.877
is it correct? Yeah. I mean, that's ESPN for you though. Right. So we like to hold ourselves a higher standard, Greg. So if you would fact check that for us, I don't want to be faster. He's faster.
🎙 00:34:15.229
Yeah. What? I was running for eight. Mac Jones ran a four six seven Mac children of four six seven. It says did unofficial. I think that's it from his pro day. Oh, wait, I was saying. Yeah. 472 and 468 Brady was a 528. Yeah. Brady was slower than
🎙 00:34:27.789
Wolfork. Remember? I need video this. Oh, God. So what was Josh Allen's 40 yard dash 476 Mcchill and Mcchill and have basically the same 40 yard dash. Yeah. I don't know. Watch a video that's like 30 seconds and you get a 30 second ad to watch it. So.
🎙 00:34:49.564
God damn it dude. Oh yeah Greg, tell me how much you hate advertising. I can't wait for it. Like commentators. They're going to put advertisements like turn my car on. You know, those like subscription things.
🎙 00:35:12.472
They're like, well, we could fucking give it to you for free if you just accept these ads shoved up your ass. Oh, ads, the positories coming next. I'll admit it. I just watched it. It didn't look very athletic.
🎙 00:35:23.272
But it was effective though. Yeah, it's clearly passed but. And he kind of runs it with the chicken wing on. So he's awkwardly efficient awkwardly. What do I look for? Can't argue with the results.
🎙 00:35:41.992
Right. That's what I'm saying. That's how I play sports. Awkward as fuck, but yeah, it works on the end. I saw the profile view. I looked pretty good. Oh, all right. That looks good in shorts, you know.
🎙 00:36:00.878
I do. Matt Jones. Let's get him on the run. All right. Let's do it. Roll them out, put on the move. I think this is a hot take, but I think the offense is going to be better without McDonald's.
🎙 00:36:13.878
I don't think that's much of a hot take. Yeah. I don't know. McDonald's is like taking this team to the Super Bowl bunch of times. Was it hammer? Was it Brady? How did he do without Brady? Dude, so many times I've been frustrated by McDonald's.
🎙 00:36:28.161
Yeah, same. Third and long drawblades. Yeah. Although having said that, they ran out in this game. Kevin Falk picked up the first down. No big deal. like a third nade or something ridiculous. That was gonna be one of my best. But speaking
🎙 00:36:43.441
of people who shouldn't be running it, I would put Donik Rhodes in that category. He had one carry. I'd tell you, it was a screen pass, one catch, negative two yards. And he basically gave the ball to Teddy Brucey, which I think is the play that you remember.
🎙 00:37:00.086
That's unfair. He did not give the ball to Teddy Brisky. Teddy Brisky took the ball from him. He didn't stop Teddy Bruschem taking it. I don't think he had a choice. Teddy Brusche is taking that fucking ball.
🎙 00:37:20.686
I mean, Teddy Brusche asked nicely first. No, you don't think? No? Okay. His route came out of nowhere. Give me that. I suppose he did. That is uncouth, I would say. But yeah, I mean, I think that's the defining play.
🎙 00:37:34.723
Like you remember the 2003 Colts game playoff game with tie laws and interceptions, right? Yeah, at least one of them. And I think there's the, the defining play of this game is Teddy Bruce G. Rip in the ball at a Donnek Rhodes hands, which I believe Greg wasn't out there.
🎙 00:37:51.723
They're longest drive in, in some fashion that I knew in a fumble. Yeah, the longest amount of time they held the ball. Yeah. They're a whole four minutes and 47 seconds before they fumbled it. But it was, they were like in New England territory.
🎙 00:38:09.053
I think I hit the on the peach is 39 yard line. Yeah. So they were driving to score and they just couldn't do it. And then also there was another fumble that he recovered. Bruce had himself a game in this, I thought.
🎙 00:38:24.773
Kind of quietly, because he didn't do much outside of the two fumble recoveries. And one was, I think it was Rodney Harrison, Stripped Marvin Harrison. They tried a screen pass, which in the wildcard game worked for like a 40 yard touchdown.
🎙 00:38:39.497
Like one of those wide receiver screens that Harrison took the house. Try it again, you got picked up like 10, 15 yards, but then met the other Harrison and pop the ball out. And then he just fell on it.
🎙 00:38:55.497
But if you also notice he Bruce he also opened the second half with a nice kick return to the 45 When the Colts were kicking in the wind so that was pretty dope. So MVP in this game Teddy Bruce key
🎙 00:39:07.509
Glory don't Boys just don't think outside the box ever to clock killing Cory down You learn a new nickname. Yeah, you get a nickname in a game. You got to be MVP. That's fair. All right. I certainly wasn't the MVP
🎙 00:39:22.069
Now that was that was Manning and this was also I realized towards the end of the game that this was The Peyton Manning a commercial Peyton Manning Because there was a cut that meat sign and I believe it was also a chant. Oh, is that a wall? Yeah
🎙 00:39:37.565
Way later in his career. No, no, no, I mean according. I think it was in the Boston Globe articles There was something about to cut that meat chant, but I didn't I didn't pick up in the one I was listening to the game, but
🎙 00:39:55.445
And definitely saw a sign said cut that meat there was also a couple other signs One that was MVP, but it stood for make vacation plans, which was pretty clever. That is nice. That's not bad. Um, there was also Greg, I think you
🎙 00:40:07.925
like this one. Uh, Vander Shank, open foot, open mouth insert foot. It's stupid. What was your name for him before we started? Nothing. Oh, now you're all shy. All right. Now he decides to sense himself three years into the podcast.
