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The Patriots Dynasty has been a huge part of the NFL landscape for the last 20 years. The trio of Kraft, Belichick and Brady have become almost mythical creatures at this point, but what was the journey actually like? Join the Brown brothers and their motley crew of friends as we go back and experience the history of the Patriots Dynasty one game at a time, reliving all of the best and worst moments of the most impressive stretch of football ever played in the NFL.

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Latest Podcast Episode

The Dynasty Documentary: Episodes 3 & 4 (1:19:18)

(Since everyone else is using AI to generate these things, we thought we should do the same. Here's what ChatGPT thinks this episode is about.)

In this episode of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast, the Brown family dives into the Apple TV documentary on the New England Patriots, specifically episodes three and four, with a mix of humor, criticism, and nostalgia. They discuss the portrayal of the team's journey, including the controversies of Spygate and the team's response to 9/11, while also sharing personal anecdotes and opinions on the documentary's approach to the dynasty's key moments.


- 00:00 Introduction by Christine Brown

- 02:15 Recap of Episode 3: "Borrowed Time"

- 10:45 Discussion on Spygate and Episode 4

- 20:30 The 2007 Season and the "Fuck You" Tour

- 30:15 Reflections on the 2007 Super Bowl Loss

- 40:00 Thoughts on the Documentary's Portrayal of Controversies

- 50:00 Closing Remarks and Looking Ahead to Next Episodes

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Your Hosts

The hosts have over 100 years of combined Patriots fandom. Or put another way, they're 3 brothers in their 30s who are lifelong Patriots fans.
Andy reading the sports section of the Boston Globe

Andrew Brown

It's Andy's fault this podcast exists. A Pats nerd from the very beginning, he is also in charge of this Patriots Dynasty website as well.

Steve wearing a Free Brady shirt and bandana

Steve Brown

Steve has always said that he's "the Rodney Dangerfield of the Brown family" in that he "gets no respect." It doesn't really seem right to start respecting him now, does it?

Greg with an inflatable penis on top of an RV

Greg Brown

Greg is the Rodney Harrison of football fans: you love him when he's on your team, but if you're a Bills fan and you see him standing on his rented RV with an inflatable penis it's hard not to throw Labatt Blues at him.

Our Favorites

Don't know where to start? If you have a favorite game in mind, search for it below or find it on the individual game page. If you want to start from the beginning we recommend maybe skipping the first couple of episodes, they get better as they go. Still not sure? Here are each of our favorite episodes.

Andy's Favorite

2001 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers
( 2:09:00 )

The Drew Bledsoe Renaissance

Steve's Favorite

2002 Week 13: Patriots at Lions
( 1:46:35 )

Thanksgiving Day

Greg's Favorite

2003 AFC Championship: Patriots vs Colts
( 1:25:54 )

The Ty Law Game

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2004 Week 16: Patriots at Jets ( 52:51 )

The Patriots head to New Jersey in hopes of rebounding after the terrible loss last week. Their foes: the 10-4 Jets who are coming off a drubbing of the Seahawks where Chad Pennington had his best game of the season. Can the Patriots get back on the winning track?Game NotesGame video: https://www...

2004 Week 15: Patriots at Dolphins - The Night That Courage Wore Orange ( 1:16:06 )

The 12-1 Patriots visit the 2-11 Dolphins in Miami for what should be an easy win. But we all know what happens when a Patriots team visits Miami. Watch Tom Brady do his best Drew Bledsoe impression in a game the Miami press dubbed "The Night That Courage Wore Orange." Gross.Full game video: https:/...

2004 Week 14: Patriots vs Bengals - The Corey Dillon Revenge Game ( 1:10:07 )

Andy and Steve are joined by a special guest to talk about the Corey Dillon's first game against his former team as the 6-6 Bengals visit Foxborough Massachusetts. Do Bengals fans hate Dillon? Find out on this episode of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast. Also, here's the link for the Tom Brady TDs...

