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The Patriots Dynasty has been a huge part of the NFL landscape for the last 20 years. The trio of Kraft, Belichick and Brady have become almost mythical creatures at this point, but what was the journey actually like? Join the Brown brothers and their motley crew of friends as we go back and experience the history of the Patriots Dynasty one game at a time, reliving all of the best and worst moments of the most impressive stretch of football ever played in the NFL.

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Latest Podcast Episode

The Dynasty Documentary: Episodes 3 & 4 (1:19:18)

(Since everyone else is using AI to generate these things, we thought we should do the same. Here's what ChatGPT thinks this episode is about.)

In this episode of the Patriots Dynasty Podcast, the Brown family dives into the Apple TV documentary on the New England Patriots, specifically episodes three and four, with a mix of humor, criticism, and nostalgia. They discuss the portrayal of the team's journey, including the controversies of Spygate and the team's response to 9/11, while also sharing personal anecdotes and opinions on the documentary's approach to the dynasty's key moments.


- 00:00 Introduction by Christine Brown

- 02:15 Recap of Episode 3: "Borrowed Time"

- 10:45 Discussion on Spygate and Episode 4

- 20:30 The 2007 Season and the "Fuck You" Tour

- 30:15 Reflections on the 2007 Super Bowl Loss

- 40:00 Thoughts on the Documentary's Portrayal of Controversies

- 50:00 Closing Remarks and Looking Ahead to Next Episodes

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Your Hosts

The hosts have over 100 years of combined Patriots fandom. Or put another way, they're 3 brothers in their 30s who are lifelong Patriots fans.
Andy reading the sports section of the Boston Globe

Andrew Brown

It's Andy's fault this podcast exists. A Pats nerd from the very beginning, he is also in charge of this Patriots Dynasty website as well.

Steve wearing a Free Brady shirt and bandana

Steve Brown

Steve has always said that he's "the Rodney Dangerfield of the Brown family" in that he "gets no respect." It doesn't really seem right to start respecting him now, does it?

Greg with an inflatable penis on top of an RV

Greg Brown

Greg is the Rodney Harrison of football fans: you love him when he's on your team, but if you're a Bills fan and you see him standing on his rented RV with an inflatable penis it's hard not to throw Labatt Blues at him.

Our Favorites

Don't know where to start? If you have a favorite game in mind, search for it below or find it on the individual game page. If you want to start from the beginning we recommend maybe skipping the first couple of episodes, they get better as they go. Still not sure? Here are each of our favorite episodes.

Andy's Favorite

2001 AFC Championship: Patriots at Steelers
( 2:09:00 )

The Drew Bledsoe Renaissance

Steve's Favorite

2002 Week 13: Patriots at Lions
( 1:46:35 )

Thanksgiving Day

Greg's Favorite

2003 AFC Championship: Patriots vs Colts
( 1:25:54 )

The Ty Law Game

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2003 Week 2: Patriots at Eagles ( 1:30:42 )

Join the podcast of brotherly love as they visit the brand new Lincoln Financial Stadium (the Link!) in the city of brotherly love as the Patriots head to Philly to face Andy Reid, Donovan McNab and the Eagles in a battle of the scoreless teams. Here's the rundown:Want to watch the game? See the...

2003 Week 1: Patriots at Bills ( 1:21:11 )

We're back talking about Patriots games! Starting with the offseason drama before the 2003 season that leaked into this week 1 matchup with the Buffalo Bills. Since we're trying to do some charity work (probably court-ordered in Greg's case), we thought we'd invite a Bills fan on to relive one of...

Dabbin' with Cam: A Book Review ( 1:22:08 )

In a shocking turn of events, the Brown brothers prove they can read in our first ever Book Club episode! Join us as we delve into the erotic novel "Dabbin With Cam."Mom, you probably shouldn't listen to this one. Greg is very naughty in this episode.Support this show

Offseason: 4th and Loud Series Review ( 1:31:26 )

While interviewing Matt Chatham we discovered that one of his former coaches Walt "Hous" Housman was one of the main characters in a reality TV show about a KISS-branded arena football team. No seriously. It's called 4th and Loud, and is available on Amazon Prime Video for you to watch if you don't...

Offseason: Richie Incognito Bullying Scandal ( 1:02:43 )

We recorded this during the 2001 bye week episode, but haven't had a chance to share it with you until now. Listen in as Greg does a deep dive into Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and bullying in the NFL.Support this show

2002 Week 17: Patriots vs Dolphins ( 1:58:48 )

It's finally the end of the Patriots' 2002 season, so we're celebrating in style. Before the brothers talk about the last game of the season (and the shitshow that was the 2002 playoff picture) we start with an interview with MOMMA BROWN. Want to know how this whole podcast even got started? Momma...

