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Bonus Episode: Kevin Faulk Interview

( 52:20 )

In a historic moment for the podcast, the brothers were able to convince one of their real-life heroes to join them to talk old school Patriots football! Except for Greg, who is adhering to his "don't meet your heroes" rule after discovering Dave Meggett's extracurricular activities.

You've heard us talk about him, but now listen to us talk to him: Kevin Faulk joins the podcast to answer all your burning questions!

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This is Christine Brown, and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to. My sons sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really,

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they're just being stupid. You still want to listen? Go right ahead. I am not your mother. Welcome back to the Page of Diesie Podcast, the podcast where my brothers and I are rewatching every game of the Diesie era until we run out of games or until we run out of steam.

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We shall see. We have made it through the 2004 regular season. We're preparing for the 2004 playoffs. With me as always is a trusty brother, Steve Brown. The Pendable Brother. The Pendable Brother.

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Yes. The favorite brother, if you will. Yes. We are missing Greg Brown, but that hardly matters. Because we have another guest, a special guest this week. The most special guest Steve that we've ever had.

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Definitely. Fair to say. Yeah, I would say so. With us this week. We are very pleased to announce the one and only Mr. Third down himself Kevin Schruyfalk. Kevin, thanks for joining us. You're on mute. You're on mute, bud.

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Still on mute. Here we go. Thanks guys. I appreciate your having me. I don't know how we got on mute. I got one hand right now. Well, I got to say Kevin, thank you for agreeing to do the rest of the 300 games

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instead of Greg. That's a good time to be here. And you really tried to slide down with him here, huh? I'm coming out strong. That's right. I like it. All right. So maybe for those of the younger listeners that we have, we'll just kind of

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run through those that didn't get to experience the Kevin Falk era at the beginning of the 2000 course. You've heard us talk about him ad nauseam on this podcast. But Kevin born in Lafayette, Louisiana, correct me if I'm wrong, any of this stuff. This is basically

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from your Wikipedia. So he was pretty good with the glassy Asian to now. Yeah, not bad, right? I bet for a Northern guy. Yes. high school your high school quarterback is that right? I school quarterback.

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Dreams of playing wide receiver ended up as a running back as you do. Yes sir. I ended up as a running back at LSU. And I knew I'm not a big college football guy because you know born and raised in New England so we just we don't really do college football up here.

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Didn't realize like how big a deal you were at LSU. I appreciate that. Nobody did. Especially up there. Yeah, no kidding. That's true. 13 long good years. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, I mean, I think you're still the school's leader in rushing yards,

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rushing touchdowns from scrimmage. You're, what was it, fourth in the SEC in rushing yards, third in total touchdowns in the SEC. Like you were a wagon basically, and Ellen is you. That's there, you know, all of that. Thanks for reminding me about that.

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That's what we're here for. We're here to pump you tight. Yeah, I'm still thinking about it. But yeah, I mean, and there's some big names on there on all those lists really. I mean, you're up there with some big names.

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Um, I see who we got. We got a, do you know who else is up on those lists? Did you track that back in the day or like when it's happening? Well, I know her. She'll walk her. Both Jackson's up there with something.

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Oh, yeah. Uh, Emmet. Maybe maybe not. I know Tebow got the touchdowns. He did. He would take up the touchdowns. Yes, he did. I remember when that happened. That was fair. Yeah, it doesn't quite count.

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Does it just bring quarters? That's cheating. No, I, well, however you can do it, like I tell people records are made to be broken by very special people. Somebody break a record that mean that's a special person.

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Yeah, that's fair. But yeah, let's see. You had, you were on the list of single game rushing yards for LSU twice. Number seven with 246 rushing yards against Houston. 234 against Michigan State year before.

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Darius juice is on here like one, two, three, four times. Yeah, that is beast. I don't remember him. No shoes. Where's the canal? Oh, he's on. guys they just put you not saying his name right yeah as you can tell I don't know

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Steve he's he's on he's on the against commanders watch football team watching football team where they come up sales now yeah you got trouble so they kind of change his name a little bit they didn't put his real name up there I got you yeah so so Kevin Falk

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highly drafted highly sought after and up being the fourth wide receiver off the board but I was listening to another interview you did And you're saying the Patriots told you that they were going to pick in the first round?

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Right. One of the first two picks, they had two picks in the first round that year. First one, they took Casmo, I think Woody was first. They took Damian Woody first. He was like, okay, okay. They setting it up.

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They set it up. They set it up. They set it up. The second pick came in the first. Uh-oh. My bad. The second pick came in the first round and it was like Andy catching more. Ohio State linebacker.

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They set it down to sofa like what? I get off the sofa and it's like, what are you doing? I'm gonna jump on the four wheels. I'm riding four wheels and stuff in the forest. This man is hell. And I think that was like the 26th something like that.

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Well, Atlanta wasn't a Super Bowl that year. So they had the 32nd pick. They called, hey, we're thinking about taking you to the 32nd pick. I'm rushing back. The whole plan bats. I forgive you, they pick somebody else and I'm like,

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oh, mother's. And then from that point on, it's like, I'm gonna watch it on more. I'm good. It's about to, the draft is about to be in for the day. So I'm probably gonna get drafted. So I'm really upset and I get the phone call.