2004 Week 13: Patriots at Browns ( 1:22:17 )

The Brown brothers are back at it as they head to Cleveland Ohio as the Patriots face the high scoring Browns. Coming off of a shootout loss to the Bengals last week, how would the 3-8 Browns fare against the 10-1 Patriots? Spoiler alert: not well.Support this show

2004 Week 12: Patriots vs Ravens ( 1:11:07 )

The Brown boys are managing to play through a new baby/mud butt/awful mustache to bring you a muddy episode of the Sunday night slop fest vs the Brian Billick led Ravens. Support this show

Bonus: Tom Brady Retirement ( 1:17:18 )

The Brown brothers are back to talk about the retirement of the GOAT QB from football, among other more important things.Support this show

2004 Week 11: Patriots at Chiefs ( 1:00:49 )

The world is a mess right now, and this week's episode is no different. Join the 3 Brown brothers for a Freaky Friday episode featuring Corey Dillon's FIRST time on Monday Night Football in his career.Show Notes:Here's youtube links to all the highlight videos we talked aboutDante HallReggie Bush...

Bonus Episode: Christmas! ( 1:06:29 )

Things are busy in the world of the Brown brothers, so no game recap this week. Instead you get to hear the boys spreading some holiday cheer! Join the brothers for a rare look into the future of the dynasty as well as the past, including:A look back at the coldest Patriot games on record, including...

2004 Week 10: Patriots vs Bills ( 52:32 )

Ha! We're back! And what better time to watch a dominant Patriots defensive performance against the Buffalo Bills than this? Bask in the current Pats victory over the hapless Bills by listening to Andy and Steve recap yet another New England victory, this one back in 2004.Show NotesHere's that...

2004 Week 9: Patriots at Rams ( 1:09:20 )

A battered Patriots team suffering its worst (and first) loss in a long time now has to travel to St. Louis to face the former Greatest Show on Turf. Doing so without a defensive backfield is a bold choice, but let's see how it plays out. Can anyone step in and save the day defensively? Perhaps a WR...

2004 Week 8: Patriots at Steelers - Mike Dussault ( 1:04:30 )

The end of the Patriots record-setting 21-game win streak feels appropriate to talk about this week of the current Pats/Bucs matchup and the return of Tom Brady. Since we can't do it full justice, we brought in an expert: Mike Dussault from! Join Andy and Steve as they bother Deuce with...

2004 Week 7: Patriots vs Jets ( 36:04 )

The final game of the record-setting win streak was almost a forgettable one, as the Patriots slogged their way to a forgettable AFC East win that you come to expect when playing the New York Jets. Surprising when you consider the fact that both of these teams came into this week 7 clash undefeated...

2004 Week 6: Patriots vs Seahawks - The ALCS Episode ( 1:07:34 )

The Patriots look to extend their unbeaten streak to an absurd 20 games as they welcome the 3-1 Seattle Seahawks to town, but the bigger news this weekend is the Red Sox being down 0-3 to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. I wonder how that'll turn out?Join the Brown brothers as they discuss their...

2021 Preseason Preview ( 1:44:06 )

With the excitement of preseason taking the Brown brothers by storm, we're taking a quick break from the past to talk about the future. Listen in as all three brothers give their hot takes while live watching the 2nd preseason games. And don't forget to check out the new Pats Positive website at...

2004 Week 5: Patriots vs Dolphins - The Wes Welker Experiment ( 25:08 )

On the verge of setting the (unofficial) NFL record for most consecutive victories, the lackluster Miami Dolphins are welcomed to New England after an early Patriots bye week. Can the Patriots break the record held by the 1972 Dolphins for most wins in a row? Will that be overshadowed by another...

2004 Week 4: Patriots at Bills ( 1:09:27 )

The Patriots travel to Orchard Park NY for revenge for last season's 31-0 loss in this same stadium. Join the Brown brothers for another entertaining AFC East matchup from the days when Drew Bledsoe was still doing Drew Bledsoe things, and the Buffalo Bills were still doing Bills things.Show NotesWe...