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2004 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers

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The Patriots returned to the site of their week 8 drubbing (that broke their record-setting win streak) looking to avenge the loss and hand rookie Ben Roethlisberger his first loss in the NFL. The commentator from the 3 Games to Glory III DVD summed it up better than we ever could:

“The Steelers predicted they would beat the... stuffing out of the Patriots. But with a 21-point lead [at halftime], it was the Patriots doing the stuffing.”

Join the Brown brothers for some reminiscing about yet another great Steeler beatdown, with some classic Andy anger thrown in for posterity.

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Game Info

New England Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers

1 2 3 4 Final
New England Patriots 10 14 7 10 41
Pittsburgh Steelers 3 0 14 10 27


This is Christine Brown, and while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty, you have the choice not to. My sons sometimes say some naughty things when they're trying to be funny, but really,
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they're just being stupid. You still want to listen? Go right ahead. I am not your mother. Welcome back to the Patriots Dynasty podcast, I'm your host Andy Brown. We are the podcast that is going back and rewatching every game.
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of the Dynasty Era Patriots. We are, we've made it through the 2004 regular season and we are getting to, I'd say one of my sneaky favorite games, the 2004 AFC Championship game. Patriots are having the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
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the old catch up bottle itself, rest in peace. Right. Yeah, but with me today, as always, my trusty brothers, Steve Brown, all the way from Virginia, going on Steve. This is, this is exciting.
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This isn't just a podcast where we do games with names. We do every game, including the games. Oh, that's right. We'll get to that. Yeah, fucking. F at all, man. Yeah, so Greg is also here. Greg, how you doing?
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I'm doing great. Just dandy. Yeah. Only two games left, guys. two games left. Yeah, we're stopping after the. All right. Oh, is that right? Yeah. So then one game left. I've seen what I need to see.
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Yeah. We'll pick this back up in 2016 ish. Yeah. I mean, that is one way of doing it. But then everything I've set up to this would be a lie. And we can't do that to people. Should we trash that on the.
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I think we should. Yeah. Yeah. I think Steve, you want to give your thoughts on. Julian Elnow explain what's happening for those that aren't in the know. Oh, you think I'm in the know? Anything you came in hot with that. I figured you do
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I would trigger him Did trigger him, but he kept it under control there for a little bit. That's yeah, there's a surprise Greg Are you feeling right? Well, it's not just that one. There's another one too
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Really? Yeah, see I am not in the know I just know about the one Greg could I catch us up? Well, I was watching the the preseason game. And like half time they did like a legitimate like a 15 minute segment
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on a podcast, paths from the past. Yeah. And basically that it's like the same thing as what we're doing. Like, do you want to go back and relive all the greatest Patriots memories? I was like, yeah. And then like had all these that guy infused with blood so with Wilfork,
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all these guys, it's like, this is bullshit. So you know, one of the guys that does that, right? Or used to do it, Brian Morrie. We've had him on the podcast. Yeah, Greg. Nah, the guy that runs the Patriots Hall of Fame.
🎙 00:02:53.987
I don't know if he's still is. Talked about that podcast on our podcast. Oh, OK. So we already had the idea. Yeah, they've been doing it before. All they do is interviews with players. So we're approaching on now.
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Yeah, we're encroaching on their shit by interviewing people like Kevin Falk and Matt Shatham. What's the white girl comedian that steals all jokes? The one that Amy Schumer. Yeah, we're getting Amy Schumer right now, guys.
🎙 00:03:20.611
We are Amy Schumer right now. We're like the fucking David Hall. There the Amy Schumer. We did this first. Well, let's talk about them. We did do first. Greg, you came up with, I think, an actually quite a good, I mean, especially for you idea
🎙 00:03:34.971
in terms of rating these games. We were doing it by Lombardi Trophy, so out of six Lombardi's, how many? And I think that still works. But you came up with your own system. Remind me exactly what it was.
🎙 00:03:49.610
I remember all the many of them. Well, I guess the take-home point is one of them was the name game where you can say three words and define a game like snowball, right? You all know what game that is.
🎙 00:04:02.410
It has a name to it. That's right. Yes. I had three words or less, right? Like a V snowball Andy. Go fuck yourself. And apparently Edelman's got his fucking nose to the ground here. Yeah. What's his podcast called?
🎙 00:04:17.472
I don't know. It's something like names with names. Games with names. Games of names. Right. That's what Schumer does. She takes the joke and she just like makes it worse. It's the words and then it's a new joke to make it not as good. Yeah.
🎙 00:04:36.032
Yeah. If you like, Edelman might get better guests though than we have. Yeah. You would think but his first episode that came out, the first game with names that they did. the helmet catch with guest Eli Manning.
🎙 00:04:49.312
Whoa. What are you doing? It's rather disrespectful. And like what audience are you trying to get with that? Yeah, well, not not a New England audience. I guess he already has that, right? Did you listen to it, Andy?
🎙 00:05:04.652
No, I'm refusing to listen to his podcast until he comes on ours. So I'm going to, what I'm going to do is I'm going to find Greg's when he announced his rating system. And I'll share it with you.
🎙 00:05:16.292
Just fucking remember what it is. And I'm going to tweet that at Julian Edelman and all of their podcasts related. accounts until he comes on the podcast. So, here was a bunch of hidden highlights too.
🎙 00:05:29.652
So you can just, this is the work from Kevin fall. Yeah. Well, yeah. No, we're taking a different approach with it with the Julian O'mane. We're going to shame him into coming on the podcast instead of
🎙 00:05:41.584
I think it's going to work in is no shame on Twitter, dude. Well, say it's like the point of Twitter is you just say things without shame. We shall see just a big old sess, not corporate Twitter, though.
🎙 00:05:52.464
He's part of corporate Twitter. Yes. Oh, yeah, he's all about branding and all that stuff. He is a brander. Yeah. And his podcast is a big brand. You can tell it's a lot of money behind that. A bunch of fancy graphics and shit.
🎙 00:06:04.104
But not like a graphic, Sandy. Yeah, I mean, it's the same sound by Vermont that he's been using for for. Well, that sounds like three and a half years now. Naughty boy, right? That's right. Very naughty, brilliant.
🎙 00:06:19.243
They're all new ones. Don't you, Andy, that we haven't heard yet. Yeah, we're going to save those. Okay. But yeah, those will be coming up. Don't you worry about it. But right. Speaking of things we haven't talked about. Talk about these sealers. Well, this is a let's talk about
🎙 00:06:34.803
this rate this game that if we're on the topic of the rating system, yes, it is. It is the name of a hidden gem, right? Because that was one of the. Yeah. That was right below name game. What would you call it? The flu game. Oh, that's not bad. I don't know. The Brady
🎙 00:06:51.213
flu game. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think you got to put a poll out there and people can recognize what game it is. Okay. All right. I will do that. Yeah. Let me make note of that because I have ADHD and I will forget if I don't.
🎙 00:07:09.453
You didn't look that sick. He did not look sick. He did not look like it all. Ben Roth Zuckerberg looked sick. Yeah, but not the good kind of sick, the bad kind of sick, the flu kind of sick. I'm over kind of sick.
🎙 00:07:25.421
He's been too much time in barroom bathrooms. He's been a sick. Me. Do you fire? No, that's all fair game. That's maybe is not too long after this airing of this here. He's flying on top of the world. But I did remember a little differently. I
🎙 00:07:38.741
remember, I thought Big Ben was like lightening it up this year. Right. But they were talking in the game that he hadn't he'd really cooled off during the season. Exactly. Yeah. He it was one of those things where he hadn't lost, but it's almost like
🎙 00:07:57.687
defenses had figured him out. at this point. And so his splits, I think I have him somewhere. His splits were like, not great. The second time he is split in the, let me get a few on splits. All right. Let me have to check. Let's hear some fucking splits. Do you want some splits?
🎙 00:08:16.727
All right. Let me, I'm pretty sure I took a screenshot of this. So watch this. Okay. Here you go. Hidden the rookie wall this season. First 11 games, completion percentage, 67.7, not too shabby. Last five games, 59.4. That's so great. Touchdown and interception ratio,
🎙 00:08:34.466
14 to 6 first 11 games. Now it's 4 and 9. It was last night. It was four touchdowns, nine interceptions. So it's pass already went from 103.2 to 65.7. And they also had, I thought was actually kind of an impressive stat for, you know, who
🎙 00:08:49.226
the commentators in this? Jim Jones. Yeah. That was a film. Yeah. I just made it up. Yeah. So they came out and said that because Ross's burgers first pass in this game, like a third player in the game.