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Hey, man. We traded up, we traded up for you, blah, blah, blah. It's New England, like mother. Okay, I'm happy I'm sorry. So, but yeah, it was a sad but exciting day. Yeah, no kidding. Who was the judge?

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The Patriots traded up with Tennessee to pick you. Yes, because the Giants was about to take me. Oh. I think the Giants had the next pick right after Tennessee or somewhere around there. And yeah, yeah, they're in there.

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Yeah, they were ahead of the Patriots. Yeah, they were a couple of picks later. Yeah, exactly. And then it was Joe Montgomery instead. Whoops. Whoops. They were, no, they was actually about to take me.

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Yeah. That's why the pictures draft moved up. You know, they, all these, they call who you like on your board. Who's the first or your board. And that's how you know, I didn't even realize it. Who you like on your board? Oh, I like this guy.

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Oh, okay. Hey, man. You want a train? That's how this get done. Yeah. It's, it's a whole. I've seen like all the behind the scenes stuff and it's just, it's a whole like. Process is unbelievable how much work actually goes into making all these picks

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Not that I think you know the NFL draft needs to be a three-day televised affair That's all it is So who the number one overall pick was in that draft no remind Tim couch Oh, oh Don let me now pick second

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The Browns being the Browns and then bangles picking a killy Smith. Yeah And then some some things never change so You you see like the interviews with Tom Brady and he knows like the six guys picked ahead of him

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Do you know the three picked ahead of you? Mmm? Good question. Uh, Ricky Williams. Mm hmm. Hey, Johnson. Who? I'm not. Oh, yeah. JJ Johnson. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, EJ. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Edgar and James.

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Edgar and James was four. Ricky Williams five. And JJ Johnson was a few picks before you. 30, 39. I can't believe I remember that. I can't believe you remember that either. I'm impressed. I'm impressed.

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I can't believe you remember that. Yeah. Yeah. Still got that chip on your shoulder. It's just, I know, I know, I know those guys. Most of them like. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. but besides Ricky, besides Ricky and his, they played Jay play in the SEC. So I knew him.

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Okay. And I knew EJ already. We was cool already. And I roomed with Ricky for a few all American teams in college. So I kind of knew, I knew. How was that? Cause that guy's a character. It was awkward.

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Oh really? Very, we never talked. Never really went out with like us. Like the guy, the game. He always had something going on in his own. But you know kind of know why. But he did talk, but he just never really, you know, opened up.

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Once you hang it, yeah, exactly. What they hang out with the whole group. Yeah, I got you. And when I came back to the room, which clown joked around, but it wasn't like too many people. And we had a very small circle.

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Yeah, that's fair. I'm like that. I got Steve about it. And it's about Greg and he shows up. You better have a small circle. Yeah, that's the way to do it. I got neighbors. Don't even like them.

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I want to move further into the woods. I love new friends. I'm not a fan. I don't like people. You'll be like me right now. There you go. I'm Kevin Smith and Steven the dream, Kevin. All right. So yeah. So all you did was get drafted by the Patriots, 1999, the second round.

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Yeah. And since then, you still, after all these years, are in the top, whatever, of basically every single statistic that they have for the Patriots. You're still fifth in rushing yards, which I think is more impressive because you weren't ever kind of the feature back, like the bell cow that you normally see.

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Right. They never actually had 100 yard game. Did you know that? Oh, I knew that. That came out with her podcast. That's a great. The one time that it came close. The one time. It was like 96 yards. Like it was real close.

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Yeah. What's that game recently? I think we did. Yeah. Yeah. He's came up with some podcasts and I guess the Browns maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. I remember. Oh my God. And yet, with all that said, you are still first.

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in all-purpose yards So you're having a hundred yard games crazy. Yeah, yeah But because with your I mean you're with a 13th and receiving yards with all the quality receiving options of the pages of hat over the years

🎙 00:12:05.601



First to kick return yards still and it has some good kick returners out there eighth and punt return yards which again some real good punt returners I would say And you're sitting on your first like you have

🎙 00:12:21.041



a ton of kick return yards And that's what I, you know, everybody's like, oh, it's, he's Mr. Thurg down. But I remember you being the kick return guy for a long time, like growing up. I was there to secure the ball. I was there to secure the ball.

🎙 00:12:35.281



Yeah. Make sure the ball get caught. And I had a few, a few good runs. They won't want you out with that return to kick off for a touchdown. Yep. You sure did. I believe 2002, I think we watched that a couple of seasons ago.

🎙 00:12:49.206



Yeah. Yeah. I don't know how that happened. Well, they actually that was one of the, like the, the stats that I don't even know how I came. I think this was like one of the games we watched and they posted this stat, you know, like they have just the.

🎙 00:13:06.446



the random stats and you were the only patriot to score multiple touchdowns in three different categories. You did it rushing, receiving and kick returns. Yes. And you were the only person in the whole NFL to do it that year.

🎙 00:13:19.036



Wow. And bananas. Interesting. Yeah. Let me know what you want me to add. I would imagine probably still the only the only patriot at least to do in all three categories. Unless Edelman, you know, I don't think it.