🎙 00:40:21.307
Mom, earmuffs. Mike Vanderjerk, me off. very naughty. I'm a naughty boy. Oh, correct. I can't take you anywhere. You just. Tommy Longcock. That's right. James Mungrove. There's another good name. The second no less. The second. James Mungrove the second.
🎙 00:40:42.747
So he's not a junior. He's a second. Yeah, we looked this up. Yeah, with. Gordon Minschuch is he the second. Yeah, it's whether it's juniors. If it's your father's name second is it's your grandfather.
🎙 00:41:12.365
That's right. Yeah, but your father isn't that same name. It's correct. Yeah, okay. You want to take a we done with the game? We could take a round the league wrap up. I got a lot of notes. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I think Steve, you have any other notes on the game you didn't
🎙 00:41:25.805
watch. I guess I'm best and worst, but nothing. All right. I can go to the recap. All right, Greg, give me give me some around the league. What was going on in 2004, January 2005 technically? Yeah, so I mean, this is obvious divisional pets had a buy, right?
🎙 00:41:40.805
Right. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So the one notable wildcard game that I then I found was the Vikings Packers Randy Moss Moonings. Yeah, I love that. Love that. Which turned out to be one of I think is Moss's last touchdown as a Viking, if I remember
🎙 00:41:56.493
correctly. Oh, damn it. Yeah. Also, who was the announcer of that game? That was just a show. Yeah, yeah. Disgusted by it. Yeah. Yeah. Joe Buck said. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Joe Buck said.
🎙 00:42:17.533
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was a disgusting act, which is down down for me. Actually, and I looked up a bunch of like articles around that time and it was actually
🎙 00:42:35.813
Joe Buck that was getting the majority of the hate rather than Randy Moss. Like I thought there'd be like Randy and people piss at Randy, but no one really was. I bet that if Twitter was around at that point, they would have been.
🎙 00:42:39.269
But you know, you're right. Because the whole thing was that in Green Bay, the fans would moon the play, the opposing players as they came and went. So this was kind of like stuff. Yeah, he was kind of giving it back to him.
🎙 00:42:49.309
What a sweet football. This quote after the game was. He was just having a little fun with the boys. It's not very much shit. And Greg, you are correct. This is his last season in Minnesota. You would get trade to Oakland in 2005.
🎙 00:43:04.589
So I think this is last touchdown as a Viking. It was the next week. It's the way to go out in it. Dude, so but there was an overreaction of people hating on Buck. The Vikings owner. So Buck had the Vikings game in the division around.
🎙 00:43:20.314
And he wanted them to remove Buck for, a prejudice that surpassed objective reporting. Like, oh, Jesus. Get fucked, dude. I just had a gut reaction watching this fucking play. And you're over here.
🎙 00:43:37.914
I'm freaking prejudice, surpassing objective reporting. Like, dude, you kidding me? That's a dude he's never listened to Boston Sports Talk. Right. Yeah. But that's a Bill Polin move right there.
🎙 00:43:51.714
That's what that is. Yeah. I saw an interview with Joe Buck too. He seems pretty like self aware of it. He's like, listen, I called it, you know, it was one of those things that happens in the moment.
🎙 00:44:03.914
I didn't know the context, yada, yada. Yeah, I have a tip. But you know how Maastas, the come on man segment? Yeah. Yeah. Apparently there was a play recently where someone was tackling Joe Barrow
🎙 00:44:14.154
and they like tackle him by the pants and they're like, oh, this pants down. And Randy Moss was like, that's a disgusting act. Amazing. So that also shows like Buck said that like Randy Moss has been super chill about it.
🎙 00:44:26.874
Like never got mad once. Like next time he's like, gapped them off, he's like, I don't care. It's Randy Moss. That's how he is. Yeah, I think he's one of the most misunderstood players in the league.
🎙 00:44:41.874
Pretty much. And I think now people kind of come around on them. I think at the time probably. Oh, for sure. But now he's like on Sunday night countdown. People kind of get it. Not anymore. I don't think, but yes.
🎙 00:44:53.194
But I don't think his contractors are moving this year. Oh, he's off. Yeah. I bet let's get him on the pod. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So I was the only I was the only wild card game I thought had any note.
🎙 00:45:04.956
So the other than the cold one. Yeah. Oh, one other note from that game that you guys are probably like far through four interceptions. Shocking. Dude, he had this one fucking touchdown. He's like, it's like they're like the 10 yard line.
🎙 00:45:17.556
He's like rolling out and he's like running out of space to throw it. And he literally does this. No look like underhand shovel pass across his body that like just lands in this dude's lap. It was the most ridiculous, awesome play from far.
🎙 00:45:35.256
But he'd already crossed the line. Scrummer. So they thought by like three or four yards, not like he steps over. And grinning dude. He's the man. He's a fucking tool. And he almost brought him back.