🎙 00:09:07.361
Was an interception to. Great, Brown, Jean Wilson, Jean. And so that was the first throw of the game for him was an interception. And they said in seven of his 15 games that he's played, he's been picked off
🎙 00:09:23.557
within the first four throws of the game, which is not good. Kind of bananas. And he also has eight interceptions his last 87 attempts. So he's cooled off. Bad. He also won a two, three picks in this game.
🎙 00:09:38.717
Should have shown from five. Oh, yeah, I wrote down that. Um, uh, Santa Samuel was dropping interceptions like he's practicing for the giant Super Bowl. because he could have had three easily by himself. And this first one was one of them.
🎙 00:09:53.077
It hit him right in the hands and he bobbled it straight up in the air, fell over and Eugene Wilson dove and caught it. Rob's pretty guys are really bad throws in this game, but he but he still hasn't lost
🎙 00:10:07.945
the game in 27 games dating back to college. Right. Yeah. Where do you go? Steve? Miami of Ohio. Yeah, the shitty Miami. Yeah. Who Steve? Nicely done. I did not think you were going back. You would go to Miami of Ohio. He probably thought it was the other Miami.
🎙 00:10:19.065
He's like, yeah, he definitely did. The guys are going to university on Miami. Dude, I'm going to get so many bitches there. It's going to be party nonstop. My name is where's the beach? Went to the U. Has some good in his neighborhood go accidentally to Miami, Ohio
🎙 00:10:37.865
and apply. Nah. I accepted him and had to do his freshman year. before you transfer. I bet that happens all the time. I bet it does. Yeah. Oh my God. Oh, also Ben Ross burgers first ever throw in his first ever start was an interception.
🎙 00:10:52.825
So true to form. Good throw and be. Reggae the year. Was it a he was officially? Yeah. Yeah. Offensive rookie of the year. But I think. The criticism that he wasn't getting is a lot that you see the criticism that Mac Jones
🎙 00:11:08.616
got last year as a. rookie because the Steelers team had, I think it was a second ranked rushing offense in the league because they had the deuce is loose. Exactly. So they had do stay. We started off
🎙 00:11:26.816
the season as a starter because Betis was getting old and actually got hurt in the first Patriots game week eight on Halloween when the Steelers blew the doors off the paths. And then the bus Jerome Betis was, you know, rested and healthy for first half of season. So he
🎙 00:11:42.438
started running really well. So they showed some stat where do Staley had the majority of the yards, but he had one touchdown in the season and Jerome Betis had like a quarter of the yards that he had, but he had 14 rushing touchdowns on the season.
🎙 00:12:01.938
That makes sense. Right. Exactly. Yeah. And the end of the comment, he was like, most of those touchdowns are probably within one yard. It was that season. Yeah. Fancy owners nightmare. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, and either of those.
🎙 00:12:15.618
These daily sees on hard knocks this year. Is he? Oh, the coaches. A fucking psychopath, dude. Color me shot. The whole, the whole staff of the lines is all X players. It's like, I remember Aaron Glenn from the Jets.
🎙 00:12:28.906
Oh, the one that Mike Meloth thought was in the Hall of Fame. Yeah. Yeah. He's there still time. Yeah. Could get him for coaching. Yeah. He's the defensive coordinator. And then I think do stay. He's the offensive coordinator.
🎙 00:12:43.906
That team is either going to be, I think it's going to be exciting to watch. Yeah. I think they're probably going to be like the 90s Cowboys where they're just the most penalized team or no, not the cow is the
🎙 00:12:57.906
The Raiders the most penalized team, but don't give a fuck about it. They're Dan Campbell rules He is yeah, I shouldn't say like legitimately insane. He's awesome It's probably a terrible coach, but well, he gave his he gave his
🎙 00:13:10.847
players a players only practice the other day Like you said all the coaches home and just like sat there and watch from the bleachers or something and just like let them Practice themselves. Yeah, they probably just did like TikTok dances all practice and shit
🎙 00:13:25.847
Yeah, imagine what they're gonna do when they score touchdown those celebrations choreographed celebrations are gonna be on point That's you're implying that they're gonna score touchdowns this year in
🎙 00:13:40.607
Hey, everybody is lucky. Yeah. What is the least amount of touch on the team has ever scored? I don't know. I don't need to ask him to stat check, but he's not going to. He's not read your computer, so I guess I never know.
🎙 00:13:50.063
If you know, tweet at us and let us know what the least amount of touch on has ever scored was. I bet Julie does. I bet it was like one of those like 60s producer. It's producer. We need a producer.
🎙 00:14:03.623
We do need a producer. No. We have an intern. We should probably have him on the background looking the shop. We'll have him on at some point. Yeah, I'm from center. All right. Yeah. Get Tim on here.
🎙 00:14:16.823
We will. Week one of 2005. Is when you can look forward to seeing Tim on the. Shout out to him. Shout out to him. All right. Let's see. Other Steelers of note. Are there any number one rig defensively points in yards? Correct.
🎙 00:14:30.843
Yep. Absolute steel curtain sort of thing. Yes, it gets a run, right? Real good against the run. Yeah, which you could see in this game. And actually the last time the Patriots played them. They tied the record for least amounts of.
🎙 00:14:46.843
of rushing attempts in a game with six. Because- Five yards, right? It sounds like that, yeah. Cause Corey Dillon was injured for that game. So they were back in this one. And I have to say, I enjoyed this game so much I kind of watch it twice.
🎙 00:15:01.299
I watched the regular version on YouTube and then I also watched the three games, the glory version and the NFL films like Narrator Guy, who does it, was throwing some bombs. Like it was here. Let me.
🎙 00:15:18.859
I didn't say anything Andy. It was excellent. The video quality in the three games of glory is significantly better. Oh, good. Yeah. So it's high def. Talk to you next week today on the kitchen side.
🎙 00:15:34.319
OK. So this is talking about the halftime, like going into halftime with the Steelers thought. Have for the defending world champion, the Steelers predicted they would be the stuffing out of the Patriots. But with a 21 point lead, it was the Patriots doing the stuffing.
🎙 00:15:53.219
She's on the fucking cutting room floor. No, absolutely not. This is amazing. The Steelers like a Thanksgiving turkey, gobble gobble bitch. It was the Steelers getting pounded in the ass. And this is the one that triggered my memory was for those that can't see it because this is
🎙 00:16:02.487
obviously an audio medium. The video is a Steelers fan holding a sign that says Corey Hoop because Corey Dillon didn't play in the last game. And this is the voiceover on Halloween Pittsburgh didn't get a glimpse of Corey Dillon. Now,
🎙 00:16:24.887
after a long hard look, they will likely remember his last name. Can I just spell out CBS on his side? I can't make it out. It's like Corey better something. Yeah, you stay home or something. Yeah. And then this was, I think, in the fourth quarter,
🎙 00:16:39.408
it's like the Patriots up by two touchdowns and they had a, they got the Steelers got a sack. Inexplicably, the Steelers continued to pre despite sitting on a 14 point deficit. Patriots now taking their time.
🎙 00:16:58.368
Sounds about right, which we've seen in in past games with like the Steelers are getting their doors blown off of the Patriots. I think like whatever that week one game was in 2003, maybe, whether the Patriots came out and stomped them or 2002 after it was 2002 after the.
🎙 00:17:13.728
After the pages of beat him in in Pittsburgh the year before they opened the season against some of the pages blew their doors off and they were still like celebrating tackles for loss and something like in the fourth quarter.
🎙 00:17:29.955
It's Joey Porter. Yeah. Yeah. It's right. It was Joey Porter. Yeah. He's an idiot. But the whole team is like that. Oh, yeah. Specifically Joey Porter. Yeah. And they actually had James Farrier mic'd up for this game.
🎙 00:17:41.115
And he like he you could just like at the beginning was so hyped and he was obviously like the type of guy who was super hyped like all the time, you know, he was like the hype guy for the team. like the energy guy and like even at halftime, he was like, guys, we can't go out like this.
🎙 00:17:55.815
This isn't how it's going to end. And they came out and got stomped in the second half too. And he was just like, you could just like slowly see him kind of melting down throughout the entire game.
🎙 00:18:12.159
It was fantastic. It was funny to watch him shut the fuck up. Yeah. Just like getting less and less enthusiastic all the way through, which you could tell is really hard for him. Is this Troy Palomale rookie year?
🎙 00:18:22.039
I think it's the second year. Yeah, I thought they said it was his rookie year and the commentation. Not the second. This was the second year. He was rookie of the year last year, right? Something like that.
🎙 00:18:33.839
I think he was. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No, I don't think he actually even started last year because I looked it up in like 2003. He played 16 games that didn't start any.