🎙 00:13:31.396



I don't know. I don't know. Like two punt returns and like two rushing. I don't think so. That wasn't a style. Never really had much. So yeah, I bet that probably still stands. Wow. Because you were Mr. Everything.

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I thought about there. Yeah. You are. Yeah. We've said this on the park as a lot that you and I think Troy Brown are the prototypical Patriots. Like that seems to be like the guys they're looking for were basically replacements for

🎙 00:14:01.402



you and Troy. That's always true. Yeah. I mean, he's our guy too, not just because he's the last. Yeah, that's probably my number one question. Who is your favorite teammate and why is it Troy Brown?

🎙 00:14:16.242



Yeah. Nah. Well, I got a bunch of favorite teammates, but when I first came, you, whenever you first come somewhere, you try to find somebody that to idolize or to wife to mimic. And throughout the course of my first few days, few weeks there, took notice of Troy.

🎙 00:14:28.722



You know, how he worked wasn't wasn't like the best player on the team, but he just worked hard and went about his business now saying nothing, but just being a guy. and took to it and really started paying attention to how he works, how he goes about his business and really started, you know, trying to simulate him.

🎙 00:14:50.082



Well, I think you did a good job of that. Try to. So do you have a kind of like favorite moment for me football career. Anything that stands out specifically. Definitely the first Super Bowl. I have to say that well because it was in my home state.

🎙 00:15:11.200



Yeah. So I won a high school championship in that stadium at that time. Then they come back and win Super Bowl. And then in 2019, we won a national championship in there. So Super Bowl is kind of like a...

🎙 00:15:35.352



Oh, sorry. The place. No, Brian. Right, so that's definitely a memory. Bad memory. Bad memory losing the story of Sam. Oh, yeah. You mean, but but it still was that season was a memory like in its own

🎙 00:15:51.632



just The different weeks that went through you know the different weeks were totally different each week as a team You know play each and every other team. It was a different team that we had to face and we had to have a different game

🎙 00:16:14.330



But also yeah, it was this special so how that that whole 2007 season Felt like a big middle finger chill like the whole league Like you guys just never seemed to take your foot off the gas. Is that how it was like in the locker room too?

🎙 00:16:26.730



Or was that just like us fans being like, nah, look what we do, we can throw the middle finger because the Patriots are doing so well and stomping everybody. Now I think it was something that throughout the course of training camp,

🎙 00:16:45.665



many camp, you see what was developing. You see what type of team that we could have, we could possibly have. And then when we added that one piece that we thought that was gonna be, and that was Randy and it was like, came to training camp.

🎙 00:17:00.225



I can remember the first couple of days of training camp. And I don't know if Tom rolled out was getting flushed out of the pocket, but he threw a deep ball to the left side. And Randy was lining up on the right side. Tom to the ball so high the air rangers just had to run under it.

🎙 00:17:17.065



And the back of the left end zone. And if you remember the player the first game of the season against the New York. And it was like, Oh my God, did you guys see him go get that? And it was like, Oh,

🎙 00:17:40.796



Wow. That's exactly what I said when we're watching that Jets game. Yeah. Literally outran triple coverage. I'm like, this is going to be something special this year, guys. I'm literally literally.

🎙 00:17:59.118



And then you character to the team thought to gain that confidence as a whole team. Wow. You can't stop it. Yeah, no kidding. I'm a lot of people. Tell you ran into that defensive line. Yeah. Yeah.

🎙 00:18:11.998



What the NASCAR defense is on the consoles. Yes, it is. That's rough. Yeah, not not not big Giants fans in the Brown household. I got to tell you, no, not another style. Yes, way more in spine. It's OK. It's OK, guys.

🎙 00:18:29.415



I mean, the other the other six Super Bowls did kind of lessen the blow. So it's cool. OK, when some you lose. Yeah, that's true. I will say I had to delete all the sports talk radio stations from my car radio, though.

🎙 00:18:49.615



The next like six months after that after that, I was just I deleted all my bookmarks, ESPN and all that shit. Like I was I was done with sports for like six months. Couldn't do it. Yeah, I don't think I watch sports in a summer until we actually went back to working out.

🎙 00:19:05.215



Yep. Yeah, but at the same time we started. Yeah, I would have watched that nothing deal with football right now. That was a tough off season. Yes. Yeah, but you were actually drafted by Pete Carroll when he was coaching the team, right?

🎙 00:19:19.015



Yes, sir. Pete can. Pete, pick out what the head coach, Bobby Guerra was the general manager. So, was there a big difference between a Pete Carroll locker room and a Bill Belichick locker room? Oh, definitely.

🎙 00:19:35.171



Yeah. And, um, Pete Carroll is your player's coach. Whatever you need, you tell Pete he gon' take care of you. Okay. Bill, now we're gonna work around. We're gonna work around what we got. Yeah.

🎙 00:19:50.171



And we're gonna make it work. It's gonna work. It may be a little tough, but we're gonna make it work. Well, it wasn't the first year that Bill took over in 2000, by the end of the season, because the salary cap was so mangled,

🎙 00:20:06.943



like you guys couldn't even feel 53 players, right? Right. Even half, 50 players on the team. Right. But he liked stuff like that. Yeah. It seems that way. Yes. For some odd reason, that's just Bill.