🎙 00:45:50.956
Even after throwing four pigs, but of course, I mean, that's much more than just too tough to overcome. So I think that's one of the. Did you see one of the the. The records that will never be broken is Brett Farsen exception record. Yeah.
🎙 00:46:04.856
We talked about that. No, I'll ever break that. Yeah. Overall turnover record because he had a fucked on a fumble. Did I have one of these? He's a gunslinger, you know? He's just out there fucking shoot from the hip.
🎙 00:46:19.922
As you do. Yeah. So then the Eagles would get a buy, right? They played the Vikings in the next round. Eagles win. The only thing I'd note there was Fred ex pretty Mitchell's got two touchdowns. And when he caught his first one, he did
🎙 00:46:35.402
the pulling the pants up. Celebration, which they replay. That's funny. Funny. Not too bad. Not too bad. Pretty funny. So yeah, 27 14 Eagles one at home. And I think, um, speaking of the eagle, I believe when we were talking about the Steelers
🎙 00:46:52.971
and how they, how much of a wagon they were, they beat the only two undefeated teams in the league back to back weeks, it was the Patriots and the Eagles, the only two remaining undefeated teams and the Steelers just stomped them both. Yeah. Eagles going into their
🎙 00:47:10.491
fourth straight NFC title game. Yeah. Basically that went. So the Buffalo bill, good for the style thing because they hadn't known one yet. They had lost all three. Yep. And they will be playing the Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons.
🎙 00:47:26.571
Oh, Dan. This is also, I believe, Vick's last year till the incident. Oh, really? Yes. What incidents was that? Right. It actually was not. No, he played 2005, 2006 and then according to pro football.
🎙 00:47:41.518
Maybe it's a second. 2008, Miss season violation of league personal conduct policy. It was the nicest way you can put that. Fuck me. Roger Godel. I'm dead. Who did they? What? I could have picked Pete.
🎙 00:48:01.618
They beat the Rams to the end of the greatest show on turf the bulger bulger rounds. Yeah. Yeah. So they just fucking stopped them. When crazy running on them. Yeah. It was, these are the first half records that they sent that game. They had 239 rushing yards. Oh,
🎙 00:48:15.094
Justin the first half. Oh, done. Work done had 126 rushing yards in the first half. They finished with 327. Vic had 119. Yep. And then Vic set the record for the longest playoff run by a Falcon with 47 in the first half and then done broke that record in the second
🎙 00:48:33.894
half of the 60 yarder. Yeah. Yeah. Jesus. So yeah, 47 17 without barely even throwing the ball. And they kicked the shit off. I think they had like a 70 pounds to yeah, they have 70 passing yards and one. Oh
🎙 00:48:57.574
my God. 47 17. They might be worth looking at the highlights just remember how awesome Vic was to because yeah, he's still I think I think he's more athletic than Lamar Jackson. Michael Vick was the best video game character of all time in Madden 2004.
🎙 00:49:13.319
Like you weren't allowed to play him if you were playing a friend or somebody. Like you couldn't, you couldn't pick the Falcons cause it was cheating. Cause he was so overpowered. He was pretty sweet.
🎙 00:49:33.108
Yeah. And a absolute cannon of an arm tail. Oh yeah. He would just flick the ball, uh, which I think Lamar Jackson kind of similar. He doesn't look like much of effort into it. I think Vic is a little better.
🎙 00:49:44.348
Like, uh, I think running Lamar Jackson is a better thrower of the football. Maybe. I think yeah, yeah, I think about era too, right? Yeah. Definitely. And against 2004 guys who were wearing gigantic shoulder pads, Lamar's doing against super
🎙 00:49:59.628
athletic sideline to sideline linebackers. Yeah, that's a good point. Yeah. Maybe we'll get into that thing at some point and go down a whole Vic rabbit hole because it's definitely an interesting story.
🎙 00:50:15.305
Like how he grew up and how that all that stuff ended up going down was. Yeah. And I'm just about him getting like in trouble too that was super shady about like he didn't actually do very much wrong.
🎙 00:50:27.545
Yeah, interesting. Yeah. Yeah. But he was the name, right? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. So it's going to be Falcons Eagles in the NFC Championship, the AFC Championship. Steve, you're going to love this. The fucking Steelers jets, the Steelers win
🎙 00:50:39.065
20 to 17 in overtime. Yes. The Jets had the ball with two minutes left, kicking a field goal. Don't it from 47 yards. Big Ben throws a pick on the very next drive. They get in range again and then pushed one wide left from 43 yards. So they missed two game winning field goals
🎙 00:50:54.537
in the last two minutes and then promptly lost immediately in overtime. I love you right. I do love that. Yeah. Yeah. So Steelers Patriots, two best teams in the AFC meeting in Pittsburgh, right? Oh, yeah. That is correct.
🎙 00:51:17.577
Yeah. One loss of the rookie big Ben. Yeah. And the Steelers have fish thing consecutive wins coming into this game. The last home loss was in 2003, which is fucking forever ago because we're in 2000, January 2005 at
🎙 00:51:34.476
this point. They are first the NFL and total defense with the fewest points allowed. And they are second in the NFL in rush offense, which is even with Ben Ross's burger. He is not the. the main attraction of the main driver of the baby. I can't wait to watch Troy Paul Mahlo.
