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The Patriots Dynasty has been a huge part of the NFL landscape for the last 20 years. The trio of Kraft, Belichick and Brady have become almost mythical creatures at this point, but what was the journey actually like? Join the Brown brothers and their motley crew of friends as we go back and experience the history of the Patriots Dynasty one game at a time, reliving all of the best and worst moments of the most impressive stretch of football ever played in the NFL.

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Latest Podcast Episode

2004 Week 7: Patriots vs Jets (36:04)

The final game of the record-setting win streak was almost a forgettable one, as the Patriots slogged their way to a forgettable AFC East win that you come to expect when playing the New York Jets. Surprising when you consider the fact that both of these teams came into this week 7 clash undefeated. Strange to think that an undefeated Patriots team would be overshadowed by some baseball, but New England was in a different time.

Show Notes:

  • Here's the Drew Bledsoe poster that hung in the Brown brothers' room growing up:

Want to share your favorite Pats memorabilia? Got an idea for what Steve should spend his NFL Shop money on? Text the Dynasty Hotline at (603) 505-8043.

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Your Hosts

The hosts have over 100 years of combined Patriots fandom. Or put another way, they're 3 brothers in their 30s who are lifelong Patriots fans.
Andy reading the sports section of the Boston Globe

Andrew Brown

It's Andy's fault this podcast exists. A Pats nerd from the very beginning, he is also in charge of this Patriots Dynasty website as well.

Steve wearing a Free Brady shirt and bandana

Steve Brown

Steve has always said that he's "the Rodney Dangerfield of the Brown family" in that he "gets no respect." It doesn't really seem right to start respecting him now, does it?

Greg with an inflatable penis on top of an RV

Greg Brown

Greg is the Rodney Harrison of football fans: you love him when he's on your team, but if you're a Bills fan and you see him standing on his rented RV with an inflatable penis it's hard not to throw Labatt Blues at him.

Our Favorites

Don't know where to start? If you have a favorite game in mind, search for it below or find it on the individual game page. If you want to start from the beginning we recommend maybe skipping the first couple of episodes, they get better as they go. Still not sure? Here are each of our favorite episodes.

Andy's Favorite

2001 AFC Championship: Patriots @ Steelers
( 2:09:00 )

The Drew Bledsoe Renaissance

Steve's Favorite

2002 Week 13: Patriots @ Lions
( 1:46:35 )

Thanksgiving Day

Greg's Favorite

2003 AFC Championship: Patriots vs Colts
( 1:25:54 )

The Ty Law Game

All Episodes

Looking to listen to a certain game? Use the filters below to find specific episodes.

2002 Week 11: Patriots at Raiders ( 1:57:35 )

The Snow Bowl rematch

2002 Week 10: Patriots at Bears ( 1:32:45 )

2002 Week 9: Patriots at Bills ( 1:26:24 )

2002 Week 8: Patriots vs Broncos ( 1:08:07 )

2002 Week 7: Bye Week ( 1:27:11 )

2002 Week 6: Patriots vs Packers ( 1:36:24 )

2002 Week 5: Patriots at Dolphins ( 1:21:03 )

2002 Week 4: Patriots at Chargers ( 1:17:28 )

2002 Week 3: Patriots vs Chiefs ( 1:20:04 )

2002 Week 2: Patriots at Jets ( 1:27:33 )

Emergency Episode: Cam Newton ( 45:43 )

2002 Week 01: Steelers @ Patriots ( 1:31:47 )

2001 Super Bowl: Patriots vs Rams - PART 2 ( 1:43:06 )

The game recap

2001 Super Bowl: Patriots vs Rams - PART 1 ( 1:08:54 )

Matt Chatham Interview

2001 AFC Championship: Patriots @ Steelers ( 2:09:00 )

The Drew Bledsoe Renaissance

2001 AFC Divisional: Patriots vs Raiders ( 2:15:02 )

The Snow Bowl

2001 Week 17: Patriots at Panthers ( 1:35:52 )

2001 Week 16: Bye Week ( 1:00:48 )

2001 Week 15: Patriots vs Dolphins ( 1:29:36 )

2001 Week 14: Patriots at Bills ( 1:29:36 )