🎙 00:20:23.423



He liked doing that type of stuff. that I can control this, I can make this work. Yeah, yeah, he also seems to like doing things the hard way. Yeah, no, but it seems like a hard way, but at the end of the year,

🎙 00:20:36.743



you're like, we actually made that work. Yeah, that's true, yeah. And one thing is about him is getting a good feel. He's a, I'm gonna get a good feel for my team guy. Okay. I'm gonna understand what my team is,

🎙 00:20:53.119



who they are, what our strengths are, what our weaknesses are. And we're gonna attack it that way and try to avoid our weaknesses in games, but you say it's gonna happen Of course going to happen. So he feels this team. I didn't understand, you know

🎙 00:21:11.759



What's the strengths of that team at that time and that's not saying that? The weaknesses can't be built into strengths later on in that season But he knows that some at that point when it started season that's their weakness. Yeah

🎙 00:21:28.128



So he knows this team so we we've had a I disagree man, I'd say with Greg who conveniently isn't there. But I am in the camp that Bill Belichick is a coaching genius. And Greg says he's just like a smart guy and that like any good coach would do a lot of the things if he did.

🎙 00:21:41.568



It's more credit than he deserves. Yes. One thing Bill does is presentation detail. Very small detail, little detail, some of the things would be like, why would you pay attention? Why would we need to know what.

🎙 00:22:03.394



school or guy I went to that we're playing against. Why would that make a difference? Why would we need to know that he played a different position? Why would we need to know that Ronnie Brown was left handed before the Wildcat game?

🎙 00:22:23.010



Why would we need to know that? You know, just those little things. That, you know, like when soon as Ronnie Brown threw that pass, that touchdown, man, the first thing I heard was, who knew he was left handed?

🎙 00:22:35.690



Who had to cover that guy, but who knew he was left handed? Who knew he was left handed? Yeah. I think I'm being too loud. My wife's only big part. Why do you think I'm in the car? I get the same thing.

🎙 00:22:50.890



So because just for like, you know, peel the curtain back a bit, the way that we convince you to come on as I started a Twitter campaign where I would post flattering things about you every day and post a highlight and stuff and like why

🎙 00:23:22.972



it was so cool. And the one today was actually, I've been doing ones with the direct snap because you're cut. That's kind of your play that a lot of people remember. Like when there's a big moment and the pages needed a conversion, two point conversion or a touchdown or like

🎙 00:23:40.278



they need this play, that seemed to be where they would go. Why people didn't understand that? Why people didn't get that? It's like he's going out in motion. He's not back. He's mosey the back into the back.

🎙 00:23:56.358



So. Mm hmm. How many people like this? What's the one lady run when he moses back into the back field? Yeah. And it caught him off guard every time. Every time. The crazy thing is I'm watching the Atlanta faculty

🎙 00:24:12.089



with the pages. Yeah. Yesterday, our day before something. Same thing. Yeah. What's the one play they needed those points. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, then they run it. But I was going to say the one play that I found that I posted today was you ran that

🎙 00:24:28.769



play, but then you ran to the right and did the throwback to Tom who looked like a wounded gazelle finishing a play. Yeah. Hey, that was the problem though. Like, am I going to throw a good enough ball that is going to be perfect enough for Tom

🎙 00:24:49.578



not to have to go try to chase it. Because if he has to go chase, we're in trouble. We've seen what happens. I mean, Steve was at the Titans game where they tried that. They aimed a hole or something like a few years ago.

🎙 00:25:07.018



And that did not go well. He's knee brace got stuck in the ground. He just, oh, he's like even shot. It was rough. Yeah. But I must say, they gave me a lot of practice. So on the ball, you know, what people feel to realize is back then I was like the number

🎙 00:25:20.938



three quarterback because we only had two quarterbacks on the roster. Right. Good. Yeah, because that was, I think 2002, that was after they traded you blood. So yeah. Um, and so I, and I found the boss in globe clipping that was talking like Bill Bell,

🎙 00:25:36.418



Jack, I have the game talking about how you guys were literally practice that every week. It had been for like months, but just never had the chance to call it. We practice that. There's at least twice a week.

🎙 00:25:52.467



We practice that. Please. Yeah. At least twice a week. That's okay. Yeah, if that yeah, yeah, but even you can say that about all the the trick plays you see. I mean, every time after the game, whoever ran it, like the the double pass with Edelman

🎙 00:26:03.787



talking about, oh, yeah, we practice all the time, we just never had the chance to call it. So we just don't. So it's that level of preparation, I think that right for me, sets a Patriots team apart. They're always that well prepared and always have been.

🎙 00:26:20.802



That's kind of like I was telling people about that. 2083 come back. I'm like, they won that game. long time before that game was even played. You know, that's certain situations that we practice as a group.

🎙 00:26:36.082



And it may not be in that identical situation, but it was a situation similar to that we had to come back and we had to score three or four touchdowns. And well, that ain't gonna happen. That ain't gonna happen.

🎙 00:26:52.310



So enough stuff happens in there. The Super Bowl. Right, yeah. Of all of these people. So what you're saying is your team, me and Andy, not Team Greg. Yeah. So we can go on the record. Team Greg is strong here.