🎙 00:51:50.876
He's one of the forgotten awesome players. Yeah, like generation-defying players that people don't talk about enough. You think he's forgotten? I don't think so. I see hides of him all the time. Do you? I don't like him and Bob Sanders. Yeah, Bob Sanders people don't talk about either.
🎙 00:52:10.895
Bob Sanders. I can't read, you know, fucking Sean Taylor. What about my boy Troy? Troy Brown. Yes. Speaking of Troy Brown, get it best and worse. Yeah. Steve, you want to go first? Yeah, a lot of Troy Brown bests. Should I just go right into those? Yeah, I'll see it right into
🎙 00:52:26.415
those. Just go right into them, Steve. Just do it feels right. Yeah, I just like, I don't know what's going on with the pro football reference page. It doesn't have all the defensive stats for the Patriots. Oh, yeah. All right. All right. Two players. It only has...
🎙 00:52:49.514
Indianapolis, right? Yeah, as all the Indians only. It's like a three players. What the hell is going on here? I don't know. Try play the fucking great game. Dude, this is the first time I've ever seen pro football reference be missing something. Yeah, same.
🎙 00:53:06.166
We use this shit religiously. Wow. But triplet a great game because Peyton was picking on him as he should, right? The Peach is secondary is absolutely a bunch of scrubs and a wide receiver playing corner back and he's got Brandon Stokely thousand yards.
🎙 00:53:20.526
He was a great saucer. He might be the best in the NFL against Troy Brown. And he was definitely getting beat a little bit, but then Troy, if I can battle back, had some sick third downstops, had a ball or punt return.
🎙 00:53:36.974
Yeah, that was sweet. Yeah. When he had like he knocked that pass down, then returned the kick. Yeah. And then he was out there on offense. And the next place I got. How old is this dude? Yeah.
🎙 00:53:48.854
This is like Pete Troy Brown just playing all phases of the game. It was sick. It's like not Pete Troy Brown, but it is in some ways too. Like, he's certainly not. Yeah, it's not like. How good he was, but just how versatile he was.
🎙 00:54:01.654
Yeah, he was like how it's prototypical. Troy Brown, because he's prototype. Which I guess you could call a peak Troy Brown because that's it. That's what made him good is. Well, we were talking to Kevin Falk about his ability to like return kicks and how he's like the leading yard.
🎙 00:54:15.952
He's like my only job while there was just secure the ball, right? Yeah, not the most important guy out there. So it's Troy Brown like, Hey, Troy, I know you're playing offense and defense, but like we really can't afford
🎙 00:54:32.072
a fumble on a kicker. Troy is going to blow this game open. So yeah, get out there, buddy. Yeah, that was going to be my best was like there was literally one long highlight of Troy Brown Break up the pass on third down and then as they're like, you know, they're talking about they're watching him
🎙 00:54:42.912
And you can see him running back to go get the punt which he does and then he returns the punt And then he just like stands there on the field and waits for the offense to come to Receiver yeah, like damn you just doesn't take a break
🎙 00:54:58.636
Let's know how many Yes, I'm up one or this is fucking NFL division playoff game Yeah, and this isn't like the 1930s where you're playing against, you know, like mechanics and stuff. And this is your side job where guys could play both sides.
🎙 00:55:12.556
But like this is, it's kind of you, it's kind of obnoxious to be like, like a practice squad, cornerback. And Troy Brown, like picks it up in the middle of the season is like better than you. And you're like, damn it did.
🎙 00:55:26.831
I've spent my entire life dedicating myself to this craft and this fucking asshole just picks it up halfway through. I would agree with you if the Patriots actually had any practice squad, cornerback's left.
🎙 00:55:43.151
I think they were starting them all. I guess we're Randall, just in general, right? So you're right. Yeah. Or your street free agents like, dude, I can do that. Just give me a spot. And then you're watching your probably like,
🎙 00:55:53.991
God, now he is pretty good. Yeah. So he's second on the team interceptions. He kind of knows what he's doing. He's a slot receiver. He also plays the first six plays of the game, including a three and a
🎙 00:56:06.045
three and a half by the Colts, the kick return, the first two Patriots games. The first one. Amazing. He's just like, I tried to get out there. Thank you. Like on this game, he has T Brown on his jersey though.
🎙 00:56:18.085
Did he? Yeah. Inch... interesting. Is there another brown? I don't I like can never remember Troy Brown ever having T Brown on his jersey. I'm trying to think if there's another brown on defense, maybe that we've
🎙 00:56:30.725
missed, but they're not sure. Like why would it be just this playoff game? They must assign somebody for just the playoff? It seems crazy because he hasn't had it all year. Maybe they're like special jerseys because it's the playoffs and they have like patches. I don't
🎙 00:56:46.459
know. So the game. Now I want a T Brown jersey. Goddamn right. T Brown, baby. Yeah, 2004 T Brown. I get the Super Bowl patch on or something. Did you know? Here's fun fact. Troy Brown for one year with number 86.
🎙 00:56:58.539
Yeah, he was not always on Brady. No way. Like when he first started or what? Yeah, it was like, it was like a second year. And I felt so who knew I was a little upset when they're bitching about his.