🎙 00:18:44.359
So this is first year as a starter. And he was like, yeah, and like an all pro too. I think like this is his coming out year. But he got played like a fiddle by Tom Brady on the first touchdown pass, which we should
🎙 00:18:55.648
probably talk. Well, you want to want to give a quick rundown of final score. Yeah. Give it to me. Patriots win 41 to 27. And it wasn't that close up 24 3 at half time still is made out kind of a run in the second half. Yeah, I got within
🎙 00:19:09.328
two yards of making it a one score game. Yep. And Then the put it paths put him to bed. Yeah, so really wasn't that close? No, it never felt like it's getting away from a mom. Yeah. Yeah, yeah And I mean the 41 points against the number one ranked defense in the league
🎙 00:19:30.173
Yeah When this isn't really an offensive team is pretty impressive right it was actually They said it. They the Steelers defense allowed more points in this game than in their previous five games combined.
🎙 00:19:48.573
I think it was the steel. I mean, big Ben gifted the Patriots at least 10 points with the Internet, immediate interception and the pick six. Yeah. Yeah. Big Ben was bad. Yeah. Three interceptions.
🎙 00:20:03.960
Looked lost. But the whole Steelers team like this, so they go forward on fourth. Fourth in a yard. Mm hmm. And the only on the Patriots 40. They don't get it. You get big best. The bus gets stuffed and immediately they throw that bomb 60 yards the other way.
🎙 00:20:17.960
Yep. Depends let them down, bet it's let them down. Big Ben let them down. They're all just shit. Yeah. There's a lot of crowd in the first play, Big Ben interception field rule. Second drive. Don't get a fourth down conversion.
🎙 00:20:34.620
And meet an X-Play 60 yard touchdown. Yeah. You're down 10 nothing and really never recovered. Yeah. Kind of get a little close and Big Ben throws a pick six and it's like, well, yeah. And yeah, as you're driving like in the second half in the second quarter and before the
🎙 00:20:46.980
half. New Yeah, it was actually, if you think about it, kind of similar to that Atlanta Super Bowl, right? Yeah, if you go look at fun bumbles, by the way, Tom Brady's pick six, Robert offered, and you're like 24, three or whatever it was.
🎙 00:21:00.060
I was thinking that yeah, and you're down 24, three instead of 28, three. When I saw that score, I'm like, that's, it's kind of similar actually at the half. Yeah, but it's most dangerously in sports.
🎙 00:21:16.376
20, three, three. Yeah. Yeah, if you're in the pages, it's kept pouring on because Corey, they thought Corey done. They just kept feeding him the ball. He's wearing down. I thought that too, but actually if you look at it, Corey Dylan didn't have a great day.
🎙 00:21:25.096
He had one good run. And it's the 25 year touchdown run, which again, I think came at kind of a sneaky pivotal moment where the Steelers had just scored a touchdown. Patriots were third and like 17 or something like that.
🎙 00:21:40.064
And then they tried a screen pass to Kevin Falk, but he got held like blatantly. And so they got a five yard defensive holding call, got a first down. And I think it was the next play through it too.
🎙 00:22:00.304
Givens who caught the ball fumbled it as he went down and steals recovered it. But then there was a late hit on a stealer on a patriot after the play was over. But the Steelers like, we don't give a fuck.
🎙 00:22:12.165
We got the ball back. But then the play got overturned because Givens knee was down and attacked on the 15 yards. So now it's like first in first in 10 from the 25 next play Corey Dillon 25. I touched our run.
🎙 00:22:25.505
And that was just like an absolute backbreaker for that defense. See, I disagree. Really? You see, you didn't have a good game. 75 yards that game changing touchdown. And then he was also like, they were so keyed on Corey Dillon, the defense.
🎙 00:22:39.025
I would agree with that. First play of the game, they come out and run and end around. And it works really well because they're all geared towards stock and Corey Dillon. And then to put the game absolutely away with that final touchdown, they did really
🎙 00:22:53.405
run the same play again because everybody's ready for Corey Dillon's run. And they said, got you twice, bitch. It's true. But Corey Dillon also 24 carries 73 yards, which is about three yards to carry.
🎙 00:23:05.365
So, like his yards were hard earned. The bus who you think didn't have a good game. 17 carries 64 yards. So about the same. There's some bullshit stuff at the end there. Oh yeah. Yeah, there was.
🎙 00:23:17.548
I don't think that was him. I think that was the deuce daily. Although deuce daily 10 carries 26 yards. Not great. Not great running in general. I think the low and bright spot was Kevin Falk's 17 yard run.
🎙 00:23:33.508
in the fourth quarter there. And he had a fourth down conversion. The Patriots ran on fourth and one with Kevin Falk to the exact same side that the bus got stopped to the left side of the line, which I thought was a circle and Falk picked it up. Of course
🎙 00:23:47.633
he did. That's one of those play calls if it goes wrong. Greg's real mad about it. I didn't see that one. The audacity of Bill Belichick. They could be running the third down back on fourth and one from the show. Well, you know, like there was it. It was a play
🎙 00:24:03.113
call maybe. to get on the Patriots play calling here. Here we go. It was in the first quarter and it was like third and third eleven and then they got a penalty went to third and sixteen and in my head I was
🎙 00:24:19.873
like, Pat's run a draw play here. That's what they do now. But they like threw it down the field and had a chance at a first down. It was like a drop. But that was a play where I was like, in my head I was already like, Pat's draw play. That's Belichick. What the fuck happened? Where
🎙 00:24:33.170
how do we get to the point now where we're fucking running draw plays on third 16. Yeah, Daniel's risky, Greg. He's almost turned that over. You know, the hit was really well timed. The ball popped up in the air could easily have been an interception. But it wasn't. It could
🎙 00:24:49.090
have been a first down throw the fucking ball. But it wasn't. But it wasn't. It was Charlie Weiss. Right. It's Charlie Weiss. That's right. Charlie Weiss is second to last game too. I can already tell that. It was a second to last game. You guys are the same in common, Greg.
🎙 00:25:01.010
Napatresha on. No, it'll be fine. No, what's mad for sure that really good at keeping offenses on the field and on third down? I suppose, yeah. Yeah. Cryptonite baby. I'm not, I'm not excited for the Patriots offenses here.
🎙 00:25:14.770
I'm very excited. Shocking. Joe judge and Matt Patricia. Mullen. Oh my God. And then Belichick sun calling and play as the defense. Like love it. God. You mean one of the top ranked defenses last year?
🎙 00:25:31.717
Yeah, everybody kind of got injured at the end of the season. Yeah, they look great and playoff came Andy. Well, you know, like I said, everybody was injured. It happens. Well, nice to see you calling into a lot of Boston sports talk radio there, Greg. Right.
🎙 00:25:49.279
Yeah. It was when even the people are going to be bad. That's when you know, so you're aligned with Boston's right. Yeah. It's nine drag. Right. Jesus. No, I'm aligned with what's his name. The beat reporter.
🎙 00:26:04.559
That now is a down. Grease. My Grease. Even my Grease is saying it's ugly. Yeah, so my Grease says it's ugly. You know, he's not just like. He's not even fucking starting. Right. My Grease is.
🎙 00:26:20.442
You've only played one preseason game. He's also saying pump the brakes because none of the players or coaches are concerned and there's like iron and other kinks and he's he's willing to give them some patience.
🎙 00:26:32.402
Oh, God, you guys. Greg Brown, though. Not so I'm I'm telling you what Greg. We said your boy. Mike Reese, your Greg. You're you're like back checking you're like fucking Michael Felger, but the opposite
🎙 00:26:40.842
and someone has to be going to bounce it. You know, get nuts to into a room or something. Yeah, I get on this podcast. Oh, and I will shake that bitch. I will shake that bitch and the world will be better for it.
🎙 00:26:54.762
No, you won't. You'll be extremely polite and probably be like, yeah, you're right. No, not so much. It's all great to meet you. Absolutely not. Because he's going on. It's not. Thanks for coming on the pod, Mr. Mass.
🎙 00:27:07.922
As you fucking tool. As how does Felger's butthole smell like she faced buried in it? I don't think they come on this podcast and you're not too much, buddy. That's probably true. But it is getting to you.
🎙 00:27:20.727
Yep. Uh, Twitter would, uh, wouldn't Twitter make me more negative about the Patriots? How many coffee are you talking about smelling buttholes? They don't think they'll do a pleasure. That's your time.
🎙 00:27:36.207
Hand basic action. It won't exist in our It was a big one. Smelly Buttholes is a very Twitter thing. You know, you're all worked up. You're all angry. Yeah, let that go. No, it's not going to happen.