🎙 00:27:04.830



I like it. Greg, useless. Greg, I don't know you Greg. So I am sorry, but you need to apologize. He's the baby anyway. He gets he gets plenty of love. Yeah. Right. Um, speaking of Greg, actually, um, he had some questions, uh, because you and him have

🎙 00:27:22.590



certain things in common. Um, he thinks that you two have something in common because you're both D one athletes, but, uh, I think that's, that's a stretch. Um, he wrote the bench at UNH soccer. Yeah.

🎙 00:27:40.974



Um, you're saying, you know, but he's not quite the same level. He's claiming that D one. He's gonna hit D one double leg too. It doesn't even really cap. But he was also, he's a huge Lil Wayne fan. So there's mentioned Lil Wayne in your

🎙 00:27:53.054



Wikipedia that I'm not going to get into because he's not. I'm grown. I'm grown. But really, we just kind of want to know what was he want to know. He said, what is your favorite Wayne album? Oh,

🎙 00:28:13.492



Carter five, all right. Here's one car to one. Yeah, and then for mix tapes. You got a favor mix tape I'm looking at it right I'm looking at the Take it a name, but I'm looking at the cover of it right now. Oh

🎙 00:28:33.357



Can't take it a name of it. Wow This is the drought three that's it. That's it. Oh, wow. All right No, it might be one or two. All right. Might be one or two. I'll drown. So, so I mean Greg's wrong on that too.

🎙 00:28:54.217



That's perfect. That's exactly what we're doing. But he's not wrong about the way that we did. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, he, he actually wanted people to call him. Um, what do you want to? What was his name?

🎙 00:29:11.598



A breezy F baby. Don't forget the baby. Yes. He did that for like a year. A long time. Yes. Yeah. That's rough. Nothing good. Nothing great. Don't do it. Yeah. No, yeah. Like, like he's, he's grown too.

🎙 00:29:22.318



But maybe not. I have some real questions. Give me a real question. Were you ever close to leaving the Patriots? Year six was my like free year. Yes and no. It was between pages and Tampa. And it was like, you know what?

🎙 00:29:35.238



My kids are very comfortable. School, I don't make no sense of transforming to another school, different friends. So everybody know what? We just go and stay here. How old are your kids then? They were like in middle school.

🎙 00:30:00.748



Okay. That makes sense. They were young. It didn't make sense to move on. I had the money was very different. Yes, but the money wasn't too much different. So I was like, you know, it's just a.

🎙 00:30:14.824



Yeah, it makes sense. And then like, I don't know, I've always envisioned you as the first person in that role, right? That a bunch of guys have followed since. James White, she and Green, all those different dudes.

🎙 00:30:27.144



Is there someone before you? I don't even really, or is this sort of like. This bill, this all bill, like Bill brought me in. Told me, look, I'm gonna bring in these two guys. I'm gonna bring in this guy.

🎙 00:30:39.984



I want to make you as my third down back. And I'm like, okay. I really want to be the guy, but third down back. And he started telling me about Metcalfe. He had that Cleveland. Oh, right. Meg it at the Giants.

🎙 00:30:54.492



You know, start telling about those guys. And those all guys I watched when I was younger. So it was like, Oh, what? Okay. I'm like, if you know those guys. Sure. Sure. Sure enough, you know, adapt it to my role.

🎙 00:31:10.492



There we go. Did you like beat somebody out at the time that was already on the team? Do you remember? Or is it one of the things that came into you? No, I think it like they had a couple of times in the team that like could have portrayed that role.

🎙 00:31:25.083



JR was on the team, Pratchee passes on the team. JR was actually doing a lot of the third down stuff in a old one. When everyone was old. So he was doing a lot of this because stuff. So yeah, so those guys were there.

🎙 00:31:38.923



Beat them up. And I imagine that probably. helped you in the long run too, prolonged your career, not having to be taken all those hits. I'm trying to think of them, yeah, definitely. Yeah, a whole lot.

🎙 00:31:53.083



Yes, definitely helped me in my career, in my longevity and everything. I'm trying to think of the money back that was there. My first year, it was me, Terry Allen, of Le Mans, I forgot Le Mans last name,

🎙 00:32:05.545



but he was like a third down type back. You were doing? Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, my sure. And I love my Jordan. My Jordan came later. Yeah. He was an older guy. Was him all Warren? Yes. OK. That might be that might.

🎙 00:32:21.965



Yes. That corner with the penis. He's going to his wing a little bit to broke down a little bit of the third down stuff for me. At the time I was young, I want to be a guy. Yeah. I'm worried about him.

🎙 00:32:37.549



He's a third down stuff. But he kind of broke a little bit down to me. And I kind of remember for when that time came from him. Because that's what he did. That's what he did a lot of. No kidding. Wow. That's a name I haven't heard in a long time a long

🎙 00:32:49.989



more. Yeah, I bet you're the thing it was last man for a while. That's a great play. It's dangerous, but it's great. I'm glad you got those rosters, buddies. Terry Allen was only on team because Robert Edwards tours me,

🎙 00:33:04.996



right? Right? Right? Well, that's why I got dressed. Oh, yeah. I've never told you. Yes, that was brutal. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Awesome. I think we talked about that on one episode. And like just the severity of you like he, he tore every single ligament in his knee and like,

🎙 00:33:21.076



if they if they hadn't taken care of them the way they did, they would have had to amputate the leg or something like it was like really close. Really close. Yeah, that's nice. It was on the game watching this podcast. He was like playing for the Chiefs or something.