🎙 00:57:12.907
They said, Oh, he fair caught it. He didn't. That's such bullshit. Oh, yeah, you kind of like. I'm like, I'm not a return. He never got above us. He got to get above your head. And he's like, he started to get it.
🎙 00:57:27.787
He didn't even get above shoulder. He's fucking Tony Dungy. No, they'll. I want to give you this is kind of my best and worst. That's all in one. It's topical. Tony Dungy. We've talked a lot about the pages doing the direct strap snap to Kevin Falk and how they like mastered that play.
🎙 00:57:39.347
We talked, you know, with Kevin Falk about it. But the, the Colts tried to do it in this game. And they got called for a false start because Manning lined up under center and then moved away. And because he lined up under center.
🎙 00:57:57.497
You're not allowed to basically go on motion from under center for some arcane rule that whatever the commentator was like new immediately which shocked me because it's fucking football commentators.
🎙 00:58:14.420
Phil. Yeah, I have some other kudos for the commentators to anyone you want me to share those with you? Yeah, because I have one too. Believe it or not. So you go first. Wow. Give me. Phil was pointing out Patrick Pass's great block on the pun return by.
🎙 00:58:25.700
That's right. And, you know, that's great. I didn't even see it the first time. Went back and watch it. I was like, wow, that's a great, great. I had a nice showing in there. like talking about how good the field is and immediately
🎙 00:58:43.140
Corey Dillon resoft that big run. Yeah. They also had the highlight package of how great of a blocker Daniel Graham was. They're showing like all the like the complicated blocks that he was having to do like get to go pick up the weak side
🎙 00:58:54.107
middle linebacker on one place so that Kevin Falk could make the cut back on the drop lines, like chip like that. And then I found it interesting where Phil was like outraged about a hit. I think it was the first time I've seen a commentator
🎙 00:59:10.587
be like, oh my God, look at that hit. What a. And it's like those ones that were previously celebrated as on Brandon Stokely from I think Eugene Wilson, you know, Samuel. Yeah. Yeah. Same as I'll say.
🎙 00:59:24.347
It's my best. Was that hit? Yeah, fucking decapitated him. It was sick. So who disagree with you? Well, you can get fucked, dude. It's a man's sport. Maybe you should go play like fucking golf or tennis or something.
🎙 00:59:34.867
He's doing his best Eugene Wilson in press nation. Yeah. Samuel had some some comments after the game about that hit. Okay. Let's see. Quote, I was hoping the flag wouldn't come out to Samuel who knew how his hit might have been
🎙 00:59:53.639
interpreted by officials in yesterday's 20 to three playoff win over the Colts. Hopefully, we'll get a FedEx letter on Wednesday. Notifying him of a league and post find I mean, I think I got a lot of shoulder on him. I didn't leave with my helmet
🎙 01:00:09.739
Hmm odds odds on the fact that he had a FedEx letter in his locker the next day I'm a girl I don't know. I don't know if you did it all but I have to imagine he did because that I was like Thank hell with the helmet. It was brutal and then oh
🎙 01:00:23.072
Really smart timeout by Belichick You know and save the guy being wide open of it. Smartly call the timeout to save a wide open. You know, they saw the confusion on defense and what a heads up coaching play to.
🎙 01:00:40.672
Genius. Maybe you thought. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And then my negative probably my actually one more fun fact to fun facts. There was a week three buy for us. Yes. Crazy. Super easy. Right. Right.
🎙 01:00:55.925
At this point they've been playing football for like three or months straight. And the Patriots went from 27th in rushing to seven just by adding Corey Dillon. Yeah. That's all it took. That's pretty good.
🎙 01:01:13.805
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's not a bad, not a bad stat. I'll give you some more fun stats if you want.
🎙 01:01:26.245
Yeah, hit him with him with him. This is where they showed it with a minute 23 left in the first half. The last first half shut up of the Indianapolis Colts. 2003 in the AFC Championship game at New England.
🎙 01:01:31.249
They would eventually kick a field goal here. So they would they would just escape. But also another Peyton Manning stat for you. Um, in 2004 regular season, Peyton Manning had 68 20 plus yard completions.
🎙 01:01:47.249
68, the week before and against Denver, he had 11. Oh, in this game. It's not the, the, you didn't even break like 18 yards. Correct. 18 yards. Yeah. Yeah. Not too bad. And also the Colts postseason turnovers.
🎙 01:02:03.492
Last one here. Um, in 2000, through the last two years, uh, the post season turnovers, Colts have had verse any other team in three games. They had two versus the Patriots in two games. eight turnovers. They just cannot solve the genius that is bill Belichick's defense.
🎙 01:02:19.452
Would you agree Greg? No, I guess snow and tie law. There was no title on this game. Well, Santee Samuel played pretty well. I thought. How do you know? Oh, I mean, he knocks some dudes head off. He's Jean Wilson play well, too.
🎙 01:02:39.210
He who didn't play well is my biggest negative is the fucking punter, do Josh Miller who gives a shit. He touched back his first two punts and then. Punching from the 43 gets only 29 yards. Do you miss a lot of fucking punters, Steve?
🎙 01:02:58.810
Greg, you know who cares? Belichick cares about the punters. That's exactly right. You know, that's why he's never going to win this league. Oh, good Lord. Greg, you're going to be best and worst for us?