2002 Week 16: Patriots vs Jets ( 1:25:28 )

We've reached the low point of the 2002 season. In fact, could losing to the Jets at home with playoffs on the line actually be the low point of the dynasty? And would anyone actually agree to be a guest on an episode with such a bad game to talk about?Turns out the answer is yes on both accounts...

2002 Week 15: Patriots at Titans ( 1:18:07 )

The Patriots are in the playoff hunt (with the rest of the AFC) as they head to Nashville Tennessee to face the Titans. (13:00) Steve McNair highlights(28:30) Which was worse? The Haynesworth Stomp or the Myles Garrett helmet bonk?(30:30) Highlight of Albert Haynesworth giving up(43:30) Jeff Fisher...

2002 Week 14: Patriots vs Bills - Drew Bledsoe Returns ( 1:45:41 )

Drew Bledsoe returns to Foxboro for the first time as an opponent, so he decides to have the most Bledsoe-esque game of his career. But before that, we interview someone who is way more qualified to talk about the Patriots Dynasty: Bryan Horry, the Executive Director of the Patriots Hall of Fame...

2002 Week 13: Patriots at Lions - Thanksgiving Day ( 1:46:35 )

Ever wondered what it would be like if the Patriots were the worst team in the NFL instead of the best? Since the Patriots are playing the Lions in the 2002 Thanksgiving Day game we found a Lions fan to talk about how bad it could have been.You can skip watching the game though. Watchability score...

2002 Week 12: Patriots vs Vikings ( 1:16:33 )

The eldest brothers welcome the Vikings to town minus Greg, who's off galavanting yet again. But Andy and Steve have plenty to talk about, including:(21:30) The Love Boat scandal(24:30) Fred Smoot's Reddit AMA(35:00) Your weekly Troy Brown cheerleading section(40:00) Andy outs a reader...

2002 Week 11: Patriots at Raiders - The Snow Bowl rematch ( 1:57:35 )

The Patriots head to Oakland to face the Raiders in a rematch of last season's AFC Divisional round game. The brothers talk about the game and much more, including a special guest interview with Tanya Ray Fox of FS1.(0:00) Tanya Ray Fox Interview: Tanya tells us about the difficulties of being a...

2002 Week 10: Patriots at Bears ( 1:32:45 )

Watchability score: 4/6 LombardisThe Brown brothers discuss the best game you don't remember: a massive 4th quarter comeback on the road against the Bears. Know how we know it's important? Greg actually watched the game!Coach of the Year talkAndy's angry about Dick JauronGreg does another...

2002 Week 9: Patriots at Bills ( 1:26:24 )

Watchability score: 3/6 LombardisThe losing streak is finally over! Join the 3 Brown brothers as they celebrate surviving the longest losing streak in Patriots Dynasty history. All four games of them. But what's better to end a losing slide than a trip to Buffalo, New York?The boys talk about:The...

2002 Week 8: Patriots vs Broncos ( 1:08:07 )

Watchability score: 2/6 LombardisWe're officially in the dog days of the 2002 season as the Pats host the 5-2 Broncos as they attempt to stop their losing streak (spoiler alert: they don't). Patience is running thin for the team and your podcast hosts. In this episode we touch on:Merton Hanks and...

2002 Week 7: Bye Week ( 1:27:11 )

Since week 7 is the Patriots bye week, we're doing a bye week of our own! In this bye week we look into the rivalry between the Patriots and the New York Jets throughout the years. But before that, we're joined by a very special guest:(1:00) Tucker Boynton from the Stats Over Storylines podcast...

2002 Week 6: Patriots vs Packers ( 1:36:24 )

Watchability score: 2/6 LombardisBrett Favre comes to town for a rare appearance, and the Patriots make him feel Real. Comfortable. Find out all about Favre (he's the reason the Pats missed the playoffs both times!) in Greg's deep dive, as well as some a lot of toilet talk and some historical...

2002 Week 5: Patriots at Dolphins ( 1:21:03 )

This game doesn't deserve a watchability rating. The Patriots travel to the depths of hell Miami and (spoiler alert) wither in the Florida heat to continue the dynasty's longest losing streak. With that mindset, the brothers touch on the following:The futility of playing in MiamiThe dangers of...

2002 Week 4: Patriots at Chargers ( 1:17:28 )

Watchability score: 2/6 LombardisJoin Andy and Steve (and eventually special guest Ryan Storie!) as the Patriots travel to San Diego to play a loaded Chargers team.No seriously. This Chargers team had Brees, Tomlinson, Seau, Harrison. How did they do this season?Ryan brings the heat with his hot...

2002 Week 3: Patriots vs Chiefs ( 1:20:04 )

Watchability Score: 5/6 LombardisThat's right, we now have a method to rate the rewatching of these games! And this one didn't disappoint (well, the 2nd half at least). Join the brothers for the following:Greg learns a new word: "luddite"Troy Brown vs Wes Welker vs Julian EdelmanGino Cappelletti...