🎙 00:33:42.924



It was a dog. Yeah, someone. Yeah. And he wasn't the same guy. No, you could tell. Could you be? But even the fact that he came back and played in the NFL after that is right. Yeah, that's a bounce back.

🎙 00:33:54.444



Um, oh, so see you've asked some serious questions. So I have other ones that aren't so serious. Um, I always loved the elbow pads. And I was wondering if there was a story behind those because the good one, they reminded me for some reason of like tire treads.

🎙 00:34:07.046



And I always used to like when I was young, cause I was little and I used to like, we'll look for tire treads to see if they matched your, your elbow pads. There is a story. Um, when I first got to know, I met a couple of guys, a few guys,

🎙 00:34:23.926



like three or four guys, um, that we became very close, real close. And one guy, one guy was a younger guy and he was. design. He was made up or trying to design hockey pads. Hockey shoulder pads, hockey pads,

🎙 00:34:36.886



you know, just. And he told me that he was going to design me some pet some football shoulder pads and I was like, man, don't worry about me. Look, we just gonna be cool, man. You don't worry about it. And over the years, he was like, Hey, man, look, I want you to

🎙 00:34:57.221



try this. Would you wear this for me? Would you wear this for me? And I'm like, explain it why I'm wearing this. Yeah, any explainer to me explain everything and I'm like wow Okay, I get it because we do get hit here sometimes. Yeah, and when you do get hit

🎙 00:35:12.821



At the right angle you can cough up that ball and I'm like, right? Let me see these pants put them on and I took a helmet and I hit my elbow and I'm like wow The the like the all the like the power spread to all the cubes in

🎙 00:35:32.050



I'm like, wow, okay. I'll wear them, bro. Start it when everybody like, man, what do you get calls? What do you get this? What's that? And it was just something that he just put together at the time.

🎙 00:35:52.677



Now eventually they started, he started padding and patterning them and everything. But the first couple? Oh my God. Yeah, that's right. Oh, that's for the sweat. All right. For the whole lot. I appreciate that.

🎙 00:36:05.677



Yeah, I had like the elbow pads. I had an undershirt with some those cubes underneath my pads to where I'll take a shot. Take a hit. They would go through all those cubes as well. That's fascinating.

🎙 00:36:30.564



So it wasn't just the elbow pads. I had a little shot shirt too, none. No kidding, huh? Damn. We're like the secrets. Like they do it now, like they have now. That's been. I would say, it's theuck in here.

🎙 00:36:44.724



Yeah, yeah, yeah. Revolutionary. Kevin Fox. I know setting those trends. I like it. Well, I wish you to pack and still have this stuff right now. But you know, I go. Inventors, man. Can't trust. Right.

🎙 00:36:55.367



Um, I see what other. Oh, I got some other questions from some of our listeners. So we have listeners. A few. Yeah, more after this. Do you tease your cousin about Super 36? No, I don't know. No.

🎙 00:37:10.367



Because it could have easily gone out of the way. Oh, yeah. Yeah, but it didn't though. No, but now I don't. Because I mean, our family's all from England. So, well, the one thing, the current thing is like, they, like,

🎙 00:37:32.788



he really do believe that we stole signals from them. Oh, he does, doesn't he? Nobody's that. He still believes that he's like, I think so. Yes, yes. That's tough, man. Hey, man, I'm like, even alone.

🎙 00:37:48.788



I don't know. He talked about. Yes, fair. You want to say, we got we got family in England and everyone's for a while. Soccer will happen in England versus USA. And I feel like I'm the only one who reps the USA in that.

🎙 00:38:05.108



That's not true. Even my brothers Greg. Greg's a big England. We are shit all over Greg today. You should have been here to defend himself. But this is what he gets. He doesn't show up. This is bad, Greg.

🎙 00:38:18.848



You're not here to defend himself. But yeah, but I mean any excuse to shit on a cousin fair sports related things, I think is right works in our family. But yeah, I can appreciate it. If you legit thinks that you guys cheated to get there, that's that's a tough conversation

🎙 00:38:28.428



to have. Yeah, it is. So what did you think like give us some like memories from this 2004 Super Bowl run we're about to do? Oh, yeah. We remember from those games. So a divisional was home in the snow against that historic painting.

🎙 00:38:43.389



And we had no secondary at Troy Brown playing a bunch of snows. So I don't have to tell you anything about these moments that could just have done they like New York. like that team knew what it took, what it was going to take or what whatever needed to be done,

🎙 00:39:04.549



that team knew that we could get it done. However, after the 01 season, that 02 season when we didn't make the Super Bowl, when we didn't make the playoffs, a lot of guys on that team, you know, let it be known, hey,

🎙 00:39:24.924



We know what it takes. We getting back there at some point in the next two years, that's exactly what happened. And then the week after that was going to Pittsburgh to play Ben Rothersberger. Rookie Ben Rothersberger.