🎙 01:03:15.559
My worst is probably got to be the feeling of like cult fans after this game of, I know, you have, you're like, Oh, fuck. Do we have Dan Marino? You know, like, when you just broke Dan Marino's touchdown record.
🎙 01:03:32.419
He's putting up these like, this was the fifth at the time the fifth ranked offense in NFL history. And he goes in and puts up another stinker after doing it last year. He's fucking Oh and seven in Foxboro. Right. He's like, they've lost what six straight
🎙 01:03:46.738
calls because we lost six straight to New England and nine straight in Foxboro. So you gotta be like, is this what is this what we have? Like is this and they kind of did. You know, I mean, they did. They're doing that one bite.
🎙 01:04:06.618
To some degree he is like a regular season hero that yeah could never quite get over that hump in the playoffs He have the most ever one and done's in the playoffs out of any quarterback. Yeah, it was something believe so
🎙 01:04:19.664
It's a lot. Yeah, but yeah, I mean that's got to be a tough realization to come to because at this point He's what six years in the league something like that. You're probably like alright. We kind of know we have he's not kind of like
🎙 01:04:33.184
He's he's already basically peaked as what a regular season quarterback We know he can be so now all it comes down to his Kenny win these big games and win Super Bowls And like build on a legacy which yes, they're so far is
🎙 01:04:44.704
Resounding no resounding no. Yeah, not a thrombrady still playing. Yeah Or not a no-bellet checker still. Yeah, not a BB still coaching. Right. Because I mean, let's go into it. Bill Ballet track is more genius in this game.
🎙 01:04:58.684
Messing with Peyton Manning's head with how many down linemen he played. There was certain situations. Let's not pretend that fucking Manning hasn't seen this shit before. He's seen zero down linemen.
🎙 01:05:15.072
Guaranteed he hasn't. I bet he hasn't. That just came out. That just started this year. Or if you like, do you think that's why Manning was second-day? You know? Yeah. I threw an interception on that drive.
🎙 01:05:29.872
I was in his head. Yeah. I think it's the players in the field. I think it's Harrison. I think it's law. I think it's guys like that that just make place and the calls for drop in ton of passes.
🎙 01:05:40.613
Like even that first drive, they were like three drops and it's like, okay. These guys aren't these guys don't have the mental like fortitude to get through this game. Yeah. Cause bill of checks in their head.
🎙 01:05:54.513
Steve, did you know that Greg was a Colts fan? Yeah. It's just like a Colts fan with all these. But if they don't cover the field, if they come to the field, they'll be better. I'm sitting on man and you guys are trying to blow ballot checkers.
🎙 01:06:05.213
Or do you see there is nobody down on the line. It was so confusing for this guy who's a fucking Hall of Fame. Yeah, you can compete. The fucking pain man is like the most cerebral quarterback has ever lived.
🎙 01:06:17.313
Wow. You just shake it from the top. Brady there. Yeah, he just chokes in big games. That's all. A quote from Tony Dungy quote, you know, I pride myself in knowing the rule rules that coach, like coach coach Tony Dungy that that rule I didn't know.
🎙 01:06:30.909
What they say is once you go under center, if you move away from the center, you have to be set for a second, a fairly obscure rule, but it's in there somewhere, I guess. You know, who knows that rule, Greg?
🎙 01:06:46.109
Oh sick, dude. That was the turning point of the game. And he was at five yard penalty. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
🎙 01:06:54.989
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, it worked. Actually, you know, you know, boys do that. So I'm gonna start calling you guys bell check, but boys, because it's, it's incredible. You want to hear some, some penalties that did affect the game on that last scoring drive
🎙 01:07:16.989
for the Patriots to defensive holding penalties called on the Colts. Whose fault was that? The players for the whole, the whole. Yeah. Why? Because he's the one that got that rule instituted and now I came back to bite him on that last
🎙 01:07:13.829
94, 96 yard drive, whatever it was. Oh, Andy Spin zone, dude. I love how triggered Greg is right now. This is the best. Did it's like watching like fucking CNN or Fox News. Quote, that's what it is.
🎙 01:07:29.229
Little to help me and cope with another. That's what I feel like I'm doing when I watch you guys. Andy Andy, what was that quote Andy? Andy, what was that quote? Let's just talk over Greg. Let's just talk over Greg.
🎙 01:07:43.629
That would do. I'm talking at the same time. No, no, it's like over Greg. Would anybody say, but if I just talk to loudest than people think I'm fucking right. I'm like, wrong, wrong. Greg's life is a dog.
🎙 01:07:51.349
Wrong. But that's my name. wrong. You're a dog wife, Greg. Dog. Steve. And your mom's oh yeah killer Greg. Yeah. But that will do little to help Manning cope with another clunker. He is a visible superstar
🎙 01:08:03.429
who is a developing a reputation as a guy who can't get it done when it matters. Yep. The only time I think about my history is when I walk in this interview room said Manning, it's a lot of the same song as last year. I hope we could talk about something different
🎙 01:08:18.268
like a win. There's a lot of pressure to see signs all week with my name on it. It's my name versus the Patriots. I never play that way or feel that way. I knew it was the Colts versus Patriots, but I want to do my job and I didn't do that well today.