🎙 00:27:59.367
This is my event session, boys. I know I can tell who are you. What? We're the game. These therapists. Yeah, I hope not. Except we're not licensed and you probably do more harm than good. Probably.
🎙 00:27:54.755
Definitely. Probably. There's no problem about that. Yeah. Speaking of doing it more bad than good. They're talking about Corey Dillon in this game and his time with the Cincinnati Bengals. He played seven seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and in 2004 alone, he had almost half
🎙 00:28:10.235
as many wins as he did in Cincinnati. And he would sing it. He had half as many wins this season in New England as he had in seven years in Cincinnati. So he did the same season again, he's got as many career wins.
🎙 00:28:35.126
So I look it up. In Cincinnati, the Bengals went 34 and 78 over his seven years. In his three years on the Patriots. And he guesses. More or less wins. More. Yeah, more and 36 and 12 and three seasons of the Patriots.
🎙 00:28:50.806
We had two more wins with the Patriots. Then he did in seven seasons with the Bengals. And 12 losses versus 78. Correct. That's the real number right there. The wins just 78. Gates is only there's in 12 of them.
🎙 00:29:11.463
Yeah, that's like, I think Tom Brady finally passed Drew Bledso for most interceptions on the Patriots. Something like that. Or no, he tied in for most losses. News on the Patriots. with whatever it was, but he also had like 200 more wins or something to get there.
🎙 00:29:25.943
You want to hear some of the quarterback names he played with though? They're fucking hilarious. Yeah, it's a really, I don't know if it went this far back, but Nilo Donald, Jeff Blake, Akili Smith, Scott Mitchell, John Kitna, Gus Farat.
🎙 00:29:41.004
So, I mean, that explains a lot of it. Yeah. Yeah, that was rough. Good old gust, dude. Gus Farat. Pretty sure I had like 80 of his rookie cards. Because every time I'm a Ferrari, when I would collect football cards back in the day, every
🎙 00:29:56.004
time you open a pack, there'd be a Gus Farat rookie card in there. Like, well, he's fucking throw it away. The fact that I have so many means he's not going to be very good because they wouldn't give you good ones.
🎙 00:30:13.783
Yeah, that's still their stock right there. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Like, oh, we need to fill this pack up. Just throw Gus for all new. Throw some throws on your guys. Seven-thru on draft, like, why would you give rookie cards?
🎙 00:30:21.703
Dad, rookie guys, everybody, but he was filler, like Steve said. Oh boy. I kill his Smith was a third overall pick. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I did not know that that's huge bus. Yeah. Not great. But you could hear Corey Dillon run the ball and with the
🎙 00:30:32.743
fourth quarter, he was like fucking hype screaming at people out there. Games for Nick and he was ready for the Super Bowl. Yes, he was. Yeah, he was probably the most ready. Oh, yeah. But although in that, yeah, in the three games of glory at the end, there was a nice shot of.
🎙 00:30:52.679
Bella check congratulating one. The Tully Ben to Kane in there. TBC saw that. Yeah. And it was a match item citing to when he was hugging craft. Yeah. It's pretty great. Hey, everybody plays a part, right?
🎙 00:31:11.160
And yeah, I can get some more of some better lighting here in this video. I'd see your face. I'll see my face. OK, I'm going to see what I can do. Yeah. He's in the car. And he's in the car again.
🎙 00:31:31.480
I'm in the car. Yes, he's been relegated to the outdoors. That my child indoors outdoors. Yes. And the sun is setting. So we're just seeing like a silhouette of an. like, why do you want to see space?
🎙 00:31:40.080
I was going to say, you have the silhouette. This is like a nightmare. It's just like a black image silhouette, bitching and moaning. You can still see it. Should I see him? I fucking yeah. You can't really make out much more besides the chin strap.
🎙 00:31:52.321
Yeah. Good. That's all you're getting. I want you to I want you to dream with me tonight, Greg. Wait, you don't dream of your brothers every night? I do. Oh, OK. Yeah, I think we all do. All right.
🎙 00:32:04.681
Good. That should be it. All right. I was at one with Greg where he had these like massive feet to like flippers, but it was actual feet. It's fucking weird. No, no, that was my penis. And it was. You don't have
🎙 00:32:20.921
the same thing. I have stuff at nightmares. Let's be real. You're big, big dummy. All right. Anything else that you want to talk about in his game? I got lots of best and worse. I got. Yeah, I got. I got a handful. Well, let's make fun of the. Let's make fun
🎙 00:32:34.990
of this dealer some more. Okay. Yeah. I'm hoping boys did. I'm not. I have a theory. I have a theory. This loss rapidly changes their franchise psyche forever because they were flying so high after this. No, they weren't. Dude.
🎙 00:32:53.730
No, before this have been bad. He's a rookie. 50 and one had losses. We're two. They were really good. They got beaten us by the in the AFC Championship game, the Cordell Stewart. But then they came with with the in the game in our house and enter our ends.
🎙 00:33:08.014
Win streak, you know, you're like, all right, this is right. You know, if they win this game, I bet they they actually win the Super Bowl. And you know, who knows what happens. But ever since then, they just haven't been able to beat the Patriots bug.
🎙 00:33:23.654
But we've been in their heads and I think it's back to this game. That's not a bad theory. I don't hate it. But they had been to what five of the last 10 AFC, they'd hosted five of the last 10 AFC
🎙 00:33:34.334
conference games. Correct. And it only won one of them. I had lots of Patriots twice. So I mean, they're kind of like Ben here before with the hopes. Maybe not Big Ben, but they're kind of got that Eagles thing going where they're right
🎙 00:33:51.066
there. Yeah, but they just got this, this brand new quarterback who looks to be the franchise on a rookie deal and they can build around one this year. They only have one loss and that was weak. Never, never lost.
🎙 00:34:13.226
Best defense in the league. Yeah. Like solid running game and you have this quarterback who looks like he can win games. It was basically, it felt like a 2001 Patriots, right? Yeah. Although probably more so because it's the Steelers and they're a well run organization and they
🎙 00:34:24.767
have a history of winning things when they put the pieces together. It's kind of funny seeing Big Ben look almost athletic, but still not. Yeah. You know, nothing really changed with them. Yeah. More athletic than he did at the end of his career, but still not athletic.
🎙 00:34:39.807
It's kind of hilarious. But he like plateaus of this athleticism for like ever and then right at the end he falls off. Dude, like this athletic the rest of his career. There's nothing that makes me happier than watching Big Ben get like sacked because it's the least graceful shit and it's just
🎙 00:34:57.807
He just like stumbles around. Yeah, and looks super awkward. He's it's amazing I can't imagine rooting for someone like Big Ben. It's got to be horrendous. It's got big sauce He's good enough that like you have to root for him. Yeah, you don't want to move on from him, right?
🎙 00:35:15.203
But there is just nothing likeable about him. He's not like pretty to watch He's ugly as sin. He's a terrible person It's like there's nothing besides like he wins games. Yeah, he doesn't come across as like a great teammate or anything either
🎙 00:35:31.123
Like that. He's not well spoken. Yeah, he's raping chicks left him, right? Getting wrecked on motorcycles. Yeah Yeah, the music for them. Yeah, you have to. Yeah, so if you heard how that motorcycle accident went down
🎙 00:35:45.043
I don't think so. I mean, I'm sure I did it at the time. There is a thing in Pittsburgh and this is fucking wild called the Pittsburgh left. And what it is is if you're in line, you're trying to take a left across a lane of traffic,
🎙 00:36:00.265
right? And like you're sitting at the light and it's just green lights. There's no left turn light. Yeah. And the light turns, the oncoming traffic will wait for one car to make the left and then they go.
🎙 00:36:16.985
Which seems just stupid, right? Yeah. How do I know that? I don't live in Pittsburgh. Someone had someone live in Pittsburgh and tell me, oh yeah, that's the Pittsburgh left, you know? Good. And he was doing one of those lady in the car coming on coming traffic.
🎙 00:36:30.994
Didn't think was it from Pittsburgh or something? I didn't know about the Pittsburgh left. So he did the Pittsburgh left on his motorcycle and got plowed by like a lady in a Corolla. And only shit, right.
🎙 00:36:45.994
And she was very good. She's like, I saw the green light at one go and he just like his bike. And he was like, I'm going to go right away. Yeah. And this dick out on the motorbike would come. Is it a law?
🎙 00:36:55.994
Or is it just like, no, it's just like a regional thing people do. So it's nice. Like, oh, let you go. Yeah. Yeah. Cause people get like stuck in the middle of the intersection. Yeah. If you're, yeah.
🎙 00:37:04.994
You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting. That's so big bad. No, I'm yielding it and getting trouble for it. I looked into some of the, um, the allegations will call them.