🎙 00:39:44.492



Rookie Ben Roth, who would be in you guys in Pittsburgh early in the season. Oh yeah, again. Yes, they'd be the third season. Yeah. Yes, you know like I know it's tough to be someone twice And they didn't fail

🎙 00:40:03.852



Yeah. Let it know everybody's about how Miami is horrible or was back in the day, how about do they understand how tough it was to beat those guys twice? Everybody knows everybody's tendencies. Everybody knows what you're going to do when you're going to do it.

🎙 00:40:19.167



It's like, okay, stop me. Right. That's all it is. Yeah, and can you? Because yeah, I mean, even the Buffalo Bills, you guys had unbelievable unparalleled success against them. home or away, but right at the end of the day, none of those games were really

🎙 00:40:38.367



blows. They're all close games. Just pulled them out every time. Miami Dolphins, well, we know it was to go over there every year. Yeah. Is there something about Miami like in Miami that's that's tough? At least I got

🎙 00:40:55.322



myself out every year. Is that what it is? That's all it is. Yeah, it's just, it's a psyche game, man. That's all. You're going to a hockey, you're going to a hot climate. Yeah, so we're definitely gonna lose week one this year, right? Open

🎙 00:41:08.602



right. Right. Miami. First time in the first game. I am a baby. Yeah, that's tough. I've got to ask you this. You did convert that fourth and two, right? Like I will I will die on that hill that that was a conversion. You got a screw

🎙 00:41:20.202



job by the rest. I think I got it. The guy tried to say that I bobbled the ball. But even if you did, he's still still crossed the line that you needed to. So I was sick sick that whole evening. When it happened.

🎙 00:41:39.486



the next morning until I walked in the building. And I walked in the building, we was going, I guess we were going to work out, watch them and everything. And Coach Secretary was waiting and he was like,

🎙 00:41:57.603



yeah, if Coach wanna see you. I'm like, okay. Going coach's office and he just wanted to reiterate to me that let me know that, hey, if I had the opportunity to call that play again, have that situation again,

🎙 00:42:11.403



I'm calling this and you play. Okay. So that right now did let me know, I'm going to wear about enough, good. Yeah, that's kind of feel good to have your coach have. Yeah, I like that. Right, right, right.

🎙 00:42:23.763



What's coach fears like? Great guy. Great guy. Just kind of like everybody is like a little something that bill is not. Bill is not a real big talk. Wasn't a real big talk. Talks more now. Those guys, you know, held all the talking down for you.

🎙 00:42:37.863



But attention to detail. Had to know what you was doing. If you didn't know what you were doing, you weren't going to play for them at all. But a good person, really good person and coach. So he just retired this past year, right?

🎙 00:43:00.863



Yeah. Yes, sir. You have coached your high school team. Yes. And you've coached your college team. Yes. Here we go. Is the next step being coached for the Patriots in any capacity? Oh, yeah. We can see we can wait to see I don't know all right all right. That doesn't sound like a note of me. I'll tell I'll take it

🎙 00:43:18.124



No, no Definitely not that would be like a trisecta. Are you kidding me? That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that'd be like You dream about stuff like that. That's full circle. Yeah, I like that right They might be mad at me just preseize and go and they seem I

🎙 00:43:42.289



Don't matter Kevin fuck. Yeah, why would they even out of here? Because I would be in another uniform Oh, really? Yeah, well, not a uniform, but just another another cover. Just for the preseason. Just tell me it's not Tampa Bay and I'm right.

🎙 00:44:03.389



It might be worse Tampa Bay. It might be worse Tampa Bay. It's not the Jets. It can't be the Jets. All right, good. That doesn't matter. You can drill in the hell you want. Longer than the Jets. I got the not the Jets.

🎙 00:44:23.972



All right, that's good to know. Interesting. Yeah, I'm doing the bill wash thing with the Giants this year. Cool, cool, cool. That'll be interesting. Yeah, because, um, I like your answer just about cool.

🎙 00:44:41.382



Hey, man. Have you back in the NFL? I don't even care. Like, Kevin Fox back. I'll take it. I'll take whatever. So again. Yeah, so I got cut. I'm doing about three, three weeks, four weeks with them.

🎙 00:44:58.382



And it's just, it just so happened at the first preseason game is in Fox, girl. So you're coaching in Fox. Well, that's close enough. Yeah. Well, we'll get it. A little baby steps, right? A little baby steps.

🎙 00:45:11.382



I'll get you back. I love it. All right. So I got one more thing here. I want to hear kind of the story behind when you came out to announce a draft pick and you're aware in a jersey, but it wasn't yours.

🎙 00:45:25.382



And just so happened to be of a player who had just been suspended by Roger Goodell, who was standing right next to you for four games. How does that happen? Well, it's the day of the draft, the morning of the draft.

🎙 00:45:44.687



And I did a phone call, like an unknown number. You guys know nowadays, you know, back then, I was in unknown numbers. Oh, no. But for some of the reasons I picked it up. I don't know why I picked it up.