🎙 01:08:30.388
And got to be a fucking cult fan, might tell you. You just get so excited every year, like for shendos in this like, oh, here's our chance. We're gonna do it this year. And then just fucking get your shit pushed in in the snow.
🎙 01:08:43.208
Like two years in a row. And you're fucking your stud quarterback just crass his fans on a live television. Here's the more after that. That's depressing. Greg, this is for you. You'll like this.
🎙 01:09:02.208
Gumball, Dam Reno, Boomer Seisen all picked the Patriots to win with Shannon Sharp going for the Colts. After the game, Seisen said Manning might be, quote, this generation's Dam Reno, a great football player, but he's not going to get to a Super Bowl, like you said, at which point
🎙 01:09:18.260
Marino interjected, hey, I got to a Super Bowl and a Seisen finish. Not with that defense. You know what I mean. There's too much pressure on him to be perfect every week, just like you, Marino had to be.
🎙 01:09:32.620
There's a discussion that seemed guaranteed to be continued once the studio lights went off. Yeah, it sucks. There's a difference between like you team losing and you playing well and your team losing and like you playing terrible.
🎙 01:09:42.300
Like when the path to be the chiefs in my home, just like had that really good game, you're like, at least chiefs fans can go home being like, we got a guy, you know? He puts nuts on the table, he plays dick off,
🎙 01:09:57.592
he's just lost to a better team. But these games are so like, must be so disheartening to be a fan of the team because you're like, what happened to him? Like I watched this guy for like 17 games
🎙 01:10:09.512
and he was unstoppable. And then for some reason, he just gets this game and he's just horrific. Three points. Zoom raises and once he faces BB, he just like lays an egg. Yeah. I'm paying Satan Manning.
🎙 01:10:20.312
Eight man. Can only hide the horn so long, Greg. That's it. You made it deal with the devil, I guess. I found the quote about the fans chanting. It's also about like the signs that they had. Well, after the game, you'll get your ring, suffer ring, red one.
🎙 01:10:35.678
The crowd was yelling, cut that meat, cut that meat in reference to Manning's ad campaign in which he chews for the common folk while they're performing their jobs. brutal. You see LeBron LeBron would have called that racist.
🎙 01:10:54.598
See that? He was on his TV show, whatever he shows that bar shot one. Yeah. Boston's racist. Why? And he was like, they're like, why do you say that? He's like, do whenever I go up there, they're always chanting like fuck LeBron.
🎙 01:11:08.371
It's like, we've been saying fuck everybody. It's not special, dude. It's not about you. Yeah. Let's say at the painting name, let's say it's a Brown James. Say it to your mother. I don't give it.
🎙 01:11:23.171
to be fair that commercial was sweet. Yeah. And the one where the kids and you throw in the football at them. Yeah, I don't remember that one. Like make a wish. I think it was an SNL skit. Yeah.
🎙 01:11:34.534
Oh, that's an out. Yes. Yeah. How come the football is out of here? Yeah, it was funny. That was a good one. How else we got here? He's on a, isn't he doing confidence here? He was doing that thing with his brother.
🎙 01:11:47.734
Oh, what was it? Amazon or something? Who did they just give a huge? Oh, Brady, right? Now Brady's signed a deal when he's done. Yeah. For like 10 million years or something. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
🎙 01:11:58.934
He's gonna be terrible. I think. Yeah, I think it's gonna be a smarter Tony Romo. Greg's not negatively as charismatic as Tony Romo. He's such a negative bitch, Greg. Dude, you give me the give me like a $300 million contract for a guy that like has someone run his social media forum.
🎙 01:12:10.419
Come on. I can't wait for him to get dragged for calling something disgusting. Yeah, that disgusting act. Yeah. I think it's a prejudice that surpasses objective reporting is what it is. Good Lord. All right, boys, you got anything else?
🎙 01:12:29.419
Nope. All right. That's it. Where we off to next week, the Steel City, the three rivers, the river stadium, a rematch of 2001. Smog's will you're a championship game at this time with the Heinz Ward, Troy, Paula Mallow, the new Queen of the NFL.
🎙 01:12:53.281
That is, is that it still kicking? I don't believe God. I hate the Steelers, dude. I don't know if I hate them. No, he's still there. I don't I have a hard time hitting because they never win You know, they have as many Super Bowls as the Patriots say it in Greg
🎙 01:13:12.481
You don't understand what is yeah, but none of those counter because they're up before any of us are born. So yes true Classic dude spins on guys Tonight on Fox news we have Andy defending the Patriots in any way he can possibly
🎙 01:13:27.944
Well, I I just forgot fresh reading A book, well, the excerpts of the book called the asterisk. Written by written by a Steelers fan and I'm trying to bid it out, Andy. What is it? Talk about how the Steelers Super Bowls don't count because they're before
🎙 01:13:43.344
the sky was born before. No, it's how the quadruples don't count because Roger Goodell and the Patriots have colluded to cheat the Patriots into. six Super Bowl wins. That's that's I'm not gonna say the R word, but that's R worded.