🎙 00:37:14.994
Okay. So just, uh, maybe I'll go do a deeper dive later, but can't wait a couple of things that are kind of funny. So there was two of them, if you remember, the first one was in 2008 in Lake Tahoe.
🎙 00:37:27.668
And he, he called up by like a front desk lady being like, you know, my TV is broken. And then shut the door when she walked in and like tried to like make out with her and shit. Jesus Christ. And apparently he was there.
🎙 00:37:40.948
Sean Watson, but just skipping a couple steps. Right. Jesus. Yeah. Yeah. So he was there like with Donald Trump, apparently. Whoa. And he made it into fucking Stormy Daniels, like tell all book.
🎙 00:37:57.508
And she said, she said that he like tried to, he got introduced by Donald Trump to Stormy Daniels. And she like rejected. I mean, like stood in the hallway and like kept knocking the door, trying to like get in so
🎙 00:38:12.748
he can do God knows what. Oh, we know what. Yeah. So then that chicks Susan, right? That first chicks Susan. And while that case is still open in 2010, he's at a bar in Georgia. And he has his bodyguard like grab some girl by the arm and like bring her into a hallway.
🎙 00:38:25.108
And then when she got in the hallway, quote, his penis was out of his pants. What? Yeah. And that one's a legitimate rape accusation, like rape, rape. And she went to the hospital and everything. There was like bruises, like all of us, like, you know, tell, tell signs of like an actual rape occurring.
🎙 00:38:45.988
There only one officer actually like investigated the case. And it turned out that officer had asked for like a photo with Big Ben earlier that evening. There's a photo of them together. Yeah. And he was somewhere on record as calling the girl a drunken bitch.
🎙 00:39:09.868
So multi on Georgia. Yeah. Yeah. One second. I'm gonna go. Yeah, that got dropped. No. Yeah. But the NFL still suspended him. Six games for like the con, whatever, player, detrimental. Yeah.
🎙 00:39:32.191
But then it got dropped to four games for good behavior. What? What? Oh my God. And it's not great to show Watson. Yeah, Brian left, which got hurt in the preseason because it's supposed to be the first six games.
🎙 00:39:47.671
Yeah. And then the day after they made the six games, four games, because of a letter that Art Rooney wrote to Roger Goodell. Holy shit. Do we have a copy of said letter? I didn't see it out there, but there were some quotes from it and like quotes from Goodell.
🎙 00:40:02.431
And it's the most ballwashy shit ever, dude. He's like, he's really shown growth in this offseason. He's like, dude, he has two open cases against him. What do you mean? Show growth like you're an idiot.
🎙 00:40:21.551
Jesus Christ. Yeah. So neither of those look very good. And the fact that they happen within two years of each other. Yeah, it's not great. Yeah. Not great. And then on the field, he just had to play way past his expiration date.
🎙 00:40:32.791
Yeah. And he's got like six chins and he's fucking hideous. Yeah. He can't even bite. Save his shit. And he's addicted to alcohol and porn. Did you see that? You could just tell me whatever. Not believe it right now. Yeah.
🎙 00:40:50.964
Yeah. Yeah. This, that was recent. He was like doing some fucking talk. He's like a Christian now. Wait, he admitted to this? Yeah, he was giving some talk at some like Christian things like young people, whatever. He's like, he's like, I've been
🎙 00:41:06.964
addicted to alcohol. I've been addicted to porn. I've been a bad husband and father. No, but you know what? I'm a Christian and fucking, you know, you gotta step it all better. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Jesus. Fuck. Just picture
🎙 00:41:22.374
in your head right now. Big Ben jerking off. He just fucking why are you gonna do that? Oh, God. He's just grabbing his crank by the grossest shit. Correct. God damn it. I'm supposed to be a couple of more guests.
🎙 00:41:39.054
I'm disgusting is that image. Right. I'm not. God. All right. Let me try and make a little bit. I was not happy. I'm hammering home the point that Big Ben is disgusting, despicable human. All right.
🎙 00:41:52.017
So the right way. I'm glad he threw three interceptions. I think they should have started Antoine Randall. They talked about bringing in Tommy Maddox at halftime. If Big Ben didn't play better. What was the quote here?
🎙 00:42:04.177
As he spent, Bill Cowrie spent the entire or most of halftime calming Ben Ross burger down. And then the quote was, if Roth grass, who I guess somebody who he knew growing up grew up with the idea of one day becoming
🎙 00:42:19.377
a secret agent perhaps working for the FBI to snoggrass that conjures up the idea of an escape artist a trade he saw Roth's burger display time and again on the Bathmock Court and football field. Quote, when you look at that wish, I mean, that's so him said snotgrass.
🎙 00:42:58.259
You know, sly and undercover, always finding ways to do things that are beyond the norm. He's like a James Bond double seven or an FBI agent thinking behind those sunglasses. How am I going to get out of this one?
🎙 00:43:14.850
Oh my God. God, snotgrass said that. Nograss. Dude, I fucking FBI agent. That's it. That's like a that's like an SNL sketch that I, you know, Ben Rawlsberger, that's an FBI that's an SNL sketch that's so man handling everything.
🎙 00:43:26.450
Oh, yeah, just an absolute clue. And crime scenes just sticking out like a sore thumb. Undercover quote unquote. The lowest figure, you neurofusberger, put your penis away. Oh, fuck. Exactly. Oh, shit. That's fucking hilarious. And Greg, it says, Rod, you brought
🎙 00:43:50.490
up Randall L. He has some shit to say that you might sour you on him as well, since we're talking shit about people. This is also in Boston Globe. The X factor in the Steelers game plan could be Randall L. All the former Indiana University quarterback did this season
🎙 00:44:17.441
was lead the steals and part return yards, finish second and kick return yardage and a haul and 43 passes second on the team for 601 yards and three touchdowns. He also threw his first touchdown passing NFL.
🎙 00:44:33.081
He wants to do more such play defensive back quote. I'd like to get a chance to do that said Randall L with a laugh move over Troy Brown when asked who was the better all around player himself or Brown Randall L laughed again quote
🎙 00:44:43.720
that would have to be me he said. That's he's got to say that the fuck that. Yeah, fuck. He's got to say that. Yeah. No, I'm the same Troy Brown. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. If you like you know Troy Brown's a goddamn pioneer.
🎙 00:44:57.360
I hope to live up to his his greatness. If you're going to receive your spose to be super self centered and think you're the best. I'll leave. That's how they work still fuck them fuck them. I like rangelo
🎙 00:45:10.560
Nope, not why you still he's pretty crappy and heins warter like kinds of work, too Do you like heins war dandy no fuck me dirty? I hate all steers just kind of like I was in the dark again Going out and I'm just hearing you know fuck
🎙 00:45:21.870
God damn commentators. Yeah, all right. Hey, you want some more hate? How about this fucking bill cower thinks he's hot shit Again from the bossing globe still is bill cower will be coaching in his fifth AFC championship game his fourth at home
🎙 00:45:41.110
But he's only one one in 95 against Indianapolis ask whether he's changed his approach cower said and he gets No changes approach quote. No, I think every game has been a pretty good football game. We've been coming out on the short end more times than not.
🎙 00:45:56.250
Fucking great coach. What an asshole. What a correct. What a fucking loser. How dare he. What a loser. Who does he think he is with that mustache? Right. What a loser. What a fucking asshole. And that are let's let's let's contrast that with Bill Belichick, a real NFL football coach.
🎙 00:46:10.638
One question to Belichick at his news conference yesterday was a softball right in the coaches wheelhouse. Quote, if the Patriots can play defensively like they did against the Colts, Belichick swung away.
🎙 00:46:34.698
Quote, if we play like we did against the Colts, we'll get killed, he said. It'd be a lot worse than whatever it was out there last time because Pittsburgh is not the Colts. And the Colts are not Pittsburgh. You're talking about two totally different teams.
🎙 00:46:46.198
Things that we did against the Colts, if we tried to do them against the Steelers, there'd be 55 nothing. That might be if they kneel on the ball like they did at the end of the game last time. It's almost nothing that I would carry over or correlate from that game to this game.
🎙 00:46:56.898
We couldn't make a bigger mistake than to try do that in my opinion. That's fair. Those teams are very, very different. Fuck it, all right. Almost as that kind of thing. As opposed to Bill Cowell's.
🎙 00:47:07.898
No, I'll just do what I do. Who else you want me to shit on? Anybody else? This is ridiculous. We're just firing reps, Andy. They're fine. Yeah, Jim Nance. You can't hate Jim Nance, right? Yeah, that's tough.
🎙 00:47:17.722
Yeah, when you think of the refs, though, Andy, they're actually fine. I like the personal foul called after the reverse given this one, Bill. What about Jerome Betts? You definitely hate Betts.
🎙 00:47:36.722
Oh, yeah, I can't stand Betts. Yeah. He thinks he's good, but it's just fair. The fact that he's like fifth all time in Russia yards is is he crazy? He's just a fat offensive lineman or fast offensive lineman. That's fucking bananas
🎙 00:47:45.722
There's no he's fifth all time. That's get a fuck out of here. Dude. He had 16. No, I was like a fucking Greg No, but there was a I actually had a football not football from I don't know which one it was
🎙 00:47:58.999
your screen The it was because right at the beginning of the game. Tae Bruce G Basically took bettas on head first and just like stoned him like heavy That was it looked like both of them got the worst of it too like that looked like a car crash
🎙 00:48:14.359
Um, but on the replay, I don't know which commentator was said, uh, quote, he can load it up and put some weight in his pants when he needs to. Oh hell yeah, I did. Oh yeah, just dropping deuces, baby. Just when you need to just just put some weight in those pants. Steve. Steve.
🎙 00:48:30.356
Yeah. Put some weight in those pants. You only take a shit in my pants right now. I just want you to, if you need to, just you can, you know, load up and put some expert stinker control Andy. I only think I want to. I believe that was it.
🎙 00:48:49.356
He's eight all time now. That is Jesus. How the fuck did you run? He does play one more year after this. 12 more games. How many yards? He's been 68 more yards, but nine more touchdowns. That's that's yeah.
🎙 00:49:02.651
That's how I remember him. I don't remember him as like an actual running back. Remember, I remember. This is a career high and touchdowns with 13. Yeah, bananas. And he had like, because the last game before this is a Steelers play the jets.
🎙 00:49:17.951
And hung in there to win. Like he actually. better had a fourth quarter fumble when the Steelers were down. Yeah, Greg went over this last week about how the Jets absolutely blew it. Yeah. Right.
🎙 00:49:31.951
Yeah. Yeah. But he also refield girls to win. Yeah. Yeah. Including one like at the end of the game too, right? Yeah. It's like too many. I'm like as time expired. Yeah. And just to be in this in this stadium.
🎙 00:49:43.637
But yeah, bet is went for 27 for one on one last week. Can't suggest so he had to fucking legit game. But that actually, the talk about the misfield goals, Adam Minnateria and the first drive of the game, open the scoring with a 48 yard field goal, which was the longest field, you
🎙 00:50:00.597
tied the longest field goal in Heinz Field's history, 48 yards. That's over four years, right? I think so. Yes. I'm like that. Yeah. That's like, how was 48 yards the longest? Yeah. For years.
🎙 00:50:19.092
It's Steelers or visitors, kickers, like any kicker, the longest is 48. Well, I had the open end, right? Yeah. It was like renowned for being tough to kick in. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But and this game was a cold one too.
🎙 00:50:33.652
It was the second coldest game ever in Pittsburgh. It was 13 degrees. Damn. It was surprising too. Yeah. Thought it would be colder games in that Pittsburgh. Right. Exactly. Yeah. But yeah, all the three games of glory to Pittsburgh, defense is talking about like,
🎙 00:50:45.958
oh, it's Pittsburgh weather. Like, well, not really. It's New England weather. It happens to be in Pittsburgh. Because the coldest game in Pittsburgh was 1989 against these nutrients. Yeah. Interesting.
🎙 00:51:03.038
I love how Andy thinks that we own cold weather. We do. We are the team's care. No, no, no. That's our weather, bitch. We don't own cold weather. We own. We're here. We're there. No, it's our weather.
🎙 00:51:17.587
We own. We're the top Brady's out there. That's right. He happens to be in Pittsburgh. The same Mateo zone Tom Brady. This is his weather. Thank you. Ficy. I love this game. Andy's on one tonight, boys.
🎙 00:51:30.747
This is a great game. It's Andy at night. Fuck Andy in the dark. Fuckin beautiful. That's right. Andy after dark. Yeah, you don't want to. Andy. All right. Greg, you got anybody else want to do a shit on or want me to shit on before
🎙 00:51:42.107
we do best and worst? Mm hmm. All right. Then do you want to go five secrets? Morris actually. Just seeing his name come on gamey shivers. Me too. I didn't like seeing that. Yeah. He didn't catch the touchdown and like the meaningless garbage time one and he just he didn't celebrate it
🎙 00:51:58.276
all with refreshing because they had been celebrating all game. Yeah. Yeah. And it felt good. It was like it was like real close to like he caught it and then just like dropped it. And like that was like almost not a football when you got that.
🎙 00:52:17.396
And that's very anti-paxxical versus personality too. All the people that are gonna be celebrating. Wait, dropping things? Instead of 21 down, 14 down with the minute left. I mean, I feel like him dropping things by accident
🎙 00:52:31.335
and having them backfire. It seems to me. Yeah, he tried to tuck it in his waistband a little bit. He just slipped right out. Exactly. I'm glad you knew where I was going with that. All right. Great.
🎙 00:52:44.255
You want to do your best and where? Give me some best. Yeah, first, because you guys probably have more than me. So my best is gonna be like. celebrations from this game. The, the pick six from Rodney Harrison. So that came, it was like 17,
🎙 00:52:54.395
three, it was coming like towards the end of the half. Yep. Steel is driving. Steel is a drive in pick six like an 80 yard return. And it's like, Harrison and Vrable with Big Ben, the last guy back and Big Ben's like run with them and like turn and turn. Which is awesome to watch. And Vrable just
🎙 00:53:13.893
like dumps them. And I was down like a pack of fucking potato super awesome. Super, super level up in the process. Yeah. So like Harrison is like no one within 20 yards of him as he's going in. So he like literally walks the last five yards, literally just staring up and just like
🎙 00:53:34.613
starts stomping as he crosses the line and just like staring up into the crowd and is like, you guys had done 24 to three. See you later. I just walked in for a touchdown, which is like an iconic patch celebration. And I know where you're going with the next one too.
🎙 00:53:50.773
Uh, the Dion branch. Yes. Yeah. Dion branch also had a couple sick touchdowns that was like super hype. And the second one that like really put the game out, he did like the Tyree kill last five yards, like wave as a waver as he's like walking over the goal line.
🎙 00:54:06.723
So that was another one that was. And then once he got in the end, then you started waving to the crowd. Yeah. And then there was a clip in the three games to glory where he's on the sideline. And I think after scoring that touchdown and he's like, where, where are your towels?
🎙 00:54:24.843
Where are you? He's like waving one of his white toes. Like, where are your towels? Where's everybody's towels? And that's a throwback to the 2001 too. Because remember the Pats did it in that game too.
🎙 00:54:40.123
Yep. On the sidelines, they were mocking the towel thing. Yeah. Yeah. I bet everybody does though. Yeah. So good for Dion for knowing his Patriots history. Fuck yeah. Yeah. But even if that first one is a celebration, generally, I'm not a fan of
🎙 00:54:49.883
scenes of the cocky. I don't think Bill liked it either. But inside of that coin though, that safety had have been open field and I don't know what he is like stood there flat footed in branches. Gave him a little wiggle and he was absolutely
🎙 00:55:03.974
right by him. Wasn't he? That was to go up by three touchdowns at that point. Oh yeah. That was the nail in the coffin. Game over. That was it. That was it. Everyone that's even like the bye bye Steve.
🎙 00:55:17.814
I love it. it seems a little cocky to me just because it's the Steelers though. Yeah. Because the Steelers are the cockiest football team in football. Yeah. But if like the Tyree kill hadn't ruined it for me, I would probably like it a lot.
🎙 00:55:29.654
I like it when Tyree does it. I think it's hilarious. I hate Tyree kill a ton. I hate him too as a person, but I don't hate that celebration, especially the fact that the Buccaneers did it to him in the Super Bowl.
🎙 00:55:41.182
That was sweet. Winfields. Winfields. That's all that's for you. That's why I like it because you can turn those things around and people. Yeah. You know? Oh, fuck NFalling looking a little scared of us.
🎙 00:55:53.622
love it. Yeah. But even after the first touchdown, Dion, Dion branched was hyped that 60 yarder that put him up 10 nothing. He was like hopping around, like stoked out of his mind. And you could tell
🎙 00:56:03.394
you're like, Oh, yeah. I mean, these boys have that 60 yard touchdown was the longest play longest offensive play the Patriots had the entire season. And it's the longest play the Steelers are giving up to right. I think so. Yeah. Yeah, not bad.
🎙 00:56:15.114
Yeah, you got a worst. Do you want to do? Well, do you want to talk about that play for a second? Because the the Paul Amalou aspect is interesting from that. Yeah. Yeah. Paul Amalou is obviously like, you know, I don't know. He's a Hall of
🎙 00:56:31.314
Famer, right? You got in this. You're doing it. Yes. Oh, yeah. there. Yeah. And like was an amazing player, but he used to do a lot of like off schedule shit, right? Yep. So he'd like, he was the high safety help for the post. And you look
🎙 00:56:43.194
at the replay and he clearly like took a chance. Yeah. Trying to undercut like a route underneath and completely left his corner out the dry and he's ready to throw it over the top. So like that's the other side of the coin when it came to Paul Amalu is breaking. He's
🎙 00:56:59.699
right. You want to bait him. Yeah. And he just, but his instinct is wrong. Sticks. Yeah. Well, I mean, sometimes you're wrong, right? You can watch highlight clips of him just like timing the snap and jumping over the center to get a sack on what's supposed to be like a running play.
🎙 00:57:15.499
Those are my favorite things to watch. I love that. Yeah. And he's like all sorts of that. And he's the only one that I've ever seen do that in any sort of consistency. Yeah, that's true. He was a man.
🎙 00:57:32.910
Junior Seo used to do it. Yeah, maybe it was because he would like rub to line and like just get there. It actually Rodney sometimes, Rodney Harris, not nearly as much obviously, but he was no trust jumped that snap too.
🎙 00:57:44.250
But I think you got got though. Yeah, I think God. Paul Amalu is kind of almost a poor man's ed read and not to like take away from Paul Amalu, but Ed read was just like that, but except he never made the mistake.
🎙 00:57:56.750
You know what I mean? I would say Paul Amalu is more of a rich man, Bob Sanders. Rich man's Bob Sanders. I'm not even asking explain that because I know you care. Both crazy and instinct driven, you know.
🎙 00:58:11.849
All right, all right, OK. I'll give it to you. Fuck it. All right. So my worst, give me your worst. My worst is bill of power. You're going to like this, Andy. I love it already. Not going for the for kicking it.
🎙 00:58:28.569
So it's their down 14 in the start of the fourth. Is that right? 13 29 left in the end of the third. No, right, right at the beginning of the fourth. Yes. Right. Beginning the fourth. Yep. You're down 31 17 and you have the ball of the five yard line.
🎙 00:58:46.106
You don't get in in three plays and he kicks a field goal to go down 11. Yep. And what was in that? Also, what are you doing? We are run the further fade and then run it again. Yeah. But then you've drawn bettous. Who's like a you have the second ranked rushing offense
🎙 00:59:04.266
in the entire league. Yeah. You've drawn better down 14. 14 with a quarter left in the AFC Championship game. Go forward, dude. Yeah. And what what do the cameras show next after they kick the field goal? The fans filing out of the stadium.
🎙 00:59:22.508
Yeah. Because yeah, that's so soft. They all left so early. Yeah, that's pretty bad to leave the 11 point game. But still, I mean, they were leaving before that. But that was when the exit has happened. That's a pussy move. Dude. Yeah. I don't think anyone blames
🎙 00:59:38.188
if you go for it there and you don't get it. Like there's not a fan in the world that's going to be like, you know, should have kicked it. Also, you know, when saying that also you have the top ranked defense in the league. Yeah. And so you're going to so even if you
🎙 00:59:52.048
don't score touch on you pin the Patriots offense, who admittedly. It's saying I'm going to trust my defense as well. And it didn't work. Patriots won on a big ass drive. Yeah, the patient wall, the patient in the fourth quarter put together
🎙 01:00:03.648
two five minute drives that both entered in scores field goal on the show. You still need two scores. Yeah. That's the point. So dumb. Yeah. Love it. Join the dark side, Craig. Both literally and figuratively turn your light off.
🎙 01:00:15.188
Steve, best and worst. I don't think anybody has like pro bill coward here. Because they look on his face after a Rothaceberger throws a pick of like seven minutes left and they're down 14. You can see it.
🎙 01:00:30.193
He's like, well, we're done. And that was like, I was there for when he threw that fake spike interception. That was the worst throw he's thrown in that stadium. But no, the one he was on a snack breaking pick was like the worst throw.
🎙 01:00:43.873
I don't know. The over throw is in by like four yards right. safety. Oh, yeah. That's exactly what he did last playoff game against the Jets. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. He's doing this every game. Isn't what he's known for. Cool. Yeah. Eugene Wilson two interceptions, right?
🎙 01:00:56.233
Yeah. Yeah. I'm surprised I was in your best. Greg, I was leaving the shadow of my boy. You boy Eugene. It's no love. Didn't that we're going through and getting into the fucking weeds? We realized how good he actually was.
🎙 01:01:11.175
That is correct. He was great. All right, Steve. Give us, give us your best and worst, bud. I had other worse was the planting. And which they were like, the first half, the pages dominated and every phase of the game.
🎙 01:01:22.335
Yeah. It was true, except for the pun team. That's the one thing they were just terrible out. Well, I will say this, Josh Miller, his former team, Pittsburgh Steelers, just throwing that out there. So he was probably a double agent for them because he puns it 50 yard line
🎙 01:01:36.148
twice. It wasn't great. Did not have a good time. Terrible. Although that's probably why he wasn't a stealer anymore, too. I also have a bone to pick with a profile reference. There's nothing listed about Hank Poteet in this game.
🎙 01:01:50.028
And he definitely has at least one tackle that I saw. He does, yeah. I don't know, like what? And I didn't catch all of this. I don't know if you did, Andy. The commentators are saying we're playing it like that pit.
🎙 01:02:06.141
The week before or working at a. No, no, no, no. He was attending classes at the University of Pittsburgh. And he was signed off the street 11 days before this game. And he was. a former sealer who got cut and he had two third down stops in this game. One tackle that you're
🎙 01:02:20.141
talking about. He also had a hit on the wide receiver as he was catching balls. You call it a passbreak breakup. So he had two third down stops all by himself. He went to undergrad. So he was real name
🎙 01:02:39.949
is what's that? And Henry Major Poteep II. The second. The second. Yeah. You know, just the Poteep. He's like major protein major. And we major. Fantastic. It has them in his like career stats. There is 2004 with New England.
🎙 01:02:53.189
I don't know if he plays in Superboy or not. I don't remember. But man, there's a fine doubt. Next round was out there a lot. Yeah. But like you were kind of almost used to seeing it now. The comment is like, Oh, Troy Brown's out there in the pointing him out.
🎙 01:03:13.625
I'm like, well, yeah, of course he is. Like he's, he's the nickel quarter now. What do you want? And they're not throwing it at him anymore. Have you noticed that? Like he doesn't have a lot of tackles or pass breakups because they're not, they're like not going to him.
🎙 01:03:27.225
Peyton definitely tried to pick on him a little bit. Yeah. Successful with Stokely. A little bit. Yeah. But I mean, we haven't heard that in a while. Yeah, he's got like what three or four year exceptions are someplace.
🎙 01:03:41.545
Yeah, we didn't throw at him. Right. Yeah. Silly. It's probably the lesson. Fence a bag of white-on-glac-or-hank proteins that do his goddamn college class down the street last week. Clicking economics.
🎙 01:03:53.225
Taking third down breakups is what he's taking. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, it's very ridiculous. So is that your worst? Yeah, I have a real curveball best. Oh, all right. My best is the Patriots losing to the Steelers earlier this year.
🎙 01:04:05.345
Not only because I feel it's hard to beat the same team twice and they got to experience them and they beat them. But can you imagine if the night courage war orange was also the end of the Patriots winning streak at like 38 games?
🎙 01:04:22.725
That would be fucking awful. Oh, you bring up a great point, Steve. I can't argue with that. That would have been That would have been more courageous. That would have been more backbreaking I think than just losing to them.
🎙 01:04:38.725
Yeah, I think that may have derailed the season. I think you might be honest with me. Yeah, they would just never mentally recover for that. They already had one loss in the season, right? Yeah, so it would have been defeated at that point.
🎙 01:04:53.741
It would have been ahead of the Steelers. And instead of just one of those like learning experiences of like, hey, just don't get too fucking full of yourself because you can lose this fucking garbage dolphin
🎙 01:05:04.421
scene. Yeah, it would have been way more than that. Kind of the opposite of 2007, right, where they just they went and beat everybody and then like ran out of gas at the end and just couldn't. and put that last win together.
🎙 01:05:12.381
That's right. Where I think if they had lost to the Giants in that week 17 game, things would have been different. Is this Rodney Harrison's only Super Bowl rank? No, he won last year. He won his last year with the Bat Sue.
🎙 01:05:23.033
Yeah. 2008. Because no, no, 2003, I'm saying. How's the Panthers? Yes. Because that's when he broke his arm and the picture of him in the sling, the confetti that was last year. All right. Is that your best and worst? That was it. All right.
🎙 01:05:37.873
My best is, I'm going to say, this is perhaps Dion Branch's best two game stretch of his career between this game and the week after. Yes. Because he was everywhere in this game. He had the reverses, both went for big. I think he had like two rushes for 37 yards and a touchdown.
🎙 01:05:58.030
And then he had whatever catches and I think he had over 100 yards receiving the 60 year bomb. He had another long one that he took an absolute shot from Paula Malu. Like as he caught the ball, I have no idea. We hung on to that. Like that's something Paula Malu
🎙 01:06:23.031
jars loose like 99 out of 100 times. It was a clean head to got him on the ball. But it was yet exactly. Yeah. On his arms in the ball. Literally as he caught the ball and he still hung on. I have no idea how he did it. So absolutely. And then he wins. I mean, spoiler
🎙 01:06:38.511
he wins the Super Bowl MVP the next week for setting the receptions record. Which is a great previous question What's up? It's easy isn't he the only a patreon sized on radio win a super long BP for the bats
🎙 01:06:53.951
Yes And that one win that one is a Rams Did you with it? They want to give it to the punter. Oh, no, I think you're they want they should have given to the punter But no, I think Greg might be right
🎙 01:07:07.058
Well, if he fit he is also managed to steal a super MVP. Yeah, he's stealing our podcast idea stealing Simple MVPs what it did? What else we got? What was you going to talk about? Hey, Pertit, we got the worst in the three games of glory, Gil and
🎙 01:07:21.258
Orgino, whoever it was doing the commentating. They think they had the radio commentators on Gil and Gino top notch could not pronounce Troy Paulamala's name. So he was Troy Palamaloo, and I gave what your fucking love. But tough luck.
🎙 01:07:44.044
I would get it there, you know? Yeah. Yeah. You fair it's only the third time they've seen them and called the game with them. Yeah, well, I mean, I guess so, but still, uh, you kind of paid to know the names and shit
🎙 01:08:02.409
like that, but I'll go with it. You know, fuck it. So also, um, Shout out to, uh, the tuna, the big tuna, Bill Parcells. Talking about Ben Ross Burger. Now the NFL's hottest young quarterback, annoying to do early in the season by Bill Parcells as the game's best rookie quarterback
🎙 01:08:15.409
since Dan Marino, the twenty-two year old Ross Burger and the Steelers on Sunday night will take on the Patriots. So wasn't far off except Ross Burger actually won a Super Bowl and wasn't nearly the quarterback Marino was.
🎙 01:08:41.067
Other than that nailed it. There's somebody else I hate Greg. That's for you. Fucking hate him, Parcells. Hope he never gets big fat tuna. Do you think you'll ever get in the Patriots Hall of Fame? Patriots. No, we're more people.
🎙 01:08:54.667
I am way more people. We got he brought the Patriots back your relevance. Yeah, we've got a lot of people that overcome who actually, you know, one Super Bowls. Yeah. So you're saying never? No. Even after they get through all the dynasty, guys.
🎙 01:09:11.367
Yep. Because there'll be a whole bunch of crew about to win Super Bowls this year that need to get in. Well, there you go, Steve Brown. And then after that, let's bellow check our tires. Yeah, more and more.
🎙 01:09:25.327
Let's just keep going. We got safe room for Matt Patricia and Joe judge I can't judge if Joe judge is in the hall page itself. They'm all eat my hat on air. Okay Great, what about judge or Matt Patricia give us a map at your feet the odds here fine
🎙 01:09:35.487
Okay, if either of them are the pages all the fame. Yeah regularly this hat I might have to clip that I'm gonna send it to myself 10 years from now. Just to see all right You guys want to make some patriot season predictions on our way out since we are about to start the new year. Oh, yeah
🎙 01:09:55.168
Greg, I feel like this is the time of the year where we make a Jersey bet. All right. What's the Vegas? Uh, I believe I want to say it's nine and a half. Well, let me double check. Do I just tell them what the fuck it is?
🎙 01:10:12.163
Oh, it's eight and a half. Patre's eight and a half wins for 2022. That's a good 10. I'll take the under. You got the over and what? Ten is a push. Yeah. All right. You're so that I confidence, huh?
🎙 01:10:29.363
I like it. I think it's about right. Yeah. I think it was nine and a half last year. So I'm fine taking the over. Let's go. What do you think it's going to be, Andy? 16, 17, I don't know, whatever.
🎙 01:10:42.843
17. Doesn't matter. No, I think I said 14 and three on the season. 15 and three. Yeah. He's the anti-felter, Greg. Yeah. The teams are going to be three and 14. They'll start off slow. They'll lose one of the games of Miami, some bullshit like that.
🎙 01:10:55.398
Maybe split with the bills and then the rest of that's, it's gravy. Game on. Steve, what do you think? I think about 10 wins. I think they get, they're pretty good early, despite everyone else's consternation.
🎙 01:11:13.278
You know, they go like three and one. They have a nice easy stretch there. Tisha Browns, afford Shawn's back. And then the latter half, probably put on that Vikings or Cardinals game and that Vils game.
🎙 01:11:25.954
That's really good. You're gonna find out if they're a really good team or not. But I think they can go 500 close season out, get around to 10, 11 wins. Back in the playoffs. So all right, 10 wins over under.
🎙 01:11:37.174
Over. All right. And Greg, you think under 10 wins? Yeah. Okay. What, it will give me a number. Like how under are you feeling it? Like 8, 9, 9 and 8. Oh, I think you're a 500 team. Wow. Greg Brown, the pissy little owner of the Brown family.
🎙 01:11:49.674
Yeah, ye of little fate. Right. And get some joy in your life, Greg. I did. I'm funny. I'm funny. I enjoy it. And if we just spent an hour and a half listening to you fucking complain about everything on
🎙 01:12:09.825
the sun. Yeah. And now I feel great. All right. Definitely. I'm happy as a clam. I'm going to go snuggle my little one little joy inside. That'd be great. Are these the things that are really on your chest or is this just?
🎙 01:12:23.945
I got I got nothing but love for everything else. OK, so I'm the commentators and referees. Yeah, we're going traffic and people driving. I was spending a car with you. You've really met at the referee's any or is it something else in your life?
🎙 01:12:39.242
So so what I bring your rage onto these referees, would you like to know what? Mm hmm. What makes me mad and it's one thing. Let's just start with what doesn't make you mad. No, it's literally one thing and it's things that don't work the way that's supposed to.
🎙 01:12:52.762
Hmm. I think it was people or the universe Andy. I'm not a you Steve. Is you don't work the way you're supposed to. Is it the way you were growing up? Did you parent where your parents nice to you?
🎙 01:13:06.975
You tell me you were there. I wasn't nice to you. I know. I see you. I know. That's why I'm taking on my rage on the two of you right now. Payback bitches. We'll dive deeper next episode. Yeah, we'll really get in there.
🎙 01:13:18.975
We've said that a bunch of episodes. We'll put you under hypnosis Andy. Yeah, maybe we'll climb that chair back a little. All right. Can you put a couch in your car? Yeah. I can do my best. Yeah, I'll just record issues put a pen on the table in front of us. I got some tissues to worry about it
🎙 01:13:36.975
I think they do yeah, I know you're watching this game. I do All right, so what's next week boys I Don't know Super Bowl Sunday to Bob all Sunday Then there's a Patriots head to where was this game held in Indianapolis?
🎙 01:13:54.406
That doesn't feel right. No Jack Sunmill That sounds right. Oh, Steve. I'll tell stadium. One stadium plays Jacksonville, Florida. 3, 2, 2, 0, 2. We will see you then. But as the Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles led by Fred X, T.O. and Pukeboy himself.
🎙 01:14:13.966
Don't have a quick nap. Very excited to watch that. Yeah. Get your puke buckets ready. Oh, damn. Right. All right. All right. So until next week to the next week to see how much of a blubbering little bitch Greg
🎙 01:14:39.257
is on the Patriots dynasty part of the material. It's a new material. We'll fucking keep talking. Let's go outside. He's so easy to trigger and unfortunately our listeners can't see his face right now
🎙 01:14:53.797
because it's the best. It was funny. It was funny. Yeah, but it's like the 230 Jack right the more you play it the funnier it becomes. Exactly. The McBrown School of Humor. It only has to be funny at one person.
🎙 01:15:09.768
That one person is me. All right. See you later. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
🎙 01:15:25.528