🎙 00:45:59.725



Hey, come on, man. How you doing? Say, oh, well, how you doing? Hey, don't want to make you think that you have to do this, man. I just want to see if you're on board with this. What do you think about love?

🎙 00:46:17.725



wearing a Tom Brady jersey whenever you announce the draft pick. I'm like wearing a Tom Brady jersey seat. I wouldn't mind, but I don't have a Tom Brady jersey on me. Right. They're like, don't worry.

🎙 00:46:32.899



There's going to be one in your room when you get there. So who was it that was making this phone call? Do you know? Oh, guys, I can't tell you that. It's fair enough. Fair enough. It was Tom. It was number.

🎙 00:46:49.619



It was not him. It was not him. I would lie about it. He didn't know nothing about it. He didn't know nothing about the deniability. Well, hey, trust me. It wasn't him. But you return the favor though, right?

🎙 00:47:05.499



It's your, uh, yeah. And the, uh, my retirement. So yeah, he came out on a Kevin Paul Jersey. Yes. That's pretty dope. A lot of the smallest things that were awesome. That was like very, yeah.

🎙 00:47:19.756



Yeah. When you walked in, I'm like, okay. I love it. Yeah. Yeah, because that's not something he does very often either. Is it? Nah, he's a busy man. So that's, yeah, that's pretty cool. I gotta go check him out in Tampa too though.

🎙 00:47:34.436



Yeah, he got a couple of my guys out there. Oh, does he? Well, it's you. Oh, right, right, right. Yeah. And make sure he treats them right. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, trust me, he is. All right. You got to think about it.

🎙 00:47:53.592



Just think about all the Super Bowls he's won. Yeah. There's been a running back from Ella if she won a team or somebody from Ella she coached her. That's right. Yeah, cuz Steven Ridley right he was from

🎙 00:48:07.092



Yeah, yeah Oh man And then look at her. Um, no, what am I thinking? I'm working letter for Nick letter for that. That's what I was thinking. Yes. Yeah. Oh Man, I look at that. I thought I was Showing up by Kevin Falk. What is the price?

🎙 00:48:19.722



That's what I knew that just well, that's a good one though. How's it going? He's like, always got to have a hell of a she's back on my team. He told me that. That's awesome. Oh, man. All right.

🎙 00:48:41.222



See, you've got any more questions? I just have one favor. No, we're the Browns. So obviously, browns are favorite, patriot, no disrespect. No, no, no, no, no. No, just if he knew we existed, that would just make my life.

🎙 00:48:57.894



Yeah. Text them, you know, hey, Troy, he's crazy. Three brown bros doing a podcast and they love. you. That's all I need. Yeah, Steve has every guest we have on who has any relation to the Patriots whatsoever. If they will next time they talk to Troy

🎙 00:49:14.614



Brown, mention us. So I don't even know if you talked to him at all. This is the time we've ever come. It is actually. He's so busy. We're about coaching right now. Oh, yeah, that's true. We're coming on the podcast. I've given that dream up.

🎙 00:49:32.367



Yeah, I don't think you're gonna get that. But just knowing I exist is enough. I think I think he worried about making it to the playoffs. Yeah, he's worried. He's worried about that week one preseason game. It's a giant. I bet. Yeah. Came. Hey, what

🎙 00:49:49.327



one game at a time? Yeah, it's great. Yeah, great. That's true. All right. So last question for you is, do you have any questions for us? No, not at all. Oh, don't stop sending the highlights, man. Just keep them coming. Oh, hell yeah.

🎙 00:50:11.197



Bro, I have a website dedicated to to these sorts of things because I'm a nerd. It's ridiculous. And I use my power for good. Well, I use my power for nerd, let's be honest. So I have a stack of them and we're still going through, like I said, the 2004 season.

🎙 00:50:32.391



So we're putting even more into the system. So they ain't going to stop for a while. Okay, so don't you worry about it. Yeah, years. So they are watching together or like you may watch one game, they watch one game or.

🎙 00:50:47.511



So me and Steve, we will spend the week and we'll watch it by ourselves and then we'll come together and we'll talk about it. Greg just shows up without having watched the game. Pretty much every week.

🎙 00:51:04.340



Yeah, pretty much. Because he's that brother. He's a freelancer. He's something. He's a little brother. Now he's a lot of work. He's what he is. So y'all say he's the youngest. Oh yeah. Oh, but that gets you.

🎙 00:51:15.780



They don't have no worries. Tell me about it. See? Hi, I'm heq. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. He'll watch a highlight sometimes. That's all he needs. Yeah. I watched Chris Berman talk about it for like two and a half minutes. That's enough, right? Yeah,

🎙 00:51:33.260



exactly. Wow. Yeah. So, you know, the fact he's not here, not a huge surprise because it's no, that's Greg Brown. It's on brand. Yeah. But we appreciate that you were here. This has been like the coolest thing we've done on this podcast, Bob.

🎙 00:51:49.297



I appreciate the show. Oh, thanks. Really appreciate it. Yeah. And yeah, look forward to your highlights. They'll keep coming Appreciate it. Oh, all right Kevin. Thank you so much. We'll talk to you

🎙 00:52:05.537



I was going man. I take it easy

🎙 00:52:17.967