🎙 01:14:10.556
Racist? Oh, here's the full name of the book. The asterisk, a fan's grievance on cheating and rule manipulation in the NFL. Four dollars paperback. So it's more than just a feature. No, I sense another book club that is.
🎙 01:14:31.428
It is not more than just the page of stuff, that's the thing. So it's a Steelers fan who. ended up living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, of all places. And got so sick of arguing with Patriots fans
🎙 01:14:48.948
that they weren't cheaters or the Patriots cheaters and should have all their Super Bowls shipped from them that he wrote a book. Do the cheater thing and like the referees thing is just such a sour, great, full shit, you know?
🎙 01:15:00.665
Oh yeah. But this is like next levels out. So many fans do that too of like their immediate reaction If their team's this is You cheated or the refs dude. Yeah. Jack was fans. I think we are the worst at the moment.
🎙 01:15:19.625
That AFC Championship game for Miles Jack wasn't down. Oh, yes. I mean, to be fair, it's all they got to hang their hat on. Yeah. I mean, you can complain about calls, but they go either way. And like the one people that think it's like, do you want to fill wants these teams in the
🎙 01:15:35.534
Super Bowl? It's like, they don't give a shit. They're making money so much money. They don't have to do with it, rather not fuck with the golden pig. And actually, I think Super Bowls are probably more watched now if the pages aren't in it.
🎙 01:15:49.774
Yeah, I don't think they fuck around with any of that shit. They just try and call them the best they can. And sometimes they do a better job than other times. Yes, I think the referees aren't. It should probably be full-time employees and not have side jobs.
🎙 01:16:04.954
I think it's a very hard thing to do to referee a game. So I think this is about as good as yet. I mean, it can be handy. Any other Randy's? Andy, no one would want to comment. Yeah, I think it could be.
🎙 01:16:19.954
I think they could have more help, like put more replay cameras around. So you get better. I think it could be sped up. Yeah. Like the replay is obnoxious. That takes that long. Right. Like they what's is it hockey where they have the replay guy
🎙 01:16:31.954
in the booth or soccer actually now, right? It's good. Go to VAR and the hooking. And he calls it hockey does awesome is if you don't get a call, you challenge and you miss it. Pouncey penalty.
🎙 01:16:44.808
Yeah, really? I love her delay again. Yeah. That's fucking kick ass, dude. So they only challenge things that they're like, we're fucking. I think we're going to get this. Yeah. This is like an obvious overturn.
🎙 01:16:57.088
Yeah, I mean, in this game even Tony Dungy challenge, the obvious fumble by Harrison at the end of the game because it was like a Hail Mary that maybe only get overturned, but it was blatant fucking penalize them 15 yarder if you get it.
🎙 01:17:09.799
I'm sports. No, conduct delay game. Yeah, you have to play with 10 men making us all watch extra commercials. Yeah, like 10 10 men for the rest of the drive. Steve now, now you talk my language here.
🎙 01:17:27.519
Yeah. All right, boys. So we will see you next week. In three rivers stadium. What jersey we wearing. I don't know who's the hero. Tom Brady. I got a Harrison. Harrison probably deserves a jersey wear at some point.
🎙 01:17:40.414
I'd say probably a Dion branch has himself. I got a branch. Save that one from the ball. Yeah. Good point, Steve. Good point. Steve Brown. Yeah, Ronnie Harrison's trying. One in one. All right. Well, I think that's it for this week. So until next week. Good. I'm getting sick. You guys anyways, especially you Andy says the guy
🎙 01:17:57.014
hasn't showed up in a month. Yeah, do we want to do? Do you want to do you have anything to say about why you weren't there last week? Or do you? Are you good? I always say that. Then four people is too many. Okay, I do it for the fans. Yeah. Oh, all right. So you got people talking over each other. It's like, it's just doesn't feel
🎙 01:18:21.320
like a conversation because like an interview when you have like four people. I don't know. I don't enjoy this podcast to interview people. I have enough shit like that at work. I don't even come here and be like, well, excuse me, sir. Like, how did
🎙 01:18:41.600
you feel on the first time you stepped on to the field? I'm long cock. Yeah. I'm trying to fuck around with my brothers. No, I talked to fan people. Let's go eat with them and bang their mouths. Bang their mouths. Let's go eat with them and bang their mouths.
🎙 01:18:55.998
Hopefully, moms from the podcast over this place. The fuck is that from? Hang on. Hang on. One more. I do have to be shit pancakes. I know that one. Yeah. But now you don't remember the let's go eat with them and bang their mouths.
🎙 01:19:20.108
Is that from the cam new and upside? No. No. I think I have a full story. Yo, I got those chicks from last night lined up. Let's go eat with them and bang their mouths. Oh, I know. I know what that's from.
🎙 01:19:39.348
That's incognito. Yeah. That's a fucking direct quote from the incognito. Yeah. That is a direct quote. Yeah, that is a direct quote. I feel like that might be our sign off. No, wait a minute.
🎙 01:19:53.428
Just don't. What about wait for us? Thanks for listening. Don't forget. Bang their mouths. And we had said that a while ago that we had a new sign off. So send us out of Andy. What does that mean? Send us out.
🎙 01:20:12.062
That means you're right. We'll do it live with them and bang their mouths. Yeah, it's you later. Tell him.
🎙 01:20